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PMG Chapter 976: With Freezing Irony and Burning Satire

PMG Chapter 976: With Freezing Irony and Burning Satire

“The boat broke and you ended up on a island in the middle of nowhere… Zi Ye, how did you manage to come back? Did a powerful group rescue you?” asked the old man coldly. He was furious at the pirates.

“I met Lin Feng. I was alone with the two bodyguards who betrayed me. They wanted to rape and kill me. Lin Feng killed them both and fixed the boat.” said Yang Zi Ye.

The old man frowned. He looked outside with his awareness but surprisingly didn’t care about Lin Feng.

“He’s not an amazing fighter, but he managed to fix the boat, show me the boat.” said the old man.

Yang Zi Ye didn’t know what to say, she remained silent.

“What’s wrong?” asked the old man.

“Lin Feng fixed the boat and saved me but in exchange, he wanted to keep the boat.” said Yang Zi Ye in a low voice.

The old man frowned and suddenly looked angry.

“How dare he steal our items?”

“Great grandfather, that boat was broken, I didn’t care about it anymore and I was stuck on the island. Lin Feng managed to fix it and save me, giving him that wrecked boat is not big deal when you look at it that way.” explained Yang Zi Ye.

“Hmph, why did he come here with you?” asked the old man coldly.

“I… don’t know.” said Yang Zi Ye shaking her head.

“Everybody wants to marry you to mix their blood with ours. You’re extremely beautiful. In the northern part of Ba Huang Province, everybody is interested in you.” the old man reminded her.

Yang Zi Ye remained silent. Lin Feng had saved her but he had obtained a boat, that was great already. Now, he had come with her to her clan, why?

“Great grandfather, he saved me after all. Give him the boat and a few abstruse crystals, I owe him that at the very least.” said Yang Zi Ye.

“Zi Ye, you are too generous.” said a young man coming inside. That young man was handsome and looked like Yang Zi Ye.

It was her elder brother, Yang Zi Lan.

The old man looked at Yang Zi Lan and smiled, “Zi Lan, Zi Ye is right, since he saved Zi Ye, we can’t let anything happen to him. Give him some abstruse crystals and ask him to leave.”

“Great grandfather, I understand.” said Yang Zi Lan. He looked at Yang Zi Ye and said, “Zi Ye, let’s go.”

“Alright.” the siblings left and saw the young man with the silver wings. He wanted to kill Lin Feng.

“Brother Jun Luo, stop.” said Yang Zi Lan. He turned around and recalled his spirit.

“You’re lucky, if Zi Lan hadn’t intervened, I would have killed you.” said the young man mockingly.

Lin Feng nodded at Yang Zi Ye. He had saved Yang Zi Ye and brought her back home, safe and sound. He had helped her a lot. However, being friends with her seemed too inconvenient. It was better for him to leave.

Yang Zi Ye acted as if she hadn’t seen Lin Feng at all which made Lin Feng’s smile turn rigid.

“Brother Lin, I’ve heard about you. Thank you for helping my little sister. You can consider the boat as a gift, besides, here are a few abstruse crystals as a gift. Thank you.”

Yang Zi Lan gave a ring to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was surprised, but took the ring. He felt uncomfortable. The boat could be considered as a gift as well?

What did he mean by “considered”? Lin Feng had fixed the boat, could he give it back after fixing it? Could he have brought Yang Zi Ye back if he hadn’t fixed it?

Besides, what were those crystals about? Were they asking him to leave?

Yang Zi Ye looked cold and detached, even emotionless. Lin Feng understood.

“Brother Zi Lan, what is that boat story about?” asked someone.

Zi Lan smiled indifferently and said, “My little sister was in danger in the middle of the Huang Sea, Brother Lin helped her, but asked for her boat in exchange. He also brought her back home, safe and sound. We can’t be mean to him, so the boat and the abstruse crystals are a gift to express our gratefulness.”

“Hehe, I see. That’s empathy, helping people and stealing their items.” said the young man in silver clothes mockingly.

“He came here only to steal the items of the Yang Clan.” said all the young men mockingly. Lin Feng looked at Yang Zi Ye and said, “Is that what you think or is that what he thinks?”

Yang Zi Ye looked at him and said, “Lin Feng, thank you for having taken me back. Please take the abstruse crystals and leave.”

“Hehe, I understand.” said Lin Feng. He felt ridiculous for acting so nice. He threw the ring away and said, “You can keep your abstruse crystals.” Yang Zi Lan caught the ring with the crystals.

Then, he frowned and said, “If that’s not enough, tell me what else you need.”

“Nothing.” said Lin Feng indifferently.

“Hmph, are those crystals not enough for having saved my sister? Could it be that you’re a bit too greedy!” said Yang Zi Lan while groaning coldly.

“So you think your sister’s life is worth a few abstruse crystals? How ridiculous.” said Lin Feng indifferently. He turned around and left.

“I hope that if I’m in trouble someday, you’ll be there to help. I’m leaving for now, I hope you don’t mind.”

“Brother Lin, we don’t mind you leaving but please accept the abstruse crystals. Refusing a gift is impolite.” said Yang Zi Lan. Who was Lin Feng to ask them if a life was worth a few crystals?

Yang Zi Lan threw the ring at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng suddenly turned around, condensed Qi in his hand and grabbed the ring. He looked at Yang Zi Ye and her brother and said, “Alright then, I’ll take it. I’m off now.”

After that, Lin Feng disappeared in the crowd.

Yang Zi Lan looked at Lin Feng coldly. After a few minutes, he calmed down, smiled at the crowd and said, “Let’s be happy, everyone.”

“Zi Lan, you’re too nice. You even gave him abstruse crystals.”

“Hehe, he helped Zi Ye after all. Now, he’s got her boat too, I’m not happy about that.” said Yang Zi Lan indifferently.

The young men looked at him. Yang Zi Lan continued, “Zi Ye loved her boat… What a pity.”

“Brother, I have something to do. See you later.” said the young man with blue clothes as he left.

“Me too. Let’s go together.” said the young man with silver clothes. Very quickly, the young men left.

Yang Zi Lan smiled in a cold way.

“Brother, what are you doing…” said Yang Zi Lan. The young men were all smart. They knew what Yang Zi Lan wanted. Now Lin Feng was in danger.

“Zi Ye, he doesn’t care about you, why would we need to be polite?” said Yang Zi Lan. Then, he sat down on a stone bench and said coldly, “How could he steal our treasures?”

He looked furious.

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