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PMG Chapter 962: Island of the Nine Dragons

PMG Chapter 962: Island of the Nine Dragons
Lin Feng and his friends realized what was going on because everybody on the boat was whispering. They were all scared because of the captain’s reaction.
“Argh.” at that moment, someone shouted furiously. The black clouds were attacking the boat and making it shake violently.
“How scary. The patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect’s attacks aren’t that scary.” thought Lin Feng. They were crossing a windstorm and loud sounds were piercing their ears.
“It’s a… dead spirit!” Lin Feng saw a pair of terrifying eyes.
According to the legends, the Huang Sea was a battlefield in the past and many people had died there.
“Go in!” shouted the captain of the boat to Lin Feng and the others. The boat was rocking now.
“Look.” said Lin Feng, shaking his head. He then added, “Go to the main hall. I’m coming in five minutes.”
“I want to look too.” said Huang Fu Long whose eyes were twinkling. He was getting excited because of the storm.
“Eh?” a strong cultivator next to them frowned. Those people wanted to watch the storm?
“As you wish.” said that person releasing abstruse Qi.
A terrifying abstruse energy crashed onto the protection layer. That person groaned and his Qi moved back to him.
“What a disaster.” said that person. The storm was terrifying.

The sky was getting darker and darker. The boat couldn’t go back now that they were in the middle of the storm. It seemed like many dead souls were wailing all around them.
“Wooo…” the sky turned pitch-black. Lin Feng only saw a huge mouth attempting to swallow the boat.
“Boom boom boom!” the boat shook violently. Rumbling sounds spread in the air as the abstruse energy had started to crack. Lin Feng and his friends were almost knocked off their feet.
Many people were terrified. Was the boat going to sink?
“Are we going to die?” thought Lin Feng. He wouldn’t have thought that sailing on the Huang Sea could be so scary. If the storm broke the boat, they would probably die. The atmosphere was pitch black and they couldn’t see anything anymore.
“Lin Feng.” said someone. It was Tang You You.
“Yes?” replied Lin Feng. More rumbling sounds spread in the air as Lin Feng was propelled elsewhere.
“Are we going to die?” asked Tang You You. Lin Feng remained silent. Were they? He didn’t know either.
“Don’t worry. The abstruse energy is solid enough.” said Jun Mo Xi.
“Right. We’re going to Ba Huang so we can’t die here.” Lin Feng shouted, “Fei Yang, Huang Fu Long, talk to us.”
“I’m good.” said Yun Fei Yang.
“Damn weather, we can’t see anything.” said Huang Fu Long. That guy was funny.
The storm continued. If the protection layer broke, they’d die.
After what seemed like a long time, the storm calmed down. And everyone felt relieved.
Finally, they saw a light.
Lin Feng looked back at the storm. It felt like a dream. Finally, though, it was calming down again.
Lin Feng raised his head. The abstruse protection layer looked brighter. There were some cracks in it. If there was another storm, it would definitely break.
Lin Feng turned around and saw Tang You You and the others. They smiled back at him.
Lin Feng smiled too. They hadn’t thought that they would go through a storm like that.
The captain frowned, turned around and walked towards the crowd. He went to the beautiful girl and said, “Miss Yang, you must have been scared.”
The girl shook her head and said, “It’s alright. I know your boats are solid. Just be careful.”
“Alright. I understand.” said the captain nodding. The boat couldn’t go through another storm like that.
The crowd was surprised, the first thing he did after the storm was apologize to the girl. Who was she?
The boat continued moving. At some point, something appeared, it looked like a wide territory.
The Qi of the Huang Sea was dashing to the skies in the distance. What was going on? Another storm?
The captain looked tense.
Black dots appeared in the horizon and they were very fast. Very quickly, they saw what those black dots were.
They were ships on the sea.
Five-six boats were moving together and towards them. The captain of the boat was surprised.
In a flash, they surrounded the boat.
Dear friends, we are from the Island of the Nine Dragons, we mind our own business and you mind your own.” said the captain.
The Huang Sea was vast. There were some people who practiced cultivation on some islands. They had become extremely strong with time. They practiced cultivation in the middle of the Huang Sea and stole treasures mainly.
People from the Island of the Nine Dragons were pirates and they were extremely strong.
“You can leave, we just want your boat.” said someone rudely. What was going on? After the storm, pirates?
“If you want my ship, you can go to Ming Yue Sailors and get one.” said the captain. He was annoyed too. How unlucky was it to encounter pirates? Those pirates were strong and didn’t fear Ming Yue Sailors.
“Bullshit. Fuck off!” said that person. Some silhouettes rose up in the air and released abstruse Qi. They were all Zun cultivators.
“You didn’t come for the boat, right.” said the captain. So many strong cultivators were there, it was obviously not for the boat.

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