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PMG Chapter 941: Going To Tian Chi

Edited: OddManOut
PMG Chapter 941: Going To Tian Chi
As expected, nobody could find Lin Feng because he was still in the crowd. How could they find him with his new identity? As for the snow Zun cultivator, even if he had escaped, nobody would have been able to catch up with him.
At that moment, King Dragon, Mie Qing, Duan Mu and the others were in the sky and looking around. They could see very far away.
“Everybody, please be silent and listen to me.” said King Dragon. Everybody heard him from very far away.
King Dragon looked at the crowd and continued, “You have all seen how evil Tian Chi’s people are. They ruined our great sect meeting and killed so many of our strong cultivators. We don’t know what kind of treasures Lin Feng has obtained, but surprisingly, he has gained some amazing powers. If we don’t destroy Tian Chi and kill Lin Feng, Gan Yu as we know it is doomed.
Everybody heard clearly. His voice was so loud that it hurt some people’s ears. However, people remembered one sentence in particular, they didn’t know what precious items Lin Feng had obtained. Most people could only guess. However, if Lin Feng had been able to turn into another person and cast an incredibly powerful spell on the stage, then he must have obtained some incredible items.
Otherwise, how could he have killed three Zun cultivators in Xue Yue? Same for what had happened just a moment before.
“Besides, we don’t need to choose a leader for the great sect meeting, the six of us can go to Tian Chi and destroy them together.” said King Dragon. They were determined to go to Tian Chi and kill Tian Chi’s people. They couldn’t wait any longer. They had all lost too many people.
They had to go.
“Just follow me if you want to destroy Tian Chi. If you don’t, piss off. If Tian Chi has treasures, those who come will benefit from them as well. Don’t blame me for being merciless to traitors.” said King Dragon. In the world of cultivation, there was no mercy. If they wanted to be powerful, they had to be strong.
Many people were tempted. Tian Chi had existed for so long, they probably had incredible treasures such as skills and techniques.
“Now, let’s go! Destination Tian Chi!” said King Dragon. The six strong cultivators nodded and the members of their groups followed them. A whole army full of strong cultivators were flying in the sky.
It was happening. They were going to war against Tian Chi.
Those people had, at least, broken through to the Tian Qi layer, Xuan level cultivators couldn’t do anything!
“Let’s kill them!”
“Let’s kill them, let’s kill them!” shouted King Dragon and instantly, many people repeated what he said. It was like a war chant.
Their energies made loud sounds and they looked like a dragon in the sky. There were hundreds of sects together, a myriad of strong cultivators. The scene was impressive.
“Tian Chi is doomed!” So many people were joining hands to destroy Tian Chi.
Lin Feng looked at those sects and looked quite sad. So many people were going to Tian Chi to destroy them. Tian Chi couldn’t possibly resist them all.
“You will regret.” thought Lin Feng. His eyes looked sharp. Someday, he’d reach the clouds and make them all regret.
The imperial cultivation disciples, Prince Tian Lin and the others. Yu Xiao and Hou Qing Lin hadn’t left, they decided remain there.
“Why haven’t you left Gan Yu yet?” asked Yu Xiao to Hou Qing Lin. He didn’t understand why Hou Qing Lin had come to Gan Yu. He didn’t believe that Lin Feng and Hou Qing Lin could know each other.
“Forget me, what about you?” said Hou Qing Lin with an air of superiority. There’s no need to mention that Yu Xiao was afraid of Hou Qing Lin.
“I’m not done here, so I’m not leaving yet.” said Yu Xiao to Hou Qing Lin. Hou Qing Lin was the only person Yu Xiao was weary of.
“I’m interested in the great sect meeting, I want to see how they would handle everything.” said Hou Qing Lin indifferently.
Yu Xiao remained silent. He didn’t want to offend Hou Qing Lin.
“I’m not staying here with you, sorry.” said Yu Xiao as then he followed the crowd. He hoped that Hou Qing Lin wouldn’t follow him.
Everybody was moving extremely fast towards Tian Chi Empire.
At that moment, Lin Feng had outpaced the crowd with his great roc.
There were so many people so they couldn’t be as fast as a great roc.
A few days later, Lin Feng was surrounded by snowy mountains.
Lin Feng wouldn’t let those people pollute such a holy place.
As Lin Feng arrived, he saw many strong cultivators at the entrance. They were sitting cross-legged in the snow. They were covered with snow so ordinary cultivators wouldn’t have seen them.
Seven people were sitting in the mountains, the leaders of the seven peaks.
“Lin Feng!”
“Lin Feng, Lin Feng!”
Many people opened their eyes and had strange facial expressions.
The seven leaders opened their eyes too and looked at Lin Feng.
“Little Lin Feng, you came back!” said the snow Zun cultivator nodding at Lin Feng. He had been to the great sect meeting with Lin Feng and he had seen how scary Lin Feng could be. Someday, Lin Feng would become extremely strong. He might even reign over Gan Yu.
“Teacher.” said Lin Feng. “I am sorry, it’s all my fault. Tian Chi has so many enemies because of me.”
“As long as you realize it and admit it, that’s fine.” said Tian Shu Zi with a cold smile. “Brothers, listen to me, we should hand him over as I said. If we reject Lin Feng, we won’t be in danger anymore, on top of that, we could still use his treasures.”

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