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PMG Chapter 966: Forbidden to Human Beings!

Edited: OddManOut
PMG Chapter 966: Forbidden to Human Beings!
The sea had existed for a very long time, hundreds of years before Qiong Qi even. He also had problems with the sea, but then he had become stronger and the sea wasn’t a problem for him anymore. However, one thing was sure, he had never heard of anyone who wasn’t at least a Zun cultivator who could cross the sea.
Only Zun cultivators could understand the Qi of the sea, Tian level cultivators weren’t capable..
“Impossible.” said Qiong Qi.
Lin Feng was sad as he said, “How can I know if I don’t try?”
“Give it a try then. I’m going to have a walk around.”
“Be careful. There is a very strong cultivator practicing cultivation over there using abstruse Huang Sea energy. Don’t make him angry.” warned Lin Feng.
“There’s someone?!” Qiong Qi was surprised. “Why don’t you ask him to take us away?!”
“I can’t interrupt him while he’s practicing cultivation. Why would he help us anyways?” whispered Lin Feng. He understood death energy so Lin Feng couldn’t get too close.
“Hmph.” Qiong Qi went away. He was annoyed too. If the other cultivator was too strong, he couldn’t deal with him either. Even if they tried to convince him by proposing to give him treasures or something, maybe he would just kill them and steal their treasures. That was normal in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, especially seeing how there was nobody else on the island. He could kill them like ants, was it safe for them to say they had precious treasures?
Lin Feng sat down cross-legged far away from the sea. He could only rely on himself right now.
Desolate Qi appeared around him. Lin Feng felt very uncomfortable. He just tried to understand the Qi without using any spell, technique or skill. Hopefully, he could manage to understand something.
He took out his Tian Xuan stone and released some energies. The strength of the Earth and sky emerged and it was very bright. Lin Feng could understand the Qi of the sea even better this way.
After all, the desolate Qi was also a sort of energy from the Earth and the sky, it was just that it was a dead Qi here.
“When I use my spirit and the Tian Xuan stone, I perceive things much better. Maybe I’ll sense the desolate Qi more distinctly too.” thought Lin Feng. He took out his celestial book spirit which, with the Tian Xuan stone, removed the polluted energies from the air around him and bright lights appeared.
A mysterious Qi appeared in the unpolluted atmosphere. There was desolate Qi in that mysterious Qi and it looked black.
“Desolate Qi.” His spirit allowed him to see the Qi much better. With his Tian Xuan stone, he could even alternate using his demon seal stone. Now, he was using it to see the desolate Qi.
His Tian Xuan stone was making things appear much more clearly.
“Desolate strength!” Lin Feng realized that the black Qi contained desolate strength, it was deadly, corroding, it could even make living beings grow old in a flash and swallow them whole. If a cultivator used that kind of energy, he could almost become invincible.
Lin Feng remained extremely calm as he studied the energies. The Tian Xuan stone could help him understand natural energies. His spirit could also help him see things clearly and understand things faster. Those two things together were incredibly powerful.
The desolate Qi kept rising. Lin Feng was still sitting cross-legged on a stone while being corroded by the desolate Qi. At the same time, Lin Feng could also release small and weak trails of desolate Qi. He was using pure Qi to release the desolate Qi.
However, his desolate Qi wasn’t as pure as the natural one. Maybe he could use his desolate Qi to fight but not to prevent the pure Qi from the sea from harming him.
Lin Feng opened his eyes, not willingly but because something went wrong.
Desolate Qi suddenly started corroding his body even more, his pure Qi became chaotic. It was still too dangerous for him to practice using that energy.
“That person can use the desolate Qi and turn it into abstruse energy, but I can’t. After all, he’s much stronger than me. I can’t understand abstruse energies either. Our cultivation level is too different.” thought Lin Feng sighing. He could release tiny bits of desolate Qi but it was far from being enough to cross the sea.
Lin Feng was only a weak cultivator at the bottom of the Tian Qi layer.
“I told you, it’s impossible for you to only rely on your strength to cross the sea. If it were possible, it would be beyond a miracle.” said Qiong Qi. Lin Feng was only a Tian level cultivator, he couldn’t cross the sea on his own.
“Slash.” Lin Feng and Qiong Qi turned around and saw a black dot move towards the Huang Sea which then disappeared.
“He’s gone?” Lin Feng was sad. That cultivator came to the island to practice cultivation. He could come and leave as he wished..
“Let’s go and see.” said Lin Feng while moving towards the place where the cultivator had been practicing.
After a few minutes, they arrived where the cultivator was practicing cultivation. He had taken the trees too. He probably used them for some kind of benefit.
“He’s gone.” said Qiong Qi. He then added, “I’m taking you somewhere else.”
“Somewhere else?” Lin Feng was surprised. Where could they go on that island? There was nothing.
“Indeed, follow me.” said Qiong Qi. He turned around and left. Lin Feng skeptically followed him.
There was a valley with a horrible death energy. There were many holes in that valley so Lin Feng was even more skeptical. What place was that.
He was curious though and continued following Qiong Qi. They moved towards a big cave which had black stones inside. Qiong Qi grabbed a black stone and shook it, suddenly, a hole appeared inside that stone. It wasn’t a door but a cave in which an animal shape appeared.
“Is that a portal?” whispered Lin Feng. What kind of place was that…? How had Qiong Qi found it?
“Let’s go inside and see. The island has existed for a very long time, it is not the first time that someone has come here.” said Qiong Qi. Lin Feng entered the dark cave. There was no light, but as a fairly strong cultivator, Lin Feng could still see inside.
There was a wall with words written on it.
“Apart from animals, nobody can enter, otherwise they’ll die.” Lin Feng read. Only strong animals could enter?
“That cave was created artificially with mysterious marks. It was probably created by an animal which can fly.” said Qiong Qi. An animal, mysterious marks… It was probably a Zun level beast!

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