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PMG Chapter 93: Girl Inside The Illusion

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There was a bed made of stone which was appropriate for the practicing of cultivation techniques. Lin Feng sat cross-legged on that bed and entered into a state of meditation. He was absorbing pure Qi from the purity stone. However he quickly opened his eyes with a perplexed look.

On the path of cultivation, sitting and meditating wasn’t enough to advance to the next Qi layer. Knowledge was also necessary as well as enlightenment on the path of cultivation.

Lin Feng had the feeling that he had absorbed enough pure Qi in order to break through to the third Ling Qi layer. It was enough Qi at that moment to condense into the next layer but he had yet to breakthrough. He would break through to the next Ling Qi layer at the right moment. When the water comes, a channel is formed.

“It feels like a week has passed since I entered the temple.”

Lin Feng tried to estimate the time he had spent in the temple. He then immediately stood up and walked towards the exit.

Considering Lin Feng’s strength, it was impossible for him to leave the same way he had arrived, he could not fly. He had no choice but to walk through the long and narrow passageway towards Black Wind Mountain.

Lin Feng was convinced that this passageway had been constructed by the previous generations of the Yun Hai Sect. It was impossible for the ancient cultivators who owned the temple to spend so much time digging in the rock to create such a long passageway to go to the Black Wind Mountain. Why would they need to do something so hidden?
The ancestors of the Yun Hai Sect had created that place for the members of the sect to take refuge. They would have never thought that the Yun Hai Sect would never get the chance to escape from an attack and that they would be slaughtered leaving behind a river of blood.

Lin Feng had walked for a while when he arrived at the end of the passageway. At that point, the passage was so narrow that he had to crouch down to exit.

It was really extremely dark and Lin Feng observed the sky for the first time in over a week. It was night and the full moon was brightly lighting the sky. The air was chilly and Lin Feng could sense the cold in his lungs and throat.

This place was the summit of a chain of mountains.

“Surprisingly, this is where the passageway leads to. It’s a very safe route.” thought Lin Feng filled with admiration for those who had created the passageway. This place was a part of the Black Wind Mountain and it seemed like no humans had ever been there. This place was mainly occupied by ferocious beasts. Ferocious beasts in that part of the Black Wind Mountain were much larger than average so even if they found the entrance of the passageway, they’d never be able to gain access because the passageway was very small and narrow.

Apart from ferocious beasts, even if human beings found the entrance of the passageway, who would be willing to crawl through the dark passageway for such a long time without knowing where it led?

A small rock which was hanging above of the entrance of the passageway fell down and rolled across the floor.

Lin Feng sat on that rock and stared at the full moon. His eyes revealed disappointment…

Lin Feng felt extremely lonely.

Back in the days, he had been riding his horse from Yangzhou City towards the Yun Hai Sect crossing a wide range of landscapes including lakes and rivers. Back then, he would have never thought that the Yun Hai Sect would give birth to lakes and rivers… of blood. Lin Feng was thinking about that bloodbath and replaying the massacre over and over in his head.

He had no choice but to hope for a better future.

It was a cold and windy evening. Lin Feng’s robes were flowing in the wind but Lin Feng remained motionless like a statue.

At that moment, the Qi of heaven and earth had started fluctuating in a strange way. It suddenly started rushing towards Lin Feng as if it was going to pierce into his bones and flesh. It was both marvellous and intriguing at the same time.

Lin Feng wasn’t really paying any attention to the events happening before him. He just kept looking at the moon with a look of sorrow on his face. At that moment, Lin Feng wanted to forget everything. He had really lost too much.


Lin Feng had just been sitting on that rock for a little while and something incredibly strange happened. Lin Feng was astonished.

A milky pure energy was floating around his hands. It was more condensed than what Lin Feng had ever experienced before.

“I broke through to the third Ling Qi layer?!”

Lin Feng was dumbfounded. He wouldn’t have thought that sitting on that rock for a little while would make him break through to the next Ling Qi layer. He attributed the event to his previous meditation but mostly to his own luck.

“Third Ling Qi layer… that coupled with all the cards I now hold, if I meet Duan Han now, I should definitely be able to defeat him.”

When Lin Feng remembered Han Man, his eyes formed into an icy glare. Duan Han and his father all had to die… for having exterminated the Yun Hai Sect. They had exterminated his closest friends…

“WHO DARES??” shouted Lin Feng extremely loudly. He turned around and his pupils shrank.

At that moment, a silhouette appeared in front of him but Lin Feng had the impression it was a hallucination.

It was an extremely beautiful silhouette. The moon was shining upon that exquisite silhouette allowing Lin Feng to clearly see some of her physical features.

What a beauty. Lin Feng had the impression that he was dreaming. She was wearing thin white robes. Anyone who saw her would feel like protecting and hugging her but would certainly not feel enchanted.

“Such perfection!”

Lin Feng was stupefied. Even if he felt determined and had a lot of willpower, when seeing this young girl, he could only, be amazed at the beauty of the women in this world. They all looked so beautiful and delicate, much more than in the previous world. Many of them even looked like goddesses.

Liu Fei was extremely beautiful and she was incredibly strong. Lin Feng had realised that beauties of this world were on another level.

