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PMG Chapter 953: Returning to Tian Chi

PMG Chapter 953: Returning to Tian Chi

Not far from the East Sea Empire, someone appeared in the sky. He was riding a cruel looking beast and was flying in the direction of the East Sea Empire.
The Xiao Yao Sect had been destroyed and it was a great humiliation for the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect. He had probably gone insane from the humiliation. He hadn’t been able to destroy Tian Chi so he decided to attack the ordinary citizens of the Tian Chi Empire instead. Now, Lin Feng had taken his revenge..
The East Sea Dragon Palace, Jade Heaven, etc. they all wanted to capture Lin Feng and steal his treasures, then kill him. If Lin Feng had the opportunity, he would definitely set their territories ablaze.
Qiong Qi had swallowed the void fire and turned into a Tian level beast, his fire was extremely potent. Therefore, setting entire territories on fire wasn’t difficult for him. His fire was so powerful that even the members of the Xiao Yao Sect were scared to death and wouldn’t attack. Only Zun cultivators could possess such a powerful fire.
They all thought that Lin Feng was a powerful Zun cultivator. He had even managed to scare them with a few words and had let him burn the Xiao Yao Sect as they watched.
Many people heard about what happened in Tian Chi and guessed that the one who set the Xiao Yao Sect on fire was Lin Feng. The strong cultivators of the Xiao Yao Sect felt extremely guilty. They had been scared of a cultivator of the second Tian Qi layer. Cultivators at the top of the Tian Qi layer and some Zun cultivators had watched Lin Feng destroy their sect.
“Little Lin Feng.” said a voice at that moment. Lin Feng was surprised. Suddenly, snow appeared next to him.
“Teacher, what are you doing here?” Lin Feng said, surprised to see the snow Zun cultivator there.
“Little Lin Feng, I heard about what you did to the Xiao Yao Sect. Are you going to the East Sea Dragon Palace now?” asked the snow Zun cultivator. Was he omniscient?
“Indeed.” said Lin Feng nodding. He wanted to see if it was possible to set the East Sea Dragon Palace on fire as well.
“Come back with me to Tian Chi.” said the snow Zun cultivator in a grave and solemn way.
“Teacher!” Those people had humiliated Tian Chi and wanted to destroy them. Lin Feng couldn’t let them off now.
The snow Zun cultivator looked firm. He shook his head and said, “News spread quickly in Gan Yu. Many people will know what you did to the Xiao Yao Sect and when they learn about it, the East Sea Dragon Palace will be prepared to protect their territory. You were lucky it worked the first time, but you can’t rely on luck too often. Come back with me to Tian Chi, Tian Chi needs to talk to you.”
Lin Feng didn’t feel like it. The snow Zun cultivator said, “Don’t worry, Little Lin Feng. With your spell in Tian Chi, we’re only going to rise. Sooner or later, we’ll be overlords in Gan Yu. Shen Gong and the Xiao Yao Sect have almost completely disappeared and the other powerful groups have lost a lot. Tian Chi can only grow now.”
“Okay.” said Lin Feng nodding. He knew that his teacher was worried about him. After all, he was quite weak. He had actually dared to set the Xiao Yao Sect on fire because he had secret tricks, but tricks could only get him so far.
“Let’s go.” said the snow Zun cultivator smiling. He turned around and started flying towards Tian Chi. Lin Feng closely followed him.
Many people in Tian Chi and even the seniors admired Lin Feng. Even though all those things had happened because of him, Lin Feng contributed to making Tian Chi grow. He was ready to do anything for Tian Chi it seemed.
It was calm in the mountains. After what had happened, Tian Xuan had completely changed. People hadn’t thought that the snow Zun cultivator was as strong as Mister Tian Ji.
People respected Tian Xuan even more because that. There were also the sword Zun cultivator and the fire Zun cultivator. Even though they weren’t as strong as the snow Zun cultivator, they were surprisingly strong. And Lin Feng was their disciple, he received their teachings so Tian Xuan would rise to great heights.
Lin Feng would probably become the leader of Tian Chi in its entirety someday.
Of course, maybe Lin Feng had his ambitions elsewhere.
At that moment, Lin Feng and the snow Zun cultivator arrived in Tian Xuan.
Snowflakes were floating around like normal. Everybody was delighted to see them come back.
“Lin Feng has balls! He set the Xiao Yao Sect on fire, awesome!” said the fire Zun cultivator smiling. He had also thought of setting those places on fire many a times. Unfortunately, he had only thought about, Lin Feng had actually done it!
Lin Feng laughed and shrugged.
Not only did he set the Xiao Yao Sect on fire but he also wanted to do the same to the East Sea Dragon Palace.” said the snow Zun cultivator. The fire Zun cultivator made a face, Lin Feng was going on a rampage.
“Hehe, next time, could you tell me so that I join?!” said Huang Fu Long giggling in a silly way and scratching his head. It must have been such a pleasure to set the Xiao Yao Sect on fire.
Lin Feng tapped his friend’s shoulder and said smiling, “Brother, you’ve broken through to the Tian Qi layer. You rock!”
“Bullshit, I can’t even fight properly.” said Huang Fu Long. He hadn’t been able to help during the war.
“Don’t be impatient, the world is big. When we go to other regions and provinces, you’ll have the opportunity to battle.” said Yun Fei Yang smiling. He wanted to go to Ba Huang too. He had survived great wars and now he wanted to become stronger.
“We have to sharpen our swords first, we are still too weak. In the Xue Yu Region, Tian level cultivators are considered strong, but not abroad.” said Jun Mo Xi.
“You’re all completely off your rockers!” said Tang You You with a resplendent smile on her face. What were those guys talking about?
“Lin Feng, you must be tired. You should rest. It’s good for your cultivation.”
Jun Mo Xi and the others wanted to battle, but she was worried about Lin Feng. After all, he had done a lot and was probably tired. From Gan Yu to Xue Yue and then from Xue Yue to Gan Yu… Unfortunately, they couldn’t help Lin Feng at all.
Lin Feng looked at Tang You You with a gentle smile and nodded.
“Indeed, Little Lin Feng needs a good rest!” said the snow Zun cultivator.
However, at that moment, someone arrived. The crowd turned around and saw Mister Tian Ji.
Behind him was a strong wind. He was quickly followed by other people, the leaders of the other peaks. Tian Shu Zi was even there. However, he was at the end of the row and he looked indifferent as if he didn’t know the others.
First, they nodded at the snow Zun cultivator and then they looked at Lin Feng.
Lin Feng smiled wryly, he wasn’t used to such treatment.

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