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PMG Chapter 94: I will just show you

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I am going to try for another, but I may go to bed. I am really groggy and this requires a lot of focus. If i feel better tomorrow I will release a bunch.
I have translated onto paper upto chapter 102 while I have been sick…this means I just need to write them up and edit them. It will be a big weekend if I feel better.

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The tops of the trees was still covered with early morning fog. Some people could already be seen walking past the gate leading into the territory of the Yun Hai Sect at the foot of its mountain. Most of them were going to the Yun Hai Sect. Very few people were walking away from the sect.

At that moment, a young man and a young woman were walking towards the Yun Hai Sect. They were looking at the mountain where the Yun Hai Sect was and they both smiled.

“Girl, this is the Yun Hai Sect. Duan Tian Lang really is an incredibly powerful man. He completely destroyed the Yun Hai Sect within one day… that’s why everybody admires him in the Xue Yue Country. Nobody will ever dare provoke him or his family in the future. Besides, I heard that he has an enemy in Duan Ren City. His enemy has a Divine Arrow Spirit. When he heard what happened to the Yun Hai Sect, he started coughing blood. It seems like he is seriously ill.”

When the young man wearing luxurious clothes told the young and beautiful girl these things, they both laughed wholeheartedly.

“Besides, now that the Yun Hai Sect has disappeared our Qing Yi Sect has expanded faster. Nobody in the surrounding area will dare to attack us.”

“Indeed. If the big sects of the country don’t come attack us, this entire area is ours.”

The young girl laughed and said: “Every day is different. The Yun Hai Sect used to be extremely powerful and now it is nothing but dust. Over time everything would eventually fall. The sect became so strong that many people are now frightened of you. Core disciples could maybe compete with you but elite disciples are worthless. Besides, you’re only seventeen years old and you’re already so powerful. You’re a genius. Your future is filled with endless opportunities.”

“Haha, our Qing Yi Sect is much stronger now. It can’t be compared with the Yun Hai Sect of the past. We have so many geniuses. They only had a few good skills and techniques, that’s all. The Yun Hai Sect was a bunch of crappy cultivators. If we keep improving our stock of skills and techniques, we’ll become much stronger than they ever were.”

When the young man wearing the luxurious clothes heard the young girl praise him, he felt extremely proud of himself and laughed arrogantly.

“Is that so?”

At that moment, a voice came from behind. The young girl and boy turned around and saw two people.

But the young boy and girl didn’t even look at one of them. They directly stared at the young girl wearing white robes. They were fascinated by her beauty.

They had the impression that nothing else existed in the world other than her beauty. They could only see that beautiful girl wearing white robes. She made all the material attractions of that world utterly unimportant. One only wanted to look at her forever. She didn’t look like any other person in the world.

The boy wearing the luxurious clothes and his fellow disciple were staring at the beautiful girl and had the feeling they were looking at a spirit.

In the world, there were surprisingly people who could be that beautiful.

The girl who was standing next to Lin Feng, when she noticed that these people were staring at her, couldn’t help but smile wryly and shake her head.

The girl had done exactly as she had promised Lin Feng. They had left the Black Wind Mountain and what surprised Lin Feng the most is that they really had encountered no ferocious beast at all. They had managed to avoid fighting all together.

Lin Feng had started to think that the Black Wind Mountain wasn’t actually as terrifying as the rumours described. There were certain paths that were incredibly safe, it was just that very few people knew of these paths.

“Of course, the Yun Hai Sect is a crappy sect. Otherwise, how could they have been annihilated so easily?”  Said the arrogant young man.

The girl who was with the young man couldn’t help but dully stare at the other girl. She didn’t feel at ease because that other girl was much more beautiful than her.

She had a lot of self-confidence when it came to her appearance and believed that she was extremely beautiful but at that moment, she had the feeling that she didn’t exist when standing next to that other beautiful girl. That girl was infinitely more beautiful than her.

“Since the Yun Hai Sect is a crappy sect then why are the disciples of the Qing Yi Sect, so afraid of going near the Yun Hai Sect disciples? Why do you all keep a distance of a few hundred meters from the sect even now? Why do you all look at the Yun Hai Sect’s disciples with such reverence and respect?”

Lin Feng said that while smiling coldly. The Qing Yi Sect was an extremely small sect. They suddenly dared criticize the Yun Hai Sect because it had been annihilated. It seemed like they had forgotten that they used to bow down before the Yun Hai Sect’s disciples. They were really a bunch of shameless people.

“That’s because there are rumours which say that the Yun Hai Sect has a great multitude of great skills and techniques, that’s all. I am happy that they are all dead. Besides, we are proud of our sect. We’ve never bowed in front of Yun Hai Sect’s disciples. They’re just a bunch of trash.”

That young arrogant disciple suddenly regained his composure and stopped staring at the girl. His eyes suddenly looked incredibly evil.

Lin Feng was accompanied by an extremely beautiful girl who looked like a goddess. How was it possible not to be jealous of him? Such a beautiful girl should be given to the Patriarch of the small Qing Yi Sect as a wife.

Suddenly, the young arrogant disciple paused and started looking at Lin Feng with eyes filled with killing intent.


Lin Feng frowned. His heart felt cold. That young man was suddenly looking at Lin Feng as if he wanted to kill him.

The weak are the prey of the strong… the law of the jungle was the law of this world. If someone wanted to kill someone else, he would have no compassion and do it without hesitation.

