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PMG Chapter 954: The Gift

PMG Chapter 954: The Gift

“Lin Feng!” said Mister Tian Ji. “Everybody knows your name in Gan Yu now.”
Lin Feng smiled wryly. Indeed, he had cast a protection spell in Tian Chi and had set the entire Xiao Yao Sect on fire. Everybody knew him or had heard of him.
“With your spell and the abstruse energy, you turned Tian Chi into a holy cultivation place, and at the same time, you transformed it into a powerful fortress. You are a benefactor to Tian Chi.” said Mister Tian Ji. Lin Feng was still standing there embarrassed.
“I am a member of Tian Xuan and have received treasures from Tian Xuan. I caused this trouble so it was my duty to fix it. No need to praise me anymore.” said Lin Feng indifferently.
Mister Tian Ji shook his head and said, “You did great things. Thanks to you, we didn’t lose much during the war and we became stronger than ever. From now on, nobody will ever offend Tian Chi. Lin Feng, whatever skill, technique or spell you need, tell us and we’ll give it to you.”
Lin Feng remained silent and heard a voice in his head, “Bullshit, without me, what would you have done!”
Yan Di’s proud voice made Lin Feng think that Yan Di was, indeed, an incredible treasure. But he had hidden him from everyone, from the beginning to the end.
“I know what you’re thinking. Don’t worry, in the future, when we travel together, I won’t treat you unfairly. I’ll give you or help you find any skill, technique or spell you need. No need to take anything from them.” said Yan Di using telepathy. Lin Feng couldn’t ask them anything, that would be shameless.
“I will remember what you said and will never forget it. I trust you all completely.” said Lin Feng. Then, he said to Mister Tian Ji, “I have all I need for now..”
“Hmmm…” the fire Zun cultivator sighed. Strong cultivators were offering to give him spells, techniques and surprisingly, he refused.
Mister Tian Ji wasn’t surprised. He smiled and nodded. Lin Feng had probably obtained great treasures in the mysterious world. He had also shown incredible powers so he probably had all that he needed.”
“Alright. Since you don’t need anything, I’ll gift you a treasure.” said Mister Tian Ji. In a flash, a sharp and dazzling sword appeared.. It seemed like it possessed a soul. Its energy was strange though. When he unsheathing it, seven dazzling stars appeared, fused together and dashed to the skies.
“Lin Feng, you also use swords. It’s Tian Ji’s sword and it’s for you.” said Mister Tian Ji while taking removing his godly awareness from the sword and erasing his connection with it.
He then handed it over to Lin Feng.
“Brother!” the other leaders were astonished. Mister Tian Ji was giving the Tian Ji Sword to Lin Feng!
“Brother, don’t!” said Tian Shu Zi. He then said, “Brother, that is one of the most sacred treasures of Tian Ji Peak! The one who owns the sword is the leader of Tian Chi. How can you gift it to a kid?”
“There’s nothing I can’t do. I already gave him it now anyways. He’s now a descendent of Tian Ji. Lin Feng, the owner of the sword can rule over the Tian Chi Empire. In a thousand years, if you want to come back, use the sword. If you don’t want to come back, give it to Yu Tian Ji.” said Mister Tian Ji slowly.
“Tian Chi has become a holy cultivation place. I have no pressures as a leader anymore. Keeping the Tian Ji Sword with me would be a waste. Lin Feng, I know that you have a demon sword but it is too difficult to control right now. Before you manage to completely control the demon sword, you can use the Tian Ji Sword. Of course, don’t use it carelessly so as to not draw people’s attention. People are greedy so you shouldn’t rely only on it.” said Mister Tian Ji to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng remained silent and listened to Mister Tian Ji. Was Mister Tian Ji telling him to leave Tian Chi?!
“Take it. You don’t belong here. You have to go to Ba Huang and apply to become an imperial cultivation disciple. You will receive treasures from the emperors and become unimaginably strong. It’s your destiny.” continued Mister Tian Ji.
Lin Feng looked at the snow Zun cultivator. The snow Zun cultivator nodded while smiling and said, “Little Lin Feng, Mo Xi, You You, Fei Yang, and Huang Fu Long, go and explore the world with him. Just don’t forget that Tian Chi will always be your home. If, someday, you want to come back, you’re always welcome.”
Lin Feng remained silent and looked at the leaders, they all had resplendent smiles on their faces.
“Lin Feng, thanks to you, Tian Chi will flourish. We don’t need to worry about the next generations anymore. The Tian Chi Empire is gigantic so there will be many children who, someday, can replace us. Don’t worry about Tian Chi anymore, if the next generations are as strong as you, likewise, I’ll make them go abroad as well.” said the leader of Yao Guang with a big smile.
“Indeed, Lin Feng, if you don’t want to leave, your teachers will kick your ass. Haha. Come back whenever you want.” all the leaders were pushing Lin Feng to leave. Lin Feng’s eyes were suddenly filled with tears. He bowed lowly and put his right hand on his heart while saying, “It is an honor for me to be a disciple of Tian Chi. Tian Chi will always be my home.”
Lin Feng raised his hands and took the Tian Ji Sword with both hands.
The old men looked at Lin Feng and smiled indifferently. Only Tian Shu Zi was upset. Mister Tian Ji had given the Tian Ji Sword to Lin Feng!
Lin Feng was close to the leaders of Tian Chi so Tian Shu Zi couldn’t say anything, nobody would listen to him now.
“Lin Feng.” At that moment, Tian Shu Zi suddenly spoke up. Lin Feng was surprised and looked at him.
“Yes, mister?” said Lin Feng indifferently. Everybody was smiling but Tian Shu Zi. Now, he was smiling in a weird way.
“Lin Feng, there are seven snowy peaks in Tian Chi and six of them have abstruse Qi. Only Tian Shu hasn’t turned into a holy cultivation place. Now, you are an important person in Tian Chi, you even have the Tian Ji Sword. Can you please put abstruse energy in Tian Shu Peak as well?”
Tian Shu Zi was making great efforts to smile in the gentlest possible way, but Lin Feng could see that it was all an act.
He just wanted abstruse energies for Tian Shu.
“I can’t.” said Lin Feng while shaking his head.
“Why can’t you? Even though I’ve been mean to you in the past, you have obtained the Tian Ji Sword. We must forget what happened in the past. Let bygones be bygones.” said Tian Shu Zi. His facial expression slightly changed.
“Since I’ve been here, you’ve never been nice. You wanted to expel me from Tian Chi, you wanted to steal my treasures. Now you want me to help you and give you something?” said Lin Feng with a cold smile. “Besides, when the enemies came, you suggested to hand me over and steal my treasures. You kept saying that it was for Tian Chi. From now on, when you discover incredible geniuses, you can send them to the other peaks so that they can benefit from the holy cultivation areas. That way they won’t be poisoned by your ways.”

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