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PMG Chapter 946: Tian Shu Peak

PMG Chapter 946: Tian Shu Peak
Horrible shrieks were coming from the mountains. Many people had died but some were still alive, they were suffering and shouting with pain, though.
“You want to destroy Tian Chi, but can you?” said a loud voice in the distance. They had all really thought that Tian Chi was doomed. A moment later, they had lost so many people. Tian Chi could condense the strength of the seven snowy peaks to attack, how terrifying.
The Xiao Yao Sect patriarch’s heart was pounding. The deadly star had almost killed him.
“What can we do, what can we do?!” he thought. He was frantic. They had organized the great sect meeting in order to plan the attack, so that nothing unexpected would happen. This was definitely something unexpected.
“If you continue avoiding the attack, we will all die off. We need to attack the same target and at the same time. If we managed to destroy one peak, they won’t be able to cast that group spell anymore.” said Yu Xiao to the crowd aggressively.
If they dispersed and attacked, they had no chance. There were too many strong cultivators, if they attacked together, they had a chance to win. Together, they could destroy the peaks one by one.
“Stay together and we will have an easy time.” said Yu Xiao. However, he looked at the seven peaks with some apprehension. He hadn’t thought that there were such strong cultivators in Gan Yu.
“Easy?” Lin Feng looked at Yu Xiao and said,, “You said easy? Well then come and try!”
“Eh?” Yu Xiao frowned and looked at Lin Feng with murder in his eyes, “Excuse me, are you talking to me?”
“You and Prince Tian Lin are the same, you are only pieces of trash. You only bully people whose cultivation levels are lower than yours. I humiliated Tian Lin and Hou Qing Lin humiliated you. To me, you are a piece of trash, just slightly stronger than Tian Lin.” said Lin Feng indifferently.
Yu Xiao couldn’t stand it! A crappy Tian level cultivator was humiliating him?! Lin Feng was the same as an insect to him.
“Don’t look at me so arrogantly. Prince Tian Lin looked at me in the same way and you personally saw what happened to him. If I were at the same cultivation level as you, you would be the same as Prince Tian Lin, a piece of trash, an animal.” continued Lin Feng. “If you’re so strong, come and kill me. I’m waiting.”
Yu Xiao looked at him. Go and kill him? Lin Feng was in the middle of the deployment spell. He was lucky he hadn’t been goaded in a moment before.
“I will slaughter you.” said Yu Xiao coldly.

“Are imperial cultivation disciples only capable of running their mouths? I’ll definitely kill you, sooner or later.” said Lin Feng. Yu Xiao was becoming even more furious. He looked at the crowd and said, “Gather together and listen to me. If you do, we’ll manage to destroy Tian Xuan together.”
Yu Xiao wanted to destroy Tian Xuan even more.
“Hurry up. Everybody gather together, battle formation, from top to bottom and from left to right!” shouted the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect furiously. Everybody mobilized quickly and now looked like an army.
“Die!” On Tian Xuan’s side, more deadly star lights appeared.
“Together, let’s kill them!” shouted someone furiously.
“Slash, slash…” sharp sounds spread in the air as a star appeared. There were whistling sounds and a strong wind accompanied it.
The enemies looked at the star, but didn’t know what kind of attack it was and didn’t know how to block it.
“Slash!” a sharp sound pierced through their eardrums. Those who were directly facing the star turned deathly pale.
“Slash, slash, slash…” after the light beam passed through the crowd, a crater appeared behind them. Those who took on the brunt of the attack were already dead.
“So many people are dying…” thought the crowd. The patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect shouted furiously again, “We weren’t done condensing our energies. This time, remember to attack at the same time and move further ahead. We’ll manage to destroy that mountain together. After that, it’ll be easy to destroy Tian Chi.”
Boom boom boom, they kept moving forwards, but they were surrounded by terrifying energies.
“You want to die!” said Lin Feng coldly. He then said, “Condense.”
The light beams condensed again. Abstruse energies were rolling in the sky as seven stars appeared.
People from other territories in the Tian Chi Empire could also see those lights in the sky. Was their capital city being invaded? It seemed like there was a great war.
The seven stars fused together and penetrated into Tian Xuan. Tian Xuan started shining brightly and was emitting dazzling lights. Even the strongest cultivators were trembling in fear.
The snow Zun cultivator, the sword Zun cultivator and the fire Zun cultivator were all proudly standing at the top of Tian Xuan peak, bathing in abstruse energies. They looked like incredible arch-mages, standing above the world.
“Attack and kill them!” shouted the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect furiously. Everybody attacked. Explosion sounded as well as thunderclaps. It seemed like the Earth and sky were going to be destroyed. They were all attacking Tian Xuan together as the three Zun cultivators of Tian Xuan released abstruse energies.
The sword was lacerating the universe, the fire was burning it and the ice was freezing it. The fusion of their abstruse energies was deadly.
“Ah… no…” many people were giving horrible shrieks. The sword had mowed down too many people. The ice had froze so many people to death, and the fire burnt the rest alive. Many people collapsed and died, one after the other.
At the same time, many others continued attacking Tian Xuan. The ground started shaking as Tian Xuan appeared to be breaking apart. However, a star appeared up above and its light enveloped Tian Xuan. It seemed like the seven snowy peaks were connected by something unfathomable as a myriad of stars appeared and fused together.
What a terrifying spell.
After the stars fused together, the new dazzling star moved behind Tian Shu. All of Tian Shu’s people were now concerned.
Bastard, Lin Feng was a bastard!
“Boom boom boom!” Cracking and explosions sounded as Tian Shu was now shaking. Everybody had started to panic as huge stones were exploding. Tian Shu Zi was upset, damn Lin Feng!

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