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PMG Chapter 977: Yan Di Going Insane

PMG Chapter 977: Yan Di Going Insane

Lin Feng felt relieved as he arrived outside.

He had Qiong Qi come out. Qiong Qi glanced around and smiled, “What? Are you going through hard times?”

“You told me not to go there. Did you know what was going to happen?” asked Lin Feng.

“You just need to use your brain. In this world, if you’re weak, nobody respects you. You’re not as strong as those people. Even if you saved Yang Zi Ye, going in with her was a mistake. People will think you expect something from them. On top of that, you already had her boat.”

whispered Qiong Qi. Lin Feng was too naive. He didn’t expect anything from her, he just wanted to be friends and go to Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu with her. What was the problem? Lin Feng didn’t understand.

In the world of cultivation, weak cultivators were bullied. Only the strong were respected.

“You should have explained those things to me earlier.” said Lin Feng.

“You’re still growing up. You have to learn from your mistakes.” said Qiong Qi.

“What if I had died? Are you not worried about me?”

“Impossible. You saved Yang Zi Ye, that’s a fact. You were perfectly safe there. They wouldn’t attack you themselves or let people kill you. If they wanted to kill you, they would do it secretly.”

“You’re mean, Emperor.” said Lin Feng. Qiong Qi was old and smart. He knew more things than him.

“Call me Yan Di.” said Qiong Qi.

Lin Feng looked at him and remembered that he was an emperor who had turned into an old beast. Letting Qiong Qi act arrogantly and proud was the least he could do.

“Hmph…” Qiong Qi sighed and said, “Some people are following you.”

“I know, not just one or two.” said Lin Feng. How shameless. He saved Yang Zi Ye and now they were chasing him. What did they want? To kill him?

Lin Feng ran to the city center of Tian Yuan City very quickly. Many people sensed the wind from his quick movements.

The ones chasing Lin Feng were fast as well. Five people were following him and they weren’t trying to hide. Lin Feng could sense their energies. They were implicitly telling him that they weren’t scared.

Besides, those people were all stronger than him. Lin Feng wasn’t running at full speed so those young men could easily catch up with him if they wanted, but they didn’t. They kept a distance between him and them.

“They are waiting until you end up in a place where there aren’t too many people. Don’t do something stupid. When you see a big crowd, stop there.” said Qiong Qi. He understood what those kind of people thought.

“Alright.” nodded Lin Feng. He then ran towards a crowd.

After a short time, Lin Feng arrived on a public square. There were many palaces and people were everywhere.

“This looks like a good spot.” said Lin Feng with a smile.

Those who were following him frowned. They arrived in the crowd too and released energies to oppress Lin Feng.

“Die.” the one with silver clothes moved very quickly and arrived in front of Lin Feng. He opened his silver wings and attacked.

“Bzzz!” Lin Feng moved back with the wind.

However, the silver wings reached him and tore apart his clothes.

Lin Feng stopped. They wanted to kill him as quickly as possible.

There were people everywhere, but they didn’t care, they just glanced at them. Battles in the middle of the street were normal in Tian Yuan City.

“Was it the Yang Clan who sent you to kill me to prevent secrets from being disclosed?” shouted Lin Feng furiously. Everybody heard him in the public square.

Yang Clan?

Prevent secrets from being disclosed?

What Yang Clan was Lin Feng talking about? There was only one Yang Clan in Tian Yuan City, the Yang Shi Clan.

Lin Feng’s question drew many people’s attention. Was he really talking about the Yang Clan from Tian Yuan City? How could the Yang Clan send people to kill a cultivator of the second Tian Qi layer?

“Chou Jun Luo, that Chou Jun Luo from the Chou Clan. He’s been interested in Yang Zi Ye for a long time.” said someone who recognized the young man with silver clothes. Many people were whispering.

“That’s Jiang Ning, he was staying at the Yang’s these days.” said some people who also recognized the young man with blue clothes. Many people recognized those five young men. They belonged to large and rich families. Even though their clans weren’t as strong as the Yang Clan, they were rich and powerful. However, why were those five strong cultivators chasing a cultivator of the second Tian Qi layer?

“Bzzz!” A silver light flickered and a fireball exploded.

“Roasted wings, my new specialty.” said Qiong Qi spitting out a fireball at the silver wings.

“Slash, slash…” the silver wings were burning from Qiong Qi’s flames and started melting.

“I’ll increase the temperature.” said Qiong Qi with a cold smile and spat out more flames.

Chou Jun Luo was fearless, he ran forwards as if the fire couldn’t harm him.

But at that moment, he frowned, a dark red fire appeared which contained a terrifying strength.

“Piss off!” The silver wings moved towards the dark red fire, however, crackling sounds spread in the air as the silver wings burnt even more rapidly. The fire continued moving towards him.

Chou Jun Luo frowned and ran back. At the same time, Qiong Qi swallowed his fire back. The fire disappeared as if it never existed.

“Eh?” the crowd was surprised. A Tian level beast had made Chou Jun Luo flinch. Even though Qiong Qi was only a Tian level beast, his fire was incredible, especially that dark red fire. Was that fire his own?

Ancient beasts were, as expected, very strong.

“You’re all annoying. My buddy just had fun with a girl, why try to kill him?” said Qiong Qi. The crowd was astonished.

Chou Jun Luo was petrified too, had fun with a girl?

“Bastard!” Lin Feng was angry and swore at Qiong Qi using telepathy.

“I’m helping you. You saved a girl because you’re a nice guy and people want to kill you because of that? We should make them even angrier. You’re furious, I’m furious too.” said Qiong Qi. Lin Feng was furious indeed.

If those people had just insulted him, no problem, but those people are shameless. He saved a young woman and they tried to kill him!

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