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PMG Chapter 961: Windstorm on the Huang Sea

PMG Chapter 961: Windstorm on the Huang Sea
Very quickly, the boat sailed away while creating huge waves.
The patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect released abstruse Qi and used the Xiao Yao agility technique to chase the boat. However, the boat was still faster. After a short while, the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect stopped and watched the boat get farther and farther away. He was furious. Lin Feng had escaped again!
“Die!” shouted the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect furiously releasing an incredible amount of Qi.
The people in the distance were surprised. How strong. Who had offended a cultivator who could walk on the Huang Sea alone.
Luckily, the boat was well protected and much faster.
The patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect rolled up his sleeves and went back to the shore. Even if he was strong, he couldn’t rely on his strength to cross the sea. It was too dangerous. Many people had died trying.
Lin Feng was relieved to see that the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect couldn’t follow the boat.
“Thank you.” said Lin Feng to Miss Yang. If she hadn’t asked the captain to leave, he would have waited. That would have been dangerous.
“It’s nothing, really.” said the girl indifferently. She then said to Lin Feng, “He said you changed your face, why can’t I see it?”
Lin Feng and his friends took off their masks and they looked even younger. What amazing masks. They were extraordinary.
“What incredible masks.” whispered the girl. Surprisingly, she couldn’t even see those were masks.
“Indeed.” said Lin Feng smiling. Those masks were indeed incredible. Even strong Zun cultivators couldn’t see through it. Lin Feng didn’t know how Mister Xiao had fabricated them. Those masks were probably priceless.
The girl didn’t say anything. She walked towards the main hall of the boat. Inside the boat, there was a main hall and cultivation rooms. Even on the boat, cultivation couldn’t be neglected. For twenty crystals, there had to be some commodities.
Lin Feng and his friends were at the front looking at the abstruse Qi which enveloped the boat. It was dark and there was a strong wind. It made their hearts beat faster.
There was a windstorm on the Huang Sea. A layer of abstruse energy had broke from that wind.
Lin Feng wasn’t the only one. Many people who took the boat for the first time went to the front to look at the dark clouds.
“How strong are those who can cross the sea on their own and feel nothing.” thought many of the passengers. If someday, they could cross the sea on their own, how wonderful would that be?
“There’s nothing to see, go and rest.” said someone. It was the captain of the boat. He was always at the front, after all, he was driving it.
Red copper, purple golden or purple jade warships and Ming Yue boats were all extremely solid. They had been created by extremely strong cultivators. The boats were powerful, the captains were also very strong cultivators, there’s no need to mention that the protection layers made of abstruse Qi were also very solid.
The captain looked like ordinary cultivator, but in reality, he was monstrously strong. Lin Feng had lots of admiration for the captain.
Some people went to the main hall to rest, others went to cultivation rooms.
But Lin Feng didn’t move, he kept staring at the clouds. How powerful. It made him daydream about intent and cultivation. He remembered that in Xue Yue, cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer were already considered strong. In Gan Yu or even at the Huang Sea, the Xuan Qi layer was considered as a very, very low level. Lin Feng wanted to become stronger. He was never satisfied with his current level.
“What are you thinking about?” asked the captain to Lin Feng when he saw that his friends and him weren’t leaving. He was curious about Lin Feng. Cultivators of the first and second Tian Qi layer, chased by a very strong Zun cultivator… Besides, Lin Feng didn’t look at the captain with fear like most people. He just looked normal.
But for cultivators of the first and second Tian Qi layers to be so calm and indifferent, were they from aristocratic families? They were probably used to seeing Zun cultivators.
He didn’t know that Lin Feng had gone through so much. He also didn’t understand how Lin Feng felt. Lin Feng had fought against Zun cultivators, he had also received teachings from Zun cultivators, and he had met incredible Zun cultivators. So of course, Lin Feng remained calm when facing Zun cultivators nowadays.
“I am just wondering what it would be like if there wasn’t that layer of protection.” whispered Lin Feng.
“Shut your crow’s beak and don’t make inauspicious remarks!” said that person furiously. He looked terribly scared. “Surprisingly, cultivators of the first and second Tian Qi layers dare say such things. Do you know that even the strongest of Zun cultivators can die in that sea!”
“Please don’t be angry, I didn’t think before talking.” said Lin Feng smiling. A Zun cultivator criticizing him because he was just a Tian level cultivator was normal. Lin Feng was already used to that.
“Hmph!” that person groaned coldly and didn’t say anything anymore.
Time seemed to pass slowly on the boat. The crowd couldn’t see the sky or anything, they were just surrounded by dark clouds. It seemed like a thunderstorm could start up at anytime.
The sky was becoming darker and darker, almost apocalyptic. The wind was emitting whistling sounds. But, the protection layers were still protecting the boat through it all.
The captain of the boat wasn’t happy to see that storm.
Damn storm!
He glanced at Lin Feng coldly and said, “I hope you didn’t bring bad luck to us, otherwise…!”
Then, he glanced at the crowd and said, “Everybody go to the main hall and don’t come out. No matter what, don’t come out.”
“You go too!” said the captain to Lin Feng and his friends.
Many people looked terrified when they heard the captain.
It was a storm…
Many people started talking while walking back to the main hall. They were terrified. It was a well known fact that storms on the Huang Sea were very dangerous. It was also Ming Yue Sailors’ biggest fear. Storms on the Huang Sea were the most frequent cause of accidents.
People could only pray that everything would be alright.

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