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PMG Chapter 975: Deadly Silver Wings

PMG Chapter 975: Deadly Silver Wings
Many people wanted to marry the members of the Yang Shi Clan to mix their blood with theirs.

Many people heard about the Xuan Yuan Shi prince. His goal was to marry Yang Zi Ye which made other people feel dispirited. The only way to conquer her heart was to make her fall in love. Using violence or power was impossible it seemed.

Everybody was staring at Lin Feng enviously in the garden around the palace. Yang Zi Ye and Lin Feng seemed quite close when they arrived together.

He was young and handsome, but in the world of cultivation, the most important thing was still strength. Lin Feng had only broken through to the second Tian Qi layer, how could Yang Zi Ye be friends with him?

“Where are you from? I’ve never seen you before.” said the young man with blue clothes while smiling. He was smiling obsequiously.

“His name is Lin Feng so he’s probably from the Lin Clan in the northern part of Ba Huang. I heard that Lin Ruo Tian was the leader of the Lin Clan’s army. Who are you compared to Lin Ruo Tian?” asked someone else. After all, if Lin Feng was friends with Yang Zi Ye, he could only be a member of a rich and powerful family.

Lin Feng remained speechless. He found it funny that there was a Lin Clan in Ba Huang.

“I’m not a member of that clan and I don’t know Lin Ruo Tian.” said Lin Feng shaking his head.

“You’re not?” the crowd was very surprised.

“Are you joking? How did you get to know Yang Zi Ye then?” asked the young man in blue clothes.

“We met accidently while traveling and finished our trip together. Do I have to be a member of the Lin Clan to meet someone while traveling?” said Lin Feng annoyed.

“You’re really not a member of the Lin Clan?” the young men glanced at each others.

“We’ll see if you’re not.” said a young man with silver clothes coldly. He walked forwards and released energies. Two gigantic silver wings appeared and moved towards Lin Feng.

The young man with the silver wings was smiling. Indeed, they would quickly see if Lin Feng was lying or not. If he was a member of the Lin Clan, he would use the special abilities of the Lin Clan.

Lin Feng was surprised, those guys were rough. He had been invited by the Yang Zi Ye and people attacked him as soon as she left him. It seemed like hospitality was different in these settings.

Dazzling silver lights hurt people’s eyes and sharp sounds invaded the atmosphere.

“Slash, slash!” Lin Feng released a sharp sword energy towards the silver wings.

“Kacha!” metallic sounds spread in the air. Lin Feng’s sword energies were destroyed by the silver wings and continued moving towards him.

Lin Feng jumped backwards and the young man with silver clothes smiled coldly. He moved his hands and the silver wings moved towards Lin Feng even faster.

“Your Excellency, I told you I am not a member of the Lin Clan, no need to act that way.” shouted Lin Feng while jumping backwards. The cultivator with silver wings had the strength of the fifth Tian Qi layer.

“If you’re not, then I can kill you.” said the young man with an indifferent smile. His silver lights were dazzling.

If you’re not, then I can kill you?

Lin Feng was furious. He released sword intent which emitted whistling sounds.

“Level seven sword intent!” the crowd was surprised. A cultivator of the second Tian Qi layer had a level seven sword intent, impressive.

“You’re not a member of the Lin Clan.” said the young man with silver clothes. The members of the Lin Clan weren’t sword cultivators. Since Lin Feng had a level seven sword intent, he was a real sword cultivator.

The others thought the same, he wasn’t a member of the Lin Clan.

“Level seven sword intent, so what? You’ll die anyway.” said the attacker coldly. He condensed more silver sword energies and instilled them in his silver wings.

At the same time, he released his spirit, two gigantic dazzling wings. Every part of his body seemed as sharp as a blade.

“Silver wings spirit, fast, sharp, scary.” thought the other young men. Even without using his spirit, that guy could kill Lin Feng, but using his spirit was safer and on top of that, that was a good opportunity to show everyone how strong he was.

Lin Feng was starting to feel nervous, that was a strong spirit. But Lin Feng knew cultivators in Ba Huang Province were even crueler than those from his homeland. He was prepared to see many cultivators with strong spirits.

“Your Excellency, I am a guest here. Attacking me is not very respectful.” said Lin Feng.

The young man smiled and looked at Lin Feng in a despising way, “Do you think they don’t know we’re fighting?”

Lin Feng was astonished. Since the beginning, the Yang Shi Clan knew they were fighting. They were strong and powerful. He had seen Zun cultivators pick up Yang Zi Ye at the door.

The Yang Shi clan didn’t care about such battles because it had nothing to do with them. If Lin Feng got killed, so what? If he was weak, dying was inevitable.

While Lin Feng was fighting, Yang Zi Ye was in a room in the depths of the palace.

An old man was sitting on a throne, he looked at her and asked, “Who’s the young man who came with you?”

“His name is Lin Feng. We met in the middle of the Huang Sea.” said Yang Zi Ye respectfully. She didn’t look as proud as a moment before.

“You had troubles in the middle of the sea, after that we lost contact. What happened?” asked the old man.

“Great grandfather, the pirates chased me, they wanted to kill me. My servants almost all got killed trying to protect me. Later on, two of my servants and I escaped and the boat broke. We ended up on an island and we were stuck there for a few days.”

Yang Zi Ye smiled wryly. It was her fault if the boat had broken. She wouldn’t have thought that the pirates would send Zun cultivators to kill her.

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