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PMG Chapter 970: Fearless on the Huang Sea

PMG Chapter 970: Fearless on the Huang Sea
Qiong Qi didn’t need to give Lin Feng anymore advice, Lin Feng knew what to do. Lin Feng wasn’t going to play with his own life carelessly. He had put his pure Qi, Buddha, and demonic energies aside in his body so they could remain calm. They couldn’t mix with the desolate Qi, just like the bestial Qi. At the same time, the desolate Qi invaded his whole body and it was very painful. However, Lin Feng’s flesh was strong and he could withstand the pain.
Lin Feng remained motionless as he continued practicing cultivation. He used his spirit and his Tian Xuan stone to understand the desolate Qi even more now. Slowly, his body could withstand the pain much better.
Lin Feng did that for ten days. He slowly absorbed the desolate Qi and made it flow everywhere inside his body. Slowly, his bestial consciousness had its own strength, the strength of the desolate Qi. It could stay there without any problems, it seemed. He still had the same issue as before though, it was difficult for his corporeal body to mix with the desolate Qi.
Lin Feng discovered that the more he understood the desolate Qi with his bestial consciousness, the better his corporeal body could manage the pain. It was strange.

Therefore, the more he understood the desolate Qi, the more his body could resist the energy. It was like his body didn’t consider the desolate Qi as a foreign body anymore.
However, it was increasingly more difficult to understand the desolate energy with each step. Understanding external energies naturally wasn’t easy to do because they originated from outside their own body, and thus, different from the energies a cultivator or a beast already possessed.
Lin Feng continued absorbing desolate Qi and continued walking towards the beach. He was getting so closer to the sea now.
Qiong Qi stopped. Although Lin Feng could tolerate the energy, Qiong Qi couldn’t.
Qiong Qi looked at Lin Feng with some admiration.
“What an incredible guy. He actually succeeded.” thought Qiong Qi. He thought about the mahoraga again. Bestial consciousness was everywhere in a beast’s body so if they absorbed the desolate Qi, they died because it invaded their whole body. Lin Feng was different, his bestial consciousness was just a small part of his body. The most important fact was Lin Feng still had his godly awareness. If someday Lin Feng’s bestial consciousness couldn’t absorb desolate Qi anymore and it spilled over, the consequences would be lethal.
Seven days later, Lin Feng was already five hundred meters away from the sea.
Half a month later, Lin Feng was only two hundred meters away from the sea. The wind made his clothes flutter.
One month later, Lin Feng had both legs in the water and remain straight like a mountain. The desolate Qi was blowing against his body but it didn’t affect him.
Qiong Qi was still sitting there motionlessly watching Lin Feng. Lin Feng had succeeded, he no longer feared the Huang Sea anymore.
At that moment, Lin Feng opened his eyes. He was knee deep in the water. He released desolate Qi which was exactly the same as the Qi of the Huang Sea.
“I can take a few steps in, but I still can’t cross the sea I think. In the depths of the sea, the desolate energy is even more powerful.” thought Lin Feng sighing. Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu were going to start their recruitment process three months later. If Lin Feng didn’t hurry, he would miss the recruitment process.
Lin Ferng took a few quick steps into the sea, which was now up to his belly.
“What are you doing?” asked Qiong Qi alarmed.
“Don’t worry, I can do it.” said Lin Feng without turning around. He continued walking into the sea. Very quickly, he had water up to his neck.
“Bastard!” Lin Feng had almost completely submerged himself in the sea. Qiong Qi was terribly nervous. If Lin Feng couldn’t stand it, he would die without the time to regret.
Lin Feng had completely disappeared in the water now. Qiong Qi couldn’t even sense Lin Feng’s Qi anymore, it was as if he had never been there.
He looked at the sea and was still extremely nervous. Had Lin Feng died? Even most Zun cultivators didn’t actually go that deep into the sea.
After a long time, Qiong Qi still couldn’t see Lin Feng. Had something happened to him?!
“Boom!” At that moment, one kilometer away, a silhouette emerged out of the water and rose up in the air. He was absorbing incredible amounts of desolate Qi with his third eye.
Qiong Qi looked at Lin Feng and then looked at his third eye.
Then, Lin Feng closed his third eye, turned around and looked at Qiong Qi. Lin Feng looked like an animal.
“Emperor, I can swim in the sea as I wish now. I can absorb as much desolate Qi as I want and can hold it in my bestial consciousness.” said Lin Feng smiling like an animal. So many Zun cultivators would be envious. Lin Feng had done it!
“Idiot, be careful not to harm your bestial consciousness!” said Qiong Qi.
“Don’t worry. The more I absorb, the stronger my holy celestial Qi becomes.” shouted Lin Feng excitedly. Desolate Qi was his now. He was fearless.
“It’s Ling Long’s holy celestial spirit.” Qiong Qi thought. If Lin Feng didn’t have Ling Long’s holy celestial Qi, he wouldn’t have been able to do that. Lin Feng had managed to do what the mahoraga hadn’t.
Qiong Qi watched as Lin Feng jumped into the sea again. He disappeared in the water and suddenly appeared somewhere else again. He was swimming in the sea, fearlessly.
Qiong Qi didn’t need to worry about Lin Feng anymore.

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