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PMG Chapter 95: Each Step Brings Death

11th Chapter sponsored by Fluphy…. I hope everyone is thanking him. He is working me to the bone.

I do not know how many I plan to release after this, it depends on me getting the motivation to get it done tonight. I have been in bed for what seems like an eternity. I lost the battle to the memory foam!!! I still have the Flu but I am starting to feel better. I will at least release 1~2 more tonight before I retire back to bed.

Enjoy xoxo

Life and Death Arena, Stormy Gorge, Yun Hai Sect.

A bright red river of blood was flowing through the Stormy Gorge. Even though seven days had passed, the river of blood was still flowing.

There was a legion of corpses lying on the ground. The corpses hadn’t started decomposing yet due to the cold temperature.

The strangest thing was that many people were walking around the corpses and didn’t look disgusted by all the blood. They did not seemed disturbed my the scene before them and in the contrary looked overjoyed. Each of these people had eyes filled with greed.

“The Yun Hai Sect deserved the title of a great sect. Even if these corpses only belonged to disciples of the sect, they still have a great deal of items on them.”

A male cultivator was kneeling down next to a corpse and took a high quality Yellow Level skill from it. He then looked around him carefully, as if he was scared to be noticed by someone before he picked it up.

He wasn’t the only one, there was a multitude of other people just like him stealing things from the corpses within the gorge. They were all disciples of the smaller sects. When they heard that the Yun Hai Sect had been completely annihilated, they had rushed here to see if they would be lucky and could find some treasures hidden on the corpses.

At that moment, there were two silhouettes stood at the top of the Stormy Gorge and were about to throw themselves into the gorge.

One of them looked fascinatingly beautiful. The other was wearing a mask which had a bronze look. This mask had the capacity to increase Qi.

These two people were obviously Lin Feng and Meng Qing.

Lin Feng was too famous. All the great sects of the country were looking to kill him. He obviously had to be careful. Therefore, he had taken that mask from inside the temple.

When she saw all the blood and smelt the putrid odor released by the corpses, Meng Qing started feeling dizzy. She felt like vomiting when she saw the scene.

“Why did we come here?” asked Meng Qing looking at Lin Feng but she noticed that Lin Feng was absolutely motionless. An extremely cold aura was surrounding his body.

“These animals… not even letting the dead rest in peace.”

Lin Feng saw someone who was searching a dead body and when he finished, he kicked it which made the body roll away. Lin Feng was indescribably disgusted at the actions of these cultivators.

When she saw Lin Feng’s change in aura, Meng Qing stopped talking. She didn’t want to disturb Lin Feng.

Lin Feng spread his arms looking like a bird spreading its wings and jumped down into the gorge.

Down in the Stormy Gorge the cultivators who were looting the dead bodies of the Yun Hai Sect members could feel a bad premonition. Something was about to happen. They all started to look around and then looked at Lin Feng who was jumping down into the gorge.

“Here comes somebody again…”

Everybody then stopped looking at Lin Feng and continued what they were doing.

“Help yourself but let’s not bother each other.”

The cultivator who had just kicked one of the corpses away said to Lin Feng who had just landed next to him. His manner of speech was indifferent.

Nobody replied. An incredibly powerful sword Qi emanated from Lin Feng’s body which stupefied the cultivator who had just spoke to Lin Feng. He started to shake from head to toe with fear.

“What are you doing? There are many people here. Could it be that you refuse to share the items with anyone else?”

When that person sensed the Qi released by Lin Feng, he shouted that really loud trying to draw the attention of everyone in the area.

Obviously, when the crowd heard that somebody had arrived and wanted all the items for himself, they all turned around and stared at Lin Feng with angry expressions.

But they only saw the glow from a sword. It was a bright and resplendent light but it looked deadly. That glow appeared and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Then the cultivator who had spoken loudly was immediately beheaded by Lin Feng. Lin Feng hadn’t pronounced a single word. When everybody saw that, their eyes began to fill with indignation.

Because he was an extremely powerful cultivator, that guy wanted to take all the treasures here for himself?!

“Your Excellency, everybody has come here with the same purpose. There is no need to be cruel and merciless, otherwise, it would make a powerful man such as yourself look rude rather than your usual elegant self.”

A cultivator who wasn’t far from Lin Feng had said with a cold tone.

Lin Feng turned around. Lin Feng’s eyes, hidden inside the mask were extremely evil to behold. He didn’t feel like showing mercy to anyone any longer.

Lin Feng’s silhouette vanished in the blink of an eye and appeared as quickly in front of the man who had just spoke to him. He then activated his deadly sword.

Cruel? Merciless? Rude?

This despicable cultivator was stealing various treasures from dead bodies and suddenly talked about cruelty, mercy and rudeness?

Lin Feng’s sword started to glow again. The other man’s face turned deathly pale. He was terrified when he saw the display of such power.

“Surprisingly, you are the type of person to enjoy spending time with the corpses here, so I will help you become one of them.”

This was the first time that Lin Feng had spoken during the whole event. His voice was filled with cold and merciless killing intent. His mask hid his face which made people even more scared of him.

Lin Feng made one step and with a single strike he sent another head toppling to the ground.

It was clear that Lin Feng was not playing around. However, it seemed like he was killing these fellow cultivators without any reason.

“What does he think he is doing? Could it be that he wants to kill everybody within the Stormy Gorge?”

