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PMG Chapter 967: Bestial consciousness

PMG Chapter 967: Bestial consciousness
“What’s inside?” asked Lin Feng.
“I don’t know. I didn’t go in.” said Qiong Qi shaking his head.
“Are you scared to die?” said Lin Feng laughing. Surprisingly, Qiong Qi hadn’t gone inside. A Zun level beast had probably written that so only animals would go in.
“Bullshit, you’re humiliating me. I don’t care about a cave made by a futile animal.” shouted Qiong Qi furiously. An animal had created that cave with mysterious marks so he was probably very strong. Nobody knew how dangerous it could get inside.
“Let’s go in then.” said Lin Feng smiling.
“Let me go first then.” said Qiong Qi coldly glancing at Lin Feng. Even though he knew Lin Feng was provoking him, he couldn’t help but go inside because of his pride.
Lin Feng followed him. They arrived in front of the wall with the mysterious marks.
Qiong Qi put his paws on the wall, lights appeared and rumblings sounds spread in the air. The wall moved aside and a terrifying deadly Qi emerged.
Lin Feng looked inside, it was extremely vast but still very dark. There were even corpses on the ground.
Many people had died inside, very strong cultivators. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have managed to open the door using the mysterious marks.
Those strong cultivators were dead though. Lin Feng and Qiong Qi glanced at each other.
“Should we go in or not?” asked Lin Feng. Those strong cultivators had died inside. Wasn’t it too dangerous for a Tian level beast and a cultivator of the second Tian Qi layer?
“Since we’re here already, it would be a pity not to go further.” said Qiong Qi. “Get ready to use your illusion technique. I also have some protection spells. If something feels wrong, we can leave immediately.”
“He has some secret protection spells which he has hidden from me…?” thought Lin Feng.
“I will help you, but I don’t care about a futile Zun level beast.” said Qiong Qi while roaring.
Lin Feng laughed and got ready to use Ling Long’s holy celestial Qi just in case.
“Let’s go in.” said Lin Feng. He was still extremely curious. It was an ancient cave in the middle of the Huang Sea, maybe there were precious treasures inside. Qiong Qi was right, they had to go in otherwise Lin Feng couldn’t survive.
“There has been some very powerful corrosive energies in here.” said Qiong Qi looking at the skeletons. It almost seemed like they had been polished clean.
“Many have also turned into ashes.” said Lin Feng.
“Look over there.” said Qiong Qi showing him a corpse. That corpse still had flesh but it was rotting.
“Desolate energy…” Lin Feng was surprised. It seemed like that person had died from the Qi of the Huang Sea.
Lin Feng and Qiong Qi found out that there were fewer skeletons as they walked further in. There were even more ashes.
“Look over there.” said Qiong Qi with a serious tone. Lin Feng turned his head and saw a gigantic skeleton with wings.
“That’s a beast.” Had that beast written the words at the entrance? Why would that beast have died then?
“A blue jade phosphorus mahoraga.” said Qiong Qi. That beast had wings and looked like a dragon. Its bones shone like phosphorus.
“Is it very strong?” asked Lin Feng.
“It is very strong, a Zun level beast, but how did it die here?” Qiong Qi was surprised. They continued walking but the air was becoming even worse.
“Desolate Qi.” Lin Feng saw some very powerful desolate Qi.
“Empty Space Bestial Illusion Technique!” shouted Lin Feng suddenly. Qiong Qi and Lin Feng were instantly surrounded by snow. That Qi was coming from everywhere. Luckily, it didn’t have time to reach them.
That desolate Qi then disappeared again as if it had never appeared.
“That Qi can sense our Qi. So when we’re in this small world, it can’t anymore. That would explain why it disappeared.” said Qiong Qi. He also had time to see where the Qi came from. It came from a hole.
“Bestial consciousness!” Qiong Qi was astounded. He understood why the Zun level beast had died.
“Bestial consciousness? What’s that?” asked Lin Feng.
“After cultivators break through to the Tian Qi layer, they can use their godly awareness and condense it. In the case of beasts, it’s different, they rely on bestial consciousness which contains their most fundamental strength. You’ve probably never seen really strong animals. When they condense their bestial consciousness, it can be terrifying. That mahoraga absorbed desolate Qi with his bestial consciousness.” said Qiong Qi.

Humans and animals were different. Humans used godly awareness and pure Qi. Animals used bestial Qi and bestial consciousness.
Lin Feng understood a little bit. There were some holes in the bones of the mahoraga. “Can animals have several bestial consciousness?”
“Indeed. The stronger they are, the more bestial consciousness they can have. That mahoraga absorbed almost all the desolate Qi of the cave, that’s insane.” said Qiong Qi nodding.
“Lin Feng, stop using your illusion spell, I’ll release animal Qi and we’ll see what it does then.” said Qiong Qi. Lin Feng nodded and did so with the utmost vigilance.
Qiong Qi released bestial Qi which enveloped both him and Lin Feng. The desolate Qi didn’t appear again. As expected, it didn’t attack animals, it only attacked humans.
“Unfortunately, not many animals come here so no animal has found this place.” whispered Lin Feng. Lin Feng and Qiong Qi continued on.
They walked towards that gigantic mahoraga. Lin Feng noticed strange marks.
The skeleton was shining, it was bluish-green like jade. It kept twinkling, as an illusion appeared.
That’s a person’s silhouette filled with bestial energies. Those eyes looked cruel and sanguinary.
That was probably the human form of the mahoraga.
Back then, in the restricted area of the Zi Jin Mountain, Lin Feng had encountered such an animal and it was a Zun level beast. He had died but had left his legacy behind.

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