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PMG Chapter 945: Stars of Destruction

PMG Chapter 945: Stars of Destruction
The group of people obeyed the patriarch’s orders and moved towards Tian Xuan with gloomy expressions on their faces. Now and then, they would turn around to see if everybody was following.
Luckily, everybody listened to the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect. They were moving together towards Tian Xuan. They knew that those snowy peaks were massive and would be difficult to destroy.
Very quickly, they arrived near Tian Xuan. They looked at the summit and saw many people cultivating at the top. Someone said, “It is Tian Chi’s final day. No need to resist.”
Tian Xuan’s people looked at them but didn’t say anything. They just smiled indifferently.
Tian Chi’s final day?
“Very often, people die because they are too greedy and because they overestimate their own abilities. I’ll give you one piece of advice, leave now. If you attack, you will all die.” said the snow Zun cultivator coldly.
Many of those people were strong but were they strong enough? They were just dreaming. They were greedy so they had come to Tian Chi with hopes of stealing treasures.
“We don’t care about your advice. Tian Chi is going to be destroyed on way or another.” said someone furiously. They then started releasing a powerful Qi.
“Very well.” said the snow Zun cultivator while rising up in the sky and releasing ice energies outside Tian Xuan. The atmosphere around Tian Xuan seemed to freeze.
“Since you want to attack Tian Chi, don’t blame me for being merciless. Tian Chi, freeze!” said the snow Zun cultivator. He released abstruse energies and froze the whole crowd.
“Slash, slash.” a terrifying sword Qi emerged. The sword Zun cultivator was attacking as well.
“Die!” said the sword Zun cultivator with a sharp voice. An infinite number of sword lights appeared and cut through the ice statues.
Two Zun cultivators had attacked and the whole group had died.
Those who were behind that group stopped moving. They only now realized how strong Tian Chi was. They had incredible Zun cultivators so Tian level cultivators had no chance. Only the Zun cultivators who were with them could put up a fight.
The patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect was furious. He had sent people to Tian Xuan to see if it was dangerous but he had failed, those people had died before arriving. He had to send Zun cultivators to test waters it seemed.
“We can’t wait anymore. If we want to destroy Tian Chi, we have to join hands and attack altogether. First, let’s get close and then let’s attack at once. That snowy peak should be easy to conquer.” said the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect.

Everybody started moving together. The patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect was also surrounded by several Zun cultivators of different levels. This time, Tian Xuan wouldn’t be able to withstand their assault.
The patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect stopped about one kilometer away from Tian Xuan when he sensed the terrifying Qi inside the mountain.
A hundred people were on the patriarch’s side, they also all released terrifying energies.
“I am convinced that we can destroy Tian Chi.” said the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect. Everybody released energies at the same time, it should work this time.
“Rise!” shouted Lin Feng at that moment. A dazzling light beam emanated from Tian Ji and it contained abstruse energies.
It appeared from all the snowy peaks, including Tian Shu, but not including Tian Xuan.
“Eh?” People frowned. What were they doing? What was happening? Abstruse energies had suddenly enveloped Tian Chi.
“There…” at that moment, someone saw that the six light beams joined at one point, where Lin Feng was.
The enemies couldn’t see anymore as the lights had become too dazzling.
“Slash, slash…” the crowd stared at the strength condensing into a dazzling star.
What a terrifying strength. Was it a group spell cast by all the strong cultivators of Tian Chi?
“Bzzz!” the dazzling lights illuminated Tian Xuan. The sword Zun cultivator jumped in the air and his sword also illuminated the atmosphere.
The snow peaks were all very far from each other, but at that moment, they looked like they were connected.
“Hurry up and move back!” shouted people furiously. The patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect was the first one to run away as he flew backwards using his Xiao Yao agility technique.
“Die!” shouted the snow Zun cultivator furiously. The sword energy illuminated the whole atmosphere. There was no sword, only lights, razorblade-like lights. That sword contained the strength of the seven snowy peaks.
“Slash, slash.” Many people in the sky were unable to avoid the attack and died. The strong cultivators of six snowy peaks had joined hands and had lent their energies to the sword Zun cultivator. That was a terrifying attack.
The enemies were astonished. They were fixedly staring at those lights taking their friends’ lives.
After that, the snow Zun cultivator continued attracting energies to Tian Xuan. The energies of the seven peaks condensed.
At the same time, on Tian Quan, terrifying energies appeared. They were dazzling too and had turned into a star.
This time, Mister Tian Ji used his sword which turned into a thousand lights. The enemies looked terrified.
“Slash, slash…” those stars were destroying everything. King Dragon, Mie Qing and the others turned deathly pale. What kind of spells were they using?
Many people were shouting. Their friends were dying and they were powerless. They couldn’t do anything.

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