The girl who was in standing front of Lin Feng looked like an illusion. She actually looked like… a painting!

“Who are you? What are you doing here?”

The incredibly beautiful girl opened her mouth and her voice sounded out, breaking the illusion. She wasn’t an illusion but she was so beautiful that she didn’t look real.

“My name is Lin Feng. How did you find your way to this place?”

Lin Feng was too perplexed and intrigued when looking at this young girl. It was at night in a lost corner of the Black Wind Mountain and suddenly a beautiful girl had appeared from out of nowhere. Lin Feng was utterly confused at how this had happened.

Lin Feng moved towards the girl to see her better and as expected, that girl didn’t look weak. She even looked remarkably strong.

“Lin Feng…”

The girl whispered Lin Feng’s name again for herself and then immediately said: “I’ve always lived here. Suddenly, you come here and ask me what I am doing here?”

“I also don’t know how I found this place.” Lin Feng shrugged and replied but it was unlikely that she would believe him.

“Since it’s like that, please leave.” said the girl giving a cold stare.

“But I don’t know where I am or how to leave.” said Lin Feng smiling wryly. He only knew where the entrance of the passage way was but he didn’t know where he was at that moment and where to go from there. He didn’t know where he was exactly.

“Are we in the Black Wind Mountain?” asked Lin Feng.

The girl stared at Lin Feng. He surprisingly didn’t even whether it was the Black Wind Mountain or not.

“Indeed, this is the hinterland of the Black Wind Mountain.”

“……………..” Lin Feng was stupefied. This was the hinterland of the Black Wind Mountain?

“Protector Bei probably never walked here before.”

Lin Feng was smiling wryly. On the outskirts of the Black Wind Mountain, there were strong ferocious beasts but inside the Black Wind Mountain, there were even more powerful ferocious beasts and they were constantly running wild. If Lin Feng wanted to get out of here then it wasn’t going to be easy.

If Protector Bei had known this before then he probably would have never left Lin Feng alone in the temple and would have never shown him the passage way.

“You just said that you’ve always been living here?”

Lin Feng just realized what the girl had said. He was stupefied. There were people living in the Black Wind Mountain?

“Indeed. I’ve been living here with my mother since I was a child.”

The girl was nodding her head confidently.

“Have you never been out of here?” asked Lin Feng.


“………….” Lin Feng didn’t know what to say but he was thinking that it was better for such a beautiful and delicate woman to never venture outside. She was so beautiful that she would cause great trouble wherever she went. She looked lovely enough that she might just cause the downfall of the country.

“Maybe her mother is as beautiful as her and this is why they enjoyed living in seclusion.” thought Lin Feng.

He then asked her: “Are there no ferocious beasts in the area?”

“No, there aren’t any.” said the girl shaking her delicate head.

Lin Feng slightly nodded. No wonder that she could live here all of her life, if there were no ferocious beasts in that area it wouldn’t be very dangerous.

“Do you want to leave here?”

The girl suddenly asked Lin Feng while staring at him. Her eyes were sparkling.

“Of course, I want to leave tomorrow morning.” Said Lin Feng.

“I’ll help you leave here and I’ll come with you.”

The girl opened her mouth again but this time Lin Feng had a weird feeling. She would bring Lin Feng out of this place on her own?

In the Black Wind Mountain there were many dangerous ferocious beasts. That girl didn’t seem to be a weak cultivator but she also seemed to be about as young as Lin Feng which meant she couldn’t be that strong. How could she walk through the Black Wind Mountain so easily?

Lin Feng’s spirit smelt like that of the Imaginary Demon so that made things easier for him in the Black Wind Mountain. He could disguise himself as one of the ferocious beasts and walk freely around the mountain.

“You don’t trust in my strength?” asked the girl as if she could read Lin Feng’s thoughts?

“Of course I don’t. The Black Wind Mountain is extremely dangerous, do you think that it is easy? Besides, you said that you have never left here before.”

“Even though I have never left here, I know the Black Wind Mountain better than anyone. I even know where to go in order to avoid ferocious beasts. It is very easy for me come and go as I please.”

The girl said while sounding indifferent and also looked at Lin Feng expressionless.

Better than anyone?  She knew how to avoid ferocious beasts?

Lin Feng was stupefied. He was looking suspiciously at that beautiful young girl. If she could really avoid fighting while navigating the mountain then it would indeed be safer.

“Do you agree to help me leave?” asked Lin Feng.

“Yes, I have never left here but I would like to see how it is on the outside. If I get out of the Black Wind Mountain, I will also need your help.” said the young girl very honestly.

“Well, your mother…..”

“She went out. I still don’t know when she’s coming back. No need to worry about her.”

Lin Feng was a bit confused but it would be very hard alone in the Black Mountain Forest with all these extremely powerful wild beasts.

Lin Feng nodded and asked: “Then when should we leave?”

“Now.” replied the young girl.

“Aright, I want to go to the Yun Hai Sect. Do you know it?” said Lin Feng as he stood up.

“I know. I know everything in the Black Wind Mountain… but if I leave the Black Wind Mountain, I’ll be lost.”

The young girl replied honestly showing that she was extremely naïve.

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