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PMG Chapter 949: See You in Ba Huang

PMG Chapter 949: See You in Ba Huang
“The Emperor Shi and the Emperor Yu, in Ba Huan will recruit their first batch of imperial cultivation disciples!” said Hou Qing Lin to Yu Xiao. Did Yu Xiao want to become one of their imperial cultivation disciples?
The Continent of the Nine Clouds was huge. The Holy City was the most famous city of all. Ba Huang was a gigantic territory itself, with eight provinces and ten regions. Each region was gigantic, much larger than Gan Yu. There were many sects there. Empires were rising together and competing for supremacy.
Jiu You was a mysterious and incredible territory.
In Jiu You, there were twelve empires and those twelve empires were incredible. They were all high-level empires. Ba Huang also had many empires, including a few high-level empires, but they were far from being as strong as the empires in Jiu You.
Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu were two strong cultivators from the northern part of Ba Huang who had risen a few hundred years before. They were best friends and they were monstrously strong. Because of this, they were very famous in Ba Huang. After all, two strong emperors being best friends, that was rare in the cultivation world.
Besides, Emperor Yu and Emperor Shi were extremely famous for another reason. They weren’t like many of the other emperors. Before becoming emperors, they had never been imperial cultivation disciples. They had just received the teachings of normal teachers. Now, they were extremely famous and had followers like Hou Qing Lin!
The disciples invited by Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu were all incredible heroes. Many people admired them. However, Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu had never had imperial cultivation disciples.
This time, Hou Qing Lin had come to Gan Yu to tell everyone that Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu were recruiting imperial cultivation disciples.
They were recruiting their first batch. Those disciples couldn’t be any ordinary imperial cultivation disciple, they would personally receive the teachings of the two emperors. In the history of Ba Huang, each time emperors recruited imperial cultivation disciples for the first time, incredible things happened. Many people wanted to become their imperial cultivation disciples. If they succeeded, their futures would be incredible.
“Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu are recruiting imperial cultivation disciples for the first time… Great wars will start up in Ba Huang.” whispered Yu Xiao. This time, two incredible emperors were recruiting disciples.
However, Yu Xiao didn’t understand why the emperors had sent Hou Qing Lin to Gan Yu. Ba Huang was incredibly vast, there were many, many incredible cultivators there. Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu could find their disciples there. Why send Hou Qing Lin to Gan Yu?
Were they looking for foreign geniuses?
Maybe that they wanted to do something original. That was Yu Xiao’s only explanation, otherwise, he couldn’t think of anything which would explain why they had sent Hou Qing Lin to Gan Yu. On top of that, he even caused troubles at the great sect meeting.
Yu Xiao wasn’t the only one who was surprised. Everybody was surprised, especially the younger people.
Even though they didn’t really understand what it meant to be an imperial cultivation disciple, when they saw how proud Prince Tian Lin and the others were, they wished they could be the same. Imperial cultivation disciples were infinitely stronger than them. Prince Tian Lin and the others could humiliate the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect.
On top of that, the name itself sounded glorious, imperial cultivation disciples…
The expression “imperial cultivation disciple” was making their hearts pound. They had already forgotten about Tian Chi, they were lost in thought, daydreaming about becoming imperial cultivation disciples.
If they could become imperial cultivation disciples, wouldn’t it be fantastic? The last time an imperial cultivation disciples came to Gan Yu, people had to be servile in front of them.
Hou Qing Lin had shouted so loud that all of Tian Chi’s people had heard him.
The people of the seven snowy peaks were speechless. Two emperors were recruiting imperial cultivation disciples. It was so tempting. Such opportunities were extremely rare, especially for foreigners.
The three Zun cultivators of Tian Xuan and Mister Tian Ji all turned around and looked at Lin Feng.
As soon as they heard Hou Qing Lin, they thought about Lin Feng.
Lin Feng was an incredible genius. He was much more gifted than Tian Lin and the others. If Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu accepted applications from cultivators without a minimum cultivation level, Lin Feng definitely had a chance to be selected.
Everybody was looking at Lin Feng with the same thoughts.
He had always wanted to go abroad and become stronger. He had always dreamt of reaching the clouds. He just thought that he needed more time..
“One question please, does Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu impose a minimum cultivation level?” asked the snow Zun cultivator.
“Only Tian level cultivators or above can apply, so Zun cultivators are welcome. There is no age limit either. Talent is the most important thing.” replied Hou Qing Lin. Many people were suddenly terribly excited. No age limit? They only had to have broken through to the Tian Qi layer? Amazing!
“Of course, people have to be self-aware of their talents. If someone weak crosses the world, arrives and gets rejected immediately, that’d be a lot of wasted effort on their part.” said Hou Qing Lin, making many people come back to their senses. Indeed, there were many Tian level cultivators, but becoming an imperial cultivation disciple wasn’t easy. Even if there was no age limit, not everyone could apply.
“Thank you!” said the snow Zun cultivator nodding. He looked at Lin Feng again. Lin Feng sighed, he was nervous. With his talent, if Lin Feng stayed in Tian Chi, Tian Chi’s future would be great. However, his teacher wanted him to leave for his own future.
“Alright, Yu Xiao, come with me.” said Hou Qing Lin indifferently.
Yu Xiao remained silent and nodded. If he didn’t follow Hou Qing Lin, he would die. He had no choice but to obey.
Hou Qing Lin turned around and left. Yu Xiao looked at the crowd and said, “Good luck with everything.”
Then, he turned around and followed Hou Qing Lin. Many people gasped with admiration. Such strong cultivators were amazing. People had admired Yu Xiao since they had first seen him at the great sect meeting. Then, Hou Qing Lin appeared and they had all forgotten about Yu Xiao. Even Yu Xiao was scared of Hou Qing Lin.
“See you in Ba Huang!” said Hou Qing Lin before disappearing in the horizon.
See you in Ba Huang…?
The crowd was astonished. What did he mean? Would everyone go to Ba Huang? Or was he only talking to one person?
Besides, they were still wondering why Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu had were looking for people in Gan Yu? It was the first time that something like that happened.
They understood that Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu probably didn’t want to miss some geniuses, however, Hou Qing Lin had gone to Asoka first, and there were many strong cultivators there, why hadn’t he chosen someone there? Why had he come to Tian Chi? And why had Hou Qing Lin first told his purpose in Tian Chi?
They couldn’t understand.

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