When the crowd saw that another person had just died, they were all terrified.

“Stop!! What are you?” said a cultivator who saw Lin Feng walk past him.

“I am the one that will take your soul.”

Lin Feng’s sword started to glow again and as his final word was heard a dazzling light filled the air. The cultivators stared in shock as another headless body hit the floor.

All the people who were in the gorge looting from the corpses suddenly stopped and started staring at the strange cultivator wearing the bronze mask. Each time he took a step, another cultivators head would be separated from their body.

At that moment, Lin Feng had already killed more than a dozen of the grave robbers already. They didn’t even know what they had done to make Lin Feng so angry.

“This does not look good, we have to find a way to stop him. Otherwise, he’ll end up killing us as well.”

Some of the cultivators had understood that the situation was getting more dangerous. When that person finished talking, those surrounding him were all nodding in agreement.

“Let’s fight him together as a group. We shouldn’t give him a single opportunity to attack.”

The whole crowd started moving towards Lin Feng as a group and were getting ready to attack him. His sword was too dreadful. It seemed like Lin Feng would behead anyone he encountered on his way.

Lin Feng was still moving from place to place and beheading people when he noticed the crowd moving towards him. These people sensed the Qi emanating from Lin Feng’s body and it was growing stronger and stronger.

“Don’t be afraid of him. He cannot deal with this many of us. Even if he is quite strong, there is no way he can defeat this many people at once.”

The closer they got the better they could sense Lin Feng’s Qi, many cultivators had tried to reassure the others. Although it looked like these words were said to reassure themselves before the others.

Lin Feng slowly started walking towards the approaching group. The sword Qi was growing stronger and stronger which gradually destroyed the confidence of the cultivators in the crowd.

“I don’t want any of the treasures here.”

Finally, one of the cultivators who was in the middle of the crowd gave up because he could sense the strong Qi which Lin Feng was emitting. He then turned around and tried to escape. He had the feeling that even this many people couldn’t defeat Lin Feng.

“Deadly Sword.”

Lin Feng took a few steps forward and brandished his long sword. At that moment, a deadly sword Qi invaded the atmosphere and created a hurricane-like wind annihilating everything in its way.

“Pfff, pfff, pfff…..”

The people in the crowd were breathing heavily. The nearer they were getting to Lin Feng, the more scared they were becoming. They had almost stopped moving and were looking at Lin Feng in terror.

At this moment every single cultivator within the group looked down at their chest and saw a small hole which had been pierced.


Each and every single one of them started to collapse on the ground one after the other. Even while dying, they still didn’t understand what was going on. Lin Feng was extremely strong, why was he attacking them?

“Because you all deserve death.”

Lin Feng was holding his sword and turned around and looked at the horizon. There was nobody left. The last remaining grave robbers were running away.

Lin Feng had become extremely strong. A moment before, whether it had been a dozen or a hundred cultivators, nobody would have been able to avoid his sword. The only solution would have been to run far away.

“What cruel behaviour.”

Suddenly on the top of the Stormy Gorge, a loud voice could be heard heard. Three cultivators were jumping down into the gorge.

“Who are you?” asked the one who seemed to be the leader of the group of three. He was a handsome young man who looked arrogant.

Chen Xing was an elite disciple but his name wasn’t carved into the ranking list. He had been very scared of being killed by Duan Tian Lang.

Fortunately, Wen Ren Yan had been there to protect him. After having been tested by Duan Tian Lang, he had been recognized as a talented cultivator and he had been assigned to guard the Yun Hai Sect.

Wen Ren Yan was extremely strong and Duan Tian Lang attached great importance to him. Duan Tian Lang had thus sent Wen Ren Yan to the Imperial City to join the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue. At that moment, Wen Ren Yan was in the Imperial City and everybody respected him, many had started to worship him.

When Wen Ren Yan left the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue, he would become a very important person within the country. Chen Xing didn’t dare provoke Wen Ren Yan and wanted to gain his favour.

Wen Ren Yan was extremely strong, he was a genius. Since Duan Tian Lang had also started taking care of him, Wen Ren Yan’s destiny could only be extraordinary.

“Well, Lin Feng’s power is even scarier than that of Wen Ren Yan. If he had agreed to leave with Duan Tian Lang, I probably wouldn’t even be alive now.”

When thinking about Wen Ren Yan, Chen Xing remembered Lin Feng and how scary he was. Even when Lin Feng spoke, it was terrifying.

When Lin Feng saw Chen Xing, a light flashed through his eyes under the mask. His eyes looked even more ruthless and evil than before.

How shameless. Chen Xing had betrayed the Yun Hai Sect and was acting arrogantly again. He was again treating others like they were beneath him and had obviously not learnt his lesson. How quickly he returned to his old ways.

“Since the Holy Courtyard has been created, Duan Tian Lang is extremely busy and has no time to come here and take care of everything. I am here to handle things on his behalf. Everything here belongs to me. If you want to take things from these corpses, do as you please, but don’t make trouble… otherwise, I will kill you like a worthless dog.”

Chen Xing was shouting loudly at Lin Feng. His voice was resonating throughout entire gorge. He was still using the same arrogant tone he had before when he spoke to Lin Feng. His voice carried a clear killing intent. Chen Xing thought that he was stronger than anyone from the smaller sects who would come here to loot. He thought that everyone was beneath him and even dared to look down on Lin Feng.

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