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PMG Chapter 958: Huang Sea

PMG Chapter 958: Huang Sea
Ba Huang and Jiu You surrounded the Holy City. Those places were already at the heart of the Continent of the Nine Clouds.
There were many strong cultivators there who could kill millions of people in a flash, creating rivers of blood. Those who were weak were bullied and humiliated there. They could only hope to become strong, someday.
Ba Huang was a province surrounded by a desolate sea (translator’s note: huang means desolate in Chinese, hence the name) which, in the antiquity, was a battlefield. The death Qi in that sea was so intense that it could kill people slowly.
The scariest part was that people had to cross it to get into Ba Huang.
The energies in that sea didn’t affect Zun cultivators though. They could wrap themselves up in abstruse energies and protect themselves.
However, cultivators of the Tian Qi layer couldn’t cross that sea unless they had precious items.
The sea had existed for a very long time and people could get lost in that sea forever. Some people had found tricks to navigate it though. Some had used precious treasures and created palaces which could move, thus helping those who couldn’t cross the sea on their own.
At that moment, there was a lot of abstruse energies above the sea and they were moving very quickly.
Of course, one had to pay to cross the sea using those methods. Abstruse crystals weren’t cheap. Some people offered services to cross the sea and made a living out of those services. Only rich people or strong cultivators had access to abstruse crystals.
There were many people who wanted to enter Ba Huang through the northern entrance at that time. Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu were recruiting imperial cultivation disciples so people were flocking to their region.
A great roc appeared with a few people on its back at the northern entrance as well.
A great roc, girls and boys of the first and second Tian Qi layers, nobody even looked at them. Tian level beasts and cultivators who were at the bottom of the Tian Qi layer were incredibly normal.
Many geniuses were coming because of Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu’s announcement.
The great roc landed. Lin Feng and the others had bright and piercing expressions in their eyes. They glanced at the crowd and looked excited.
“Almost everyone has broken through to the Tian Qi layer, there are very few Xuan level cultivators. We’re in the real world of cultivation.” whispered Huang Fu Long who looked even more excited than the others.
“Shhh.” said Lin Feng glancing at Huang Fu Long. Even though people were excited to see strong cultivators, many also felt oppressed and nervous.
If other people saw cultivators of the first and second Tian Qi layers, they might kill them out of disdain.
“Hehe, I understand. I won’t talk loudly.” said Huang Fu Long while giggling in a silly way. Some people sometimes passed next to them and glanced at them with disdain. Where did they come from? They had never traveled here before.
“Let’s go and see the Huang Sea.” said Lin Feng. The great roc rose up in the air again.
They had only stopped for a few days during their trip from Gan Yu to the Huang Sea, but they still needed two months to arrive.
A Tian level great roc was extremely fast so it is easy to imagine how far Gan Yu was from Ba Huang.
After a few minutes, the sea appeared in front Lin Feng and his friends.
“That’s the Huang Sea. We have to cross it to get to Ba Huang.” whispered Lin Feng. How terrifying. They were five kilometers away from the sea, but could already sense its desolate Qi. Besides the Qi, there were also terrifying dead souls in the Huang Sea. They were just waiting to could kill cultivators who crossed the sea. There were also powerful dead spirits, even Zun cultivators would die if they happened across them.
Therefore, there were very few people who crossed relying on their own strength. Many people just crossed using boats or other services.
“Look, over there.” said Yun Fei Yang. There was a dazzling light in the sky above the sea.
“The Huang Sea is a strange place. It was a battlefield in the antiquity. So no matter who, people have to be at least one thousand meters above the sea to avoid getting killed.”
“A sword Zun cultivator. Those who dare cross the sea on their own are rare, and yet, he’s one of them.”
Many people were surprised.
“Slash.” the silhouette streaked across the sky. The sword Qi cut through the sky. Lin Feng raised his head and watched the cultivator.
“What a terrifying sword cultivator.” thought Lin Feng. There was even a sonic boom.
“Those who can cross the sea on their own are terrifying.”
“Indeed, someday, I’ll be the same. I’ll hold my axe in one hand and cross the sea. That day will come soon, I’m sure.” said Huang Fu Long, his blood was boiling. He was impatient to become a strong cultivator.
He was so happy to be traveling with his friends.
“You will.” said Lin Feng nodding. He was determined as well. Such a day would come for them all, nobody would be able to defy them anymore.
“You have no ambition.” said Qiong Qi suddenly. The others were surprised. Huang Fu Long looked at Qiong Qi and said, “Are you bragging again?”
“Do I need to brag?” said Qiong Qi furiously.
“Alright, I’m used to it anyway.” said Huang Fu Long shrugging.
“Pfff…” Qiong Qi spat out some flames. They had argued a lot on the way to Ba Huang.
“Alright, let’s go and find a boatman to cross the sea.” said Lin Feng. Qiong Qi and Huang Fu Long continued arguing with each other.

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