“If I understand you properly, the Qing Yi Sect’s disciples are much stronger than those of the Yun Hai Sect, is that right?” asked Lin Feng coldly.

“Definitely. How could the trash of the Yun Hai Sect compare themselves with the great disciples of the Qing Yi Sect?”

The young man becoming more and more aggressive. He wanted to make the beautiful girl accompanying Lin Feng impressed by his confidence and strength.

“Hehe, I challenged an elite disciple of the Yun Hai Sect one day and I lost. You seem to be even stronger though considering what you are saying. Shall we have a look!”

Lin Feng had a naive smile on the corner of his mouth making him look harmless and weak.

“Hehe, elite disciples of the Yun Hai Sect are so crappy. They can’t even be compared with me. But since you are curious, I will show you what a strong cultivator is and how weak you are in comparison.”

The young man wouldn’t have thought that Lin Feng would take the initiative to challenge him. He couldn’t help but be overjoyed. Lin Feng was going to die in such a pitiful way.

“Besides, what is a piece of trash like you doing with such an amazingly beautiful girl. When you die, she will stay with me and I will take care of her.”

While saying these words, the young man in luxurious clothes took out a long sword and waved it through the air. He released his Sword Spirit and started moving towards Lin Feng looking extremely over confident.

“Second Ling Qi layer… and you think you are going to kill me. That’s surprising.” said Lin Feng on a cold and indifferent tone.

Lin Feng raised his right hand and an extremely powerful and strong sword Qi suddenly emerged from his palm and invaded the atmosphere. The young man almost immediately collapsed when he was hit by the pressure. His face turned deathly pale with fright.

“The fact that you use a sword is a humiliation to all swords.”

Lin Feng said in a cold tone. The young man was already frozen by the pressure of the Qi which Lin Feng released. A thin mark of blood appeared on his throat and with his eyes looking immensely frightened, he collapsed heavily onto the ground.

The girl who was accompanying him also looked terrified… How had her fellow disciple been killed?

How strong! How powerful! There was a gigantic gap between Lin Feng and her fellow disciple.

When the girl saw that Lin Feng was staring at her, she could not help but start shaking with fear.

“I don’t even need to use a single skill to kill trash from the Qing Yi Sect.”

Lin Feng’s cold expression made him look evil, like a ferocious beast.

“Tell me your purpose for coming to the Yun Hai Sect.”

“The Yun Hai Sect was completely annihilated. We came here to test our luck and see if we could find a few good skills and techniques. We are not the only ones, many other people want to come here for the same purpose.”

The young man hadn’t died yet and hastily replied to Lin Feng.

“What about those who exterminated the Yun Hai Sect? Haven’t they stolen everything already?”

“Those who exterminated the Yun Hai Sect stayed here for three days after the battle. They stole almost everything but maybe they didn’t care about some skills and techniques which might prove very useful to us. Besides….” the boy who had just been defeated by Lin Feng looked ashamed. He was being humiliated.

“Besides what?”

“Besides, in the Stormy Gorge, there are many corpses… maybe they were carrying things which we could take no that they have died.”

Lin Feng was shaking in anger from head to toe. These animals wanted to violate the dead bodies of his fellow disciples and elders.

An extremely strong and sharp sword Qi invaded the atmosphere.

The young man suddenly looked deathly pale again. That sword Qi was so powerful. How strong was Lin Feng?!

“Cripple your own cultivation and then piss off.”

Lin Feng sounded extremely cold blooded. He was initially thinking of letting these people off but when he heard that they wanted to steal things from the dead of the Yun Hai Sect, he didn’t feel like being merciful anymore.

These two disciples were shaking in terror.

“I will let you take three breaths from now, if you don’t cripple your own cultivation, you will not breathe a fourth.”

Lin Feng had said he would kill them with a commanding tone.

“If I cripple my own cultivation, isn’t it like dying?”

“Alright, I’ll finish you off now then.”

Lin Feng released an extremely strong sword Qi which oppressed them so much that they could feel the pressure was ready to crush them. The two young disciples were stunned.

“Alright, alright, I’ll cripple my own cultivation.” said the two young people while gnashing their teeth. They raised their hand and stabbed their dantian. They became so weak that they could not even stand, they fell helplessly onto the ground.

“Meng Qing, let’s go.”

Lin Feng said that to the girl who was accompanying him. Lin Feng had helped her find a name because she had told him she didn’t have one.

That was the only name that had come into Lin Feng’s mind because Meng meant dream and Qing meant lover and any man would have dreamt of having that girl as a lover. That was the only name which Lin Feng could come up with that would match her.

Of course, the girl didn’t know why Lin Feng had chosen that name for her. Actually, the outside world was completely unknown to her.

“Why don’t you kill them?”

Meng Qing suddenly asked Lin Feng that question which surprised Lin Feng. He was blankly staring at her.

“When I look at their eyes, I feel like vomiting.”

Meng Qing had replied to her own question. Her face revealed that she wasn’t used to speaking with other people.

“When you look into my eyes, what do you feel? I will just show you.”

Lin Feng was stupefied. Meng Qing’s expression seemed like she suddenly had a great idea and she ran forward.

Meng Qing didn’t really understand Lin Feng’s feelings but Lin Feng found her to be cute and charming. Unknown warmth filled his heart.

Lin Feng was observing Meng Qing. He was in admiration of her beauty. She looked so delicate and so cute. There was absolutely nothing detestable about her. Her thoughts were also pure and innocent. Lin Feng found it easy to get close to her.

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