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PMG Chapter 932: Qiong Qi, the Ancient Ferocious Animal

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PMG Chapter 932: Qiong Qi, the Ancient Ferocious Animal
Most of the bars and restaurants in Asoka Mountain were full.

However, one of them was relatively empty. There weren’t so many tables inside, only eight. And even though it was so small, it wasn’t even full.

There was a group sitting together and chatting like a family at one of the tables.

The sound of people’s footsteps caused them to raise their heads and look at the front door. There was the Hua Shi siblings, however, he had brought someone. It was a young man with a yellow face and an ancient beast, a Qiong Qi.

“An ancient beast?” some people whispered. They all turned their heads with curiosity. It really was an ancient beast, a Qiong Qi. And it was at the Tian level beast.

The young man next to the animal looked so weak though. Many people glanced at him in a despising way.

“Brother, where did you find that animal?” asked someone to the Hua Shi brother.

He lowered and shook his head while smiling, “It’s not mine. It’s my friend’s, brother Lin.”

“His?” Suddenly, everybody was looking up at Lin Feng, not because of his abilities but because of his animal.

“You again.” said someone coldly.

Lin Feng turned his head and saw Prince Tian Lin.

“I wanted to say the same to you. It seems we’re unlucky.” said Lin Feng smiling. Prince Tian Lin stared at Lin Feng aggressively. He wanted to attack him right there.

Everybody looked amused. Tian Lin and Lin Feng seemed to already be enemies and Lin Feng seemed to be brother Hua Shi’s friend. Interesting.

In a trivial place like Gan Yu, surprisingly, a cultivator of the second Tian Qi layer dared offend Prince Tian Lin.

“Brother, what is the meaning of all this?” asked Prince Tian Lin. The Hua Shi young man was protecting Lin Feng and actually walked beside them.

“Prince Tian Lin, Brother Lin is my friend. I brought him here to introduce him other geniuses. Why don’t you learn to like him as well?” said the Hua Shi brother smiling. Lin Feng and the Hua Shi brother walked towards a table with seven seats. The Hua Shi siblings and Lin Feng sat down. Qiong Qi sat down, too but took four seats.

“Brother Lin, let me introduce you my friends. That’s Brother Xue, and that’s Brother Han.” said the Hua Shi brother. The others nodded at Lin Feng indifferently, just so they didn’t humiliate the Hua Shi brother. Then, they looked at Qiong Qi. They seemed more interested in Qiong Qi than in Lin Feng.

“Brother Lin, you’re lucky to have a Qiong Qi as a friend.” said Brother Xue with an indifferent smile yet mockingly.

Lin Feng just smiled. Those people had an imposing appearance, they looked rich and strong. They had all broken through to at least the third Tian Qi layer. Those people were not ordinary so Lin Feng didn’t really know how to act in front of them.

“Indeed, I’m quite lucky but not as lucky as you, Brother Xue.” said Lin Feng with a gentle smile. A sharp expression appeared in Brother Xue’s eyes.

“Hehe.” Hua Zhang Feng smiled wryly when he saw Brother Xue’s reaction. He then said to Lin Feng, “Brother Lin, all the others are geniuses too. Let me introduce them.”

“Brother Hua, why is he here with us?” said someone mockingly. That person was sitting at the same table as Prince Tian Lin.

“Indeed, Hua Zhang Feng should understand that dragons stay with dragons and snakes with snakes. Why did you bring a snake to us dragons?” said someone else mockingly. “You’re more interested in the beast than the cultivator as well, right Hua Zhang Feng?”

“He’s a piece of trash.” said Prince Tian Lin mockingly.

“Dragons stay with dragons and snakes with snakes. That’s right, Prince Tian Lin already forgot the humiliation from a few days ago… I admire those who are still still with him, hehe…” said Lin Feng with a resplendent smile.

“Watch yourself.” said that person coldly. Prince Tian Lin pulled a long face, Lin Feng was humiliating him again.

“A bunch of crappy cultivators who just know how to bark. Are Ba Huang and Jiu You completely unpopular now?” said Qiong Qi.

“What a good pet, he wants to protect his master.” that person mocked Qiong Qi.

Qiong Qi’s eyes twinkled as he glared at that person. That alone was almost enough to scare them.

“Hua Zhang Feng, I have much esteem for you so let’s see if the guy you brought deserves your attention.” said that person coldly. They raised their hand and shot some ice-cold energies at Lin Feng.

“Bzzz!” Scorching hot flames appeared. The Ice-cold energies and scorching hot energies mixed in the restaurant.

Lin Feng stood up and smiled at that person, “If you want to fight, let’s go outside. It’s too small in here. Prince Tian Lin is a piece of trash so you’re probably not much better.” said Lin Feng as he then left the restaurant.

“Kill him.” said Tian Lin. That person nodded. He wanted to kill Lin Feng and steal his ancient animal. An animal had surprisingly humiliated them as well.

They all went outside. The others were amused. The sick-looking man Hua Zhang Feng had brought was funny. He seemed arrogant, but was he strong?

Many people recognized Lin Feng outside and came closer to watch the fight. He was the one who had offended Prince Tian Lin six days before. Now, it seemed like he had offended Prince Tian Lin’s friends. Prince Tian Lin’s friends were all incredibly strong, they were even considered geniuses.

“Let me fight.” said Qiong Qi to Lin Feng. Surprisingly, that person had humiliated him, an emperor. He wanted to die.

“What?” Lin Feng was surprised but nodded, “Alright.”

Qiong Qi was a Tian level beast and was a lot stronger now. Lin Feng was curious to see how he would do in a battle against a cultivator of the third Tian Qi layer.

“Stupid animal. I will capture you first and then I will kill your master. Afterwards, I will be your new master.” said the young man smiling coldly. Suddenly, Qiong Qi flapped his wings and spat out fire while releasing some fire Qi.

He flapped his wings even more and rose up in the air.

“How fast.” the crowd was surprised. Qiong Qi turned into a meteor, people couldn’t even see him clearly as he was moving across the sky.

“I’ll get you!” shouted the opponent loudly as he released a wide arrange of punch attacks in the air.


Qiong Qi roared loudly. His roar seemed to make people’s soul shake. The opponent was even startled. Rumbling sounds spread in the air and his punch shadows were destroyed. Qiong Qi then moved towards his opponent to attack him directly.

“Roar!” Qiong Qi spat out some fire. It was becoming difficult to breathe normally because of that fire. Then, Qiong Qi’s opponent and Qiong Qi disappeared in the smoke.

“Stupid animal, die!” shouted a voice furiously. However, a few seconds later, the atmosphere became calm again.

“What?” The crowd didn’t know what happened. Then, the terrifying fire disappeared. Qiong Qi was standing on his opponent. He had blood around his mouth and looked ferocious.

The young man’s face, however, had turned pale and rigid. He was lying in his own blood.

“What a cruel animal.” the crowd was shocked. As expected, it was a brutal and ferocious animal.

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