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PMG Chapter 933: Defeating Prince Tian Lin

Edited: OddManOut
PMG Chapter 933: Defeating Prince Tian Lin
He was dead.

The crowd was astonished. Nobody saw what happened in the fire but it must have been incredible.

Lin Feng was astonished too. Qiong Qi had bitten his opponent to death?

“What a piece of trash! He dared act arrogantly in front of me, an emperor. I killed him with only one bite.” said Qiong Qi. He looked majestic and ferocious.

“Dragons bite, snakes die. As expected, Qiong Qi is a dragon, not a snake.” said Lin Feng mockingly. A moment before, those people were incredibly arrogant, but now their colleague was dead.

Prince Tian Lin pulled a long face. Qiong Qi had eaten his friend alive!

“How audacious!” said Prince Tian Lin coldly.

Lin Feng turned around and looked at him saying, “What? You were trying to impress us with your strength. You even said you wanted to kill me and steal my animal, but you’re not strong enough. So now what? You want to threaten me using your imperial cultivation disciple status?”

Prince Tian Lin looked even worse now. Indeed, he wanted to kill Lin Feng but his fellow disciple had failed. The one he was calling a piece of trash and his animal were surprisingly stronger than his group.

“I truly believe that there are incredibly strong and powerful imperial cultivation disciples, but you guys must be the crappy bunch.” said Lin Feng slowly walking towards Prince Tian Lin and pointing his finger at him. “Last time, our battle was interrupted. Today, let’s have an educational battle again to see how strong the imperial cultivation disciple who calls me trash really is.”

Lin Feng was pointing his finger at Tian Lin and humiliating him. That piece of trash wanted to fight against him again.

“Today is your last day.” said Prince Tian Lin coldly.

He shook his hand a strong wind began blowing.

“Die!” shouted Prince Tian Lin furiously. He immediately released his spirit and attacked Lin Feng.

Lin Feng shook his hand as beams of light appeared. They immediately blocked Prince Tian Lin’s wind.

“Do you think you can do anything against me? I told you, you’re going to die today.” said Prince Tian Lin. His spirit spun again and moved towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng sensed the strength of a hurricane. He raised his head but couldn’t see the sky anymore.

“His wind spirit is very strong. Even with the strength of the second Tian Qi layer, it is still difficult for me to fight against him.” thought Lin Feng. He had to be careful, he couldn’t use his full strength, otherwise people would recognize him.

Lin Feng took out a stone and firmly held it. Then, he released his book spirit. With that, everything around him became clear and distinct. He could even see the movements of the wind spirit clearly.

Energies and strength came out of the stone and flowed into his body. He was absorbing the strength and force of the Earth and sky at an incredible speed.

Lin Feng sensed the force of the Earth and sky as bright lights appeared in his hands. They flowed into his body as he condensed strength.

The wind was roaring. It had now fully surrounded Lin Feng. His clothes were suddenly riddled with gaping wounds. If his corporeal body wasn’t so strong, he would have died by now.

“Die!” shouted Prince Tian Lin furiously.

However, at the same time, Lin Feng raised his hand and punched the wind spirit in a very ordinary way. His punch looked ordinary but it contained the force of the Earth and sky.

“Boom boom!”

A collision sounded in the air as the wind spirit was propelled upwards. Lin Feng’s strength could actually block the wind spirit.

“What?” The crowd was astonished. Lin Feng, using pure physical strength, had pushed away the wind spirit.

Prince Tian Lin was just as surprised.

Lin Feng took this opportunity to throw himself at Prince Tian Lin.

Prince Tian Lin was startled. Lin Feng raised his hand again. It contained an incredible amount of physical strength.

“I don’t believe that you can punch twice with so much strength.” said Prince Tian Lin. Sure, it was surprising that he pushed Prince Tian Lin away with a single punch, but how many times could he keep it up?



Prince Tian Lin’s wind emitted whistling sounds and turned into a furious dragon.

“Boom boom!”

Lin Feng raised his hand. It looked like a normal punch again but the strength it contained made the whole area shake violently. The terrifying dragon-shaped wind was instantly destroyed.

Prince Tian Lin’s facial expression changed drastically. He kept punching blindly but Lin Feng’s strength was too great. Lin Feng found an opportunity and punched Tian Lin into the air. His organs were damaged and felt painful.

He hadn’t been able to block Lin Feng’s attacks.

“Kacha!” blood splashed in the air. His wind spirit went back into his body as he then heavily crashed onto the ground. His face was deathly pale.

“Imperial cultivation disciples say I’m a piece of trash? You’re so strong, haha. You’re even weaker than a piece of trash.” said Lin Feng with a cold smile. Prince Tian Lin was furious but his organs were preventing him from doing anything.

The others were astonished. They would have never thought that Prince Tian Lin could lose against Lin Feng, especially with his powerful wind spirit.

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