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PMG Chapter 968: Insane Creatures Think Alike

PMG Chapter 968: Insane Creatures Think Alike
“Young boy, you’re lucky to be able to meet me.” said the animal.
“Humans always consider themselves as better beings than animals, but I don’t agree. That desolate Qi can destroy human beings. No human can swallow desolate Qi. However, I did it. It became my own energy. I don’t fear the Huang Sea because it can’t affect me at all. I can even swim in that sea. Apart from me, those who can cross that sea are human Zun cultivators who rely on their own strength to cross it. but they can’t manage it like me.” said the Zun level beast in a despising way.
“As expected, he’s insane. Imagine that, he can swallow the desolate Qi of the Huang Sea.” whispered Qiong Qi. “But he’s just a futile beast. Even I don’t dare act so arrogant.”
Lin Feng glanced at Qiong Qi. Did he want to die there?
Lin Feng looked at the Zun level beast.
“I could absorb all the Qi, but it disrupted my energies. My bestial consciousness stopped functioning properly as I brought about my own destruction.” said the mahoraga becoming more gentle. He knew that he had made a mistake.
“The desolate Qi destroyed my bestial consciousness. I lost my self-awareness but I need someone to transmit my knowledge to, especially what I learnt about the desolate Qi.” said the beast proudly.
“But, in the end, I managed to swallow the desolate Qi and couldn’t control it. Therefore, my offspring will have to empty its bestial consciousness to absorb the desolate Qi so that it doesn’t mix with anything else.”
“Insane, what an insane ability.” thought Qiong Qi. Absorbing the desolate Qi to replace one’s own Qi?! He was insane. No wonder he had died there. But Qiong Qi also thought that the beast had done more than others because he had dared to do what others hadn’t. He had actually absorbed the desolate Qi and made it his own.
Giving up one’s own energies and replacing them with the desolate Qi… That beast had died because he had played with incredibly dangerous powers.
That Qi wasn’t easy to absorb. A strong Zun level beast had died because of it even.
“Thank me for I am giving you an unprecedented opportunity. If you succeed, you’ll manage to use the desolate Qi and could destroy many people. Of course, if your bestial consciousness isn’t strong enough, don’t even try it. If you can’t or don’t dare, remember to pass on my memories to someone else.” said the voice weakly before it disappeared.
The content of the beast’s bestial consciousness slowly started to flow out. It was as if it was going to disappear.
“You and that beast are quite similar.” Lin Feng said to Qiong Qi. The mahoraga, even after dying, didn’t want the world to forget about him. He wanted to transmit his knowledge, an unprecedented opportunity.
“Bullshit, I have nothing to do with that insane beast.” said Qiong Qi swearing. “But I have to admit that if what he said is possible, it would be great. Bestial consciousness can be used by talented beasts. If human beings could also use godly awareness to absorb the desolate Qi from the sea, they wouldn’t need to be scared of crossing it either.”
Lin Feng nodded. He understood. If the mahoraga had managed to absorb the desolate Qi, he didn’t need to fear the sea anymore.
After staying silent for a few minutes, Lin Feng asked, “How can I use bestial consciousness? Can bestial consciousness only be used by animals?”
“Why do you ask?” asked Qiong Qi surprised.
“I can use bestial strength, so can I use bestial consciousness?” Lin Feng figured.
Qiong Qi stared at Lin Feng. How could he have forgotten that Lin Feng had Ling Long’s precious Qi, on top of that, it was holy celestial energy.
“Are you talking about practicing animal cultivation or are you talking about swallowing desolate energies?” asked Qiong Qi with a serious tone. Lin Feng was insane as well it seemed.
Lin Feng nodded and said, “Ling Long’s Qi is a holy celestial energy. Her bestial consciousness must be incredibly powerful, it is not polluted at all which means that I wouldn’t need to replace that Qi with the desolate Qi, I could directly absorb it.”
“Ling Long’s holy celestial Qi is incredibly powerful.” whispered Qiong Qi. Could Lin Feng do that? Besides, Qiong Qi had an animal body, it was easier for him to swallow the desolate Qi.
“How can you be sure that the desolate energy won’t corrode your body though and then destroy your pure Qi? If your Qi stops working properly, you’ll die just like him.”
“Animal energies and human energies are two seperate things. He was a beast and swallowed the desolate energy which affected his other bestial energies. I’m different, there is nothing else in my bestial consciousness and it has nothing to do with my pure Qi. If I try to use the desolate energy and it affects my body, then I will just have to put it back in my bestial consciousness and stop using it. It won’t affect my human body.” replied Lin Feng. “My actual problem is whether I can use bestial consciousness or not.”
Bestial consciousness could be used by powerful beasts, like godly awareness with human beings. Even though he had Ling Long’s holy celestial Qi, could he use bestial consciousness?
Qiong Qi looked at Lin Feng but didn’t say anything.
“Tell me, is it possible or not?” asked Lin Feng. If Lin Feng couldn’t use bestial consciousness, Qiong Qi would have already insulted him.
Qiong Qi took a deep breath and said, “Human beings and animals all have a soul and a spirit created by the Earth and sky. Their bodies are different though. Human beings practice cultivation in their own way. Animals have their ways too which they inherit from birth. A human being shouldn’t be able to use animal strength, but for you, it’s different because you have Xue Ling Long’s energies. She gave you holy celestial Qi so you have a very pure animal Qi. If your bestial energy is powerful enough, you should be able to condense animal energies and use bestial consciousness.”
“What you mean to say is that it’s possible, right?” said Lin Feng with sharp lights in his eyes.
“People have done that in the past. You wouldn’t be the first one!” said Qiong Qi confirming Lin Feng’s statement.

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