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PMG Chapter 963: Survival

PMG Chapter 963: Survival
“Attack!” said a pirate when he saw that the captain wasn’t reacting. His Qi was terrifying.
The captain made the boat turn around. Huge waves rolled as he tried to escape.
“You want to escape?” said a pirate with an ice-cold smile. There were other boats which had surrounded them.
Besides, those boats were gigantic. Some more people rose up in the air and they were also Zun cultivators.
The captain looked hopeless. More Zun cultivators… The pirates had so many Zun cultivators.
Miss Yang was surrounded by her bodyguards. They were staring at the Zun cultivators coldly.
“Today, we’re very unclucky.” said the captain. He understood what was going on. After the storm, their boat was riddled with gaping wounds, their abstruse energy was weakened. Now, many strong cultivators appeared, so he couldn’t protect the people on board.
The pirates all released Qi at at the same time and attacked the protection layers of the boat. Dazzling lights appeared and the protection layers emitted crackling sounds.
“We’re doomed.” thought the crowd. The protection layers were breaking apart.
There were fissures everywhere.
“Kacha!” another sound spread in the air. The abstruse energy continued breaking.
Some deadly Qi from the sea started penetrating into the boat.
“We’ll give you one chance. If you’re strong enough, come onto our boat and you’ll live.” said the pirates to the crowd. They were giving the crowd a chance to live. Relying on their own strength, they had to get onto their boat, but only if they could.
If they wanted to live, they had to get onto the pirates’ boat. That was their only chance, otherwise they would die suffocating from the Qi of the sea.
“Boom!” a silhouette turned into a beam of light and moved towards the boat. They wanted to go to Ba Huang, how could they die there.
“Bzzz!” a terrifying Qi surrounded that person, his skin was suddenly peeled off by the Qi from the sea.
The crowd suddenly looked desperate..  That Qi could destroy almost anything.
That person died in the air and fell down from the sky into the sea.
The crowd was horrified, their hearts were pounding. That person hadn’t even survived a single second outside. The distance between the two boats was ridiculously small, so close yet so far!
Someone else stepped out and turned into a sword.
“Boom!” The Qi of the sea surrounded that person and his skin was peeled off.
“No!” shouted that person. Something was piercing through his body.
Then, he died. The crowd was hopeless. They were doomed.
The captain rose up in the air, wrapped himself up in abstruse energy and left.
The strong cultivators from the Island of the Nine Dragons didn’t prevent him from leaving. They didn’t look at him. He wasn’t their target.
“He left.” the crowd was speechless. The Zun cultivator of Ming Yue Sailors left. He had left them alone, facing the pirates.
“Miss Yang, we won’t do anything against you, of course. Please come onto our boat.” said one of the pirates.

People were astonished. The pirates wanted Miss Yang… Because of her, they had to go through such hardships!
“Lin Feng.” Tang You You and the others were panicking. They had survived the storm and now?
It seemed really difficult to cross that sea.
“I’m taking you to the Island of the Nine Dragons. Hold on and don’t panic. We’ll see each other in Ba Huang.” said Lin Feng. His friends were astonished. What? What about him?
“What about you? What are you going to do?” said Tang You You. What was Lin Feng’s plan?
“Don’t worry. I won’t die. We already agreed to meet in Ba Huang. I will become an imperial cultivation disciple under Emperor Shi or Emperor Yu’s supervision so remember to come and see me.” said Lin Feng, using telepathy this time. They understood that he was trying to transmit them a message. He meant that they definitely had to become imperial cultivation disciples to find him.
“No. You have no way to survive. I’m staying with you.” said Tang You You. She didn’t believe Lin Feng. Lin Feng wouldn’t bring them to the Island of the Nine Dragons if he really had a way to survive. He would stay with them.
Unless Lin Feng wanted to go on an adventure.
“No.” said Lin Feng shaking his head.
Tang You You and his friends didn’t understand.
“Lin Feng, you can’t go on an adventure alone.” said Jun Mo Xi.
“I have no choice. Listen to me. Believe me.” said Lin Feng firmly. Jun Mo Xi and his friends shook their heads. Lin Feng stretched his hand and touched Tang You You’s cheeks smiling and said, “Don’t worry. I won’t die.”
“Boom!” a terrifying energy appeared. A group of people rose up in the air. Lin Feng raised his head and saw Miss Yang escaping with a lifeboat.
“A lifeboat!” the crowd was astonished. How could she escape with a lifeboat?
“Miss Yang, you can’t escape.” said a pirate releasing sealing energies.
“No, I don’t want to die.” a horrible shriek spread in the air. The crowd looked at the Qi of the sea getting into the boat now. Some people had died and turned into ashes.
The crowd was hopeless. Were they going to die?
Ice appeared and it started snowing.
Lin Feng released Ling Long’s Qi. In a flash, he looked like an animal with very pure energy.
“Empty Space Bestial Illusion Technique!” said Lin Feng. Layers of snow appeared around him, and a snowy landscape appeared.
“I’m taking you to the boat using that snowy road, trust me, you won’t die.” Lin Feng told the crowd as a snowy empty space appeared.
“Eh?” The crowd was astonished as they looked at Lin Feng. That guy could help people get onto the pirates’ boat?
“Just trust me, you will be safe.” said Lin Feng indifferently.

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