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PMG Chapter 956: Leaving

PMG Chapter 956: Leaving
Qiong Qi turned into a human being with red clothes.
Lin Feng looked at him. He looked perturbed, which made Lin Feng feel confused as well. Had he sung the “Sky Palace” song only because he felt nostalgic?
Yan Di used to be a great emperor so he had lots of memories.
He slowly walked towards Yan Di and looked at the moon, “what’s the date tonight?”
“Yan Di, an incredible genius must have said that song back then. Maybe an emperor, maybe a great emperor, right?” whispered Lin Feng looking at the moon.
Yan Di shivered but remained silent.
“Sometimes, there are enemies whom you respect and admire, even if they ruin your entire life.” said Yan Di in a mysterious way.
Lin Feng seemed to understand something. It sounded like the one who had ruined Yan Di’s life was a very strong cultivator whom he admired.
They remained silent for a long time. Qiong Qi turned into a beast again and looked at Lin Feng, “I gave you the godly awareness palace technique, go and practice it some more. If someday, you can understand the true meaning of “Sky Palace, what is the date tonight?”, you will look at the whole world with an entirely new perspective.”
The true meaning…
Was that sentence part of an incredible technique?
Lin Feng remained silent for a while and went back into the cave. He continued practicing cultivation for a while longer.
When practicing, time passed so fast. A month didn’t seem that long. At the top of Tian Xuan, there was a group of young people: Lin Feng and the others.
Mister Tian Ji, the snow Zun cultivator and the others were there as well. The most amazing disciples of Tian Chi were going to leave together. The old men were happy to see them leave. The next time they saw each other again, those young people would probably be extraordinarily strong.
“Ba Huang is extremely far. Be careful on the way. There are many strong cultivators abroad.” said the snow Zun cultivator. He looked at Tang You You and said, “You You, Little Lin Feng is impulsive, try to control him when he gets angry.”
“Understood, teacher.” said Tang You You nodding. His teacher understood him very well. If his friends or family members were humiliated, he would attack. But abroad, there were really strong cultivators, especially in Ba Huang province. So he needed to control himself.
“And what about them? Are you not bringing them?” asked the snow Zun cultivator pointing at the seven snow eagles.
He had given the seven snow eagles to Lin Feng to protect him. Lin Feng didn’t want to bring them with him though.
“Nah, I don’t want them to be tired. The journey will be an exhausting one.” said Lin Feng shaking his head. Lin Feng had enough skills, techniques, plus the animal tower, he didn’t need the snow eagles. He didn’t want them to be far from home either.
“Alright, it’s your decision.” said the Zun cultivator who respected Lin Feng’s choice. The snow Zun cultivator wanted the snow eagles to follow Lin Feng because they might gain something as well, but if Lin Feng didn’t want it, then there was nothing he could do.
“Alright. Go.” said the snow Zun cultivator. He didn’t feel like saying goodbye to Lin Feng. He was lucky to have such an astounding disciple, that sort of thing relationship was a once in a lifetime thing. He would probably never see such an incredible disciple again.
“Alright.” nodded Lin Feng. He turned around and left.
“Let’s go.” said Lin Feng. Jun Mo Xi and the others looked at Lin Feng from behind and sighed, they bowed to everybody and left.
They didn’t feel like leaving either. They had good memories in Tian Chi.
Lin Feng was flying on his great roc. He also had Qiong Qi with him. It seemed like Qiong Qi was excited to move on, his eyes were twinkling.
“Finally, we’re going to start a new life in Ba Huang. I will help you become famous in Ba Huang and beyond.” whispered Qiong Qi. A small snowy-white animal appeared in Lin Feng’s hand, he sat down cross-legged and took her in his arms. She kept licking his face.
“Meng Qing, I feel so sorry for you, I wish I didn’t have to keep you in the animal tower, I need to find you a better home.” said Lin Feng in a gentle way while smiling. “And once we are in Ba Huang, I will definitely find a way to turn you into a human being again. You will always stay with me then.”
Meng Qing smiled in a gentle way as if to tell Lin Feng that he was silly. She put her small paw on Lin Feng’s cheek and it was adorable.
“Can I hug her too?” said Tang You You in a gentle voice. She found Meng Qing too cute so she wanted to hug her.
Lin Feng looked at Tang You You, Meng Qing jumped away from Lin Feng and jumped in Tang You You’s arms. A huge smile appeared on Tang You You’s face.
“Lin Feng always says his wife is the most beautiful woman in the world. I can’t wait to see your human form. You must be extremely beautiful.” said Tang You You. Meng Qing was already extremely cute as an animal so as a human, she probably looked incredible.
Meng Qing turned around and smiled at Lin Feng. Then, she jumped in his arms again.
“You will love her when you see her as a human being.” said Lin Feng smiling at Tang You You. Xin Ye liked Meng Qing too.
“I believe you.” said Tang You You nodding. She couldn’t wait to meet Meng Qing in her human form.
Together they crossed many countries. Soon, they would be leaving Gan Yu.
The scenery was amazing in front of them as they arrived in a broad and vast place.
“Lin Feng!” At that moment, Jun Mo Xi called Lin Feng. He acted like he had seen something.
Lin Feng frowned and gazed into the distance. There were some people who seemed to be waiting for them.
“Bzzz!” Lin Feng’s great roc stopped but they weren’t far off, They could clearly see those people.
That person had lost one arm and looked incredibly aggressive.
Surprisingly, the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect had been waiting for them all this time.

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