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PMG Chapter 959: Gloomy Clouds

PMG Chapter 959: Gloomy Clouds
Finding a boatman wasn’t difficult, there were many.
There was a group of boatmen called Ming Yue Sailors, they had many different means of transportation and accidents were quite rare with them. Of course, their tariffs were high.
Lin Feng and his friends arrived at the Ming Yue Sailors. They had a huge palace with many boats and plenty of abstruse crystals. Many people were queuing.
“So many people…” thought Lin Feng surprised. There were queues at every counter, sometimes big queues, sometimes small queues.
“Red copper warships, ten abstruse crystals, thousand people capacity, departure in half a month; purple and gold warship, fifteen abstruse crystals, eight hundred people capacity, departure in seven days; purple jade warship, twenty abstruse crystals, six-hundred people capacity, departure in two days…” shouted the vendors. the higher the price, the better the boats were and the sooner people could leave.
Red copper warships were of the lowest quality and a ticket only cost ten abstruse crystals, as it could take up to a thousand people, that was ten thousand crystals for the entire company. It was expensive to cross the Huang Sea but still, many people didn’t mind paying the price. Only those who were extremely strong could cross the sea on their own, after all.
“Look. That’s the best boat there. For that one, we would need to pay a hundred abstruse crystals!” said Huang Fu Long. Paying a hundred abstruse crystals to get on a boat, what a rip off. In Gan Yu, Zun cultivators didn’t even have that much, and usually, Tian level cultivators didn’t even have any.
“That’s the boat protected by Ming Yue Sailors’ Zun cultivators, 99% safe.” said the vendor without saying the price. He insisted on safety. Only a hundred people could be on that boat though.
“Who will take that boat?” said Jun Mo Xi shaking his head. Probably only the richest cultivators. Ordinary people certainly couldn’t afford it.
“It is expensive but safety is important. I heard there are many accidents. Some other companies sell tickets for two abstruse crystals, but they don’t use many crystals to cross the sea. People who only have a few abstruse crystals usually don’t want to take those boats, unless they have absolutely no choice.” said Tang You You. The cultivation world was cruel. Rich people had more opportunities than others. Poor people had to take risks.
“Let’s take the purple jade warship. It’s a hundred abstruse crystals for five people and we can leave in just two days. It’s much faster than the red copper warship.” said Lin Feng. He was sad though, he had already used most of his abstruse crystals. He would need to go back into the Jade Emperor’s palace again to mine some more. If he didn’t have the palace, he would have never had so many abstruse crystals.
Many people heard Lin Feng and were astonished. A hundred abstruse crystals? They were very young and had only broken through to the first and second Tian Qi layers. How come they had so many crystals? Which group of influence did they belong to?
People glanced at them, inspected their age and cultivation levels and let them pass. Even though it was astonishing, they were already not bad, enough to draw people’s attention at least.
“Alright, it’s good. We’ll go back to the sect and the elders will give us more abstruse crystals. We don’t lack abstruse crystals there!” said Tang You You which made Lin Feng laugh. He understood why she was saying that.
They had to be careful. If people heard they had so many abstruse crystals, they could be attacked.
When Tang You You said that, many people lost interest and looked elsewhere. Disciples from rich sects had good items with them, fighting them wouldn’t be that easy.
Lin Feng walked to the counter where he could buy purple jade boat tickets. After waiting for a few minutes, he obtained five tickets.
“In two days, at noon, wait here. Some people will guide you to the boat.” said the vendor who was an old man. Lin Feng nodded and then they left.
They left Ming Yue Sailors and were in a good mood. In two days, they would leave and set sail to Ba Huang.
“Some people are fighting over there.” some people were talking. In the distance, dazzling lights were flashing. There was a powerful Qi and Lin Feng saw a man with only one arm. Someone had offended him so he was trying to kill that person.
“Bastard!” thought Lin Feng. He immediately turned around and went in the other direction.
They were all astonished and followed Lin Feng.
The patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect had followed them so far.
“He’s insane.” thought Lin Feng and the others. They were such in a good mood a few minutes before and now he had ruined everything. He had chased them from Gan Yu to the Huang Sea. He wanted to cross the sea and get to Ba Huang to find them.
They quickly left.
Someone had made fun of the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect because he had lost an arm and the patriarch killed them. After that, he frowned as if he had sensed something.
“They have to cross from here if they want to get to Ba Huang. If I don’t see them here within half a month, it means they’ll have gone to Ba Huang via another route. Then I’ll have to go myself.” thought the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect. The patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect had arrived well before Lin Feng. He had been waiting there the whole time because he knew that Lin Feng had many abstruse crystals. Specifically, that’s why he was waiting outside of Ming Yue Sailors the whole time.
He wanted to kill Lin Feng and his friends and steal Lin Feng’s treasures…
Lin Feng and his friends found a hotel restaurant. Lin Feng looked terribly annoyed as if he had realized something grave.
“That old dog is waiting outside of Ming Yue Sailors. If he stays there for two more days, he’ll see us.” said Lin Feng annoyed. He hadn’t thought they would already encounter problems.
Everybody nodded. They thought the same as Lin Feng. If the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect saw them two days later, it would be a problem.
“Can’t we get on the boat immediately when we arrive?” asked Tang You You.
Lin Feng remained silent and said, “We can try. If it doesn’t work, we’ll have to give up. Never mind if we waste our abstruse crystals, we can’t take risks like that.”
“That’s the only way.” said everybody. They didn’t have any other solution. Losing a hundred abstruse crystals would be a pity but their safety was more important.
Two days passed quickly and just like Lin Feng had predicted, in the distance, someone was fixedly staring at the crowd and looking for something. That was the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect, of course. He was looking for Lin Feng. Sooner or later, he would find them.

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