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PMG Chapter 979: Silver Wings Battle

PMG Chapter 979: Silver Wings Battle
 Lin Feng’s laugh pierced through people’s eardrums. Yang Zi Lan wasn’t smiling anymore though, he was furious.

“The Yang Clan is quite shameless. How could they do such a thing?” whispered many people. Lin Feng had saved Yang Zi Ye and now, the Yang Clan wanted to kill him.

“But he’s ungrateful too, why would he take their items, especially a precious boat? Even if the boat was broken, I don’t think the Yang Clan would have given it to him.” people were whispering and gossiping. The Yang Clan was prestigious in the Ba Huang Province. People respected and admired them. Even though he had rescued Yang Zi Ye, taking their boat wasn’t a good idea.

“In the world of strong cultivators, it’s always better to be careful.” sighed some people. Lin Feng had been careless. He had saved Yang Zi Ye because he was nice, but he hadn’t planned the rest wisely.

“Brother Lin, what are you talking about? You misunderstood us so how can you talk that way?” said Yang Zi Lan. Everybody knew Lin Feng was right, but at the same time, they thought that offending the Yang Clan wasn’t a good idea.

Lin Feng was going to talk, but Qiong Qi talked first, “Is that so?”

“Since we misunderstood you and since you want to show us your gratefulness for having saved Yang Zi Ye, then I think that a ring with a thousand abstruse crystals and a map of the northern part of Ba Huang Province would be fair.”

Qiong Qi smiled coldly, but everybody else was speechless. How audacious. A thousand abstruse crystals? That was extremely expensive, however, for the Yang Clan, that wasn’t too much.

Lin Feng smiled indifferently. Indeed, Yang Zi Lan kept trying to find excuses, now he could pay for his excuses.

“What? You said it yourself, you’re very grateful. Unless you think your sister’s life is north worth a thousand abstruse crystals?” continued Qiong Qi. Yang Zi Lan started shaking from the anger.

His eyes twinkled, but he smiled and said, “What do think, Brother Lin?”

“I think it’s fair, if you give us the abstruse crystals and the map, you won’t owe us anything anymore.” said Lin Feng indifferently.

“Alright. Take the map first.” said Yang Zi Lan throwing a jade ring to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng took it and then Yang Zi Lan continued, “I don’t have a thousand abstruse crystals, I need to go back to the clan to get them. Wait for me here.”

“How long?” asked Qiong Qi coldly.

Yang Zi Lan was getting angrier and angrier, he glanced at Qiong Qi and said, “Two hours.”

“If you haven’t made your way back by then, we will come to the conclusion that you didn’t come back on purpose and that all you just said were empty words.” said Qiong Qi coldly.

“Alright. I’ll be back.” said Yang Zi Lan. He then turned to Yang Zi Ye, “Zi Ye, come with me.”

Then, both of them left.

After they left, Chou Jun Luo and the others walked towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng glanced at them, then he glanced at the siblings who were leaving and thought, “How shameless. If you come back in two hours and that your friends haven’t killed me, I wonder how you’ll react.”

Everybody understood what was going on. Yang Zi Lan was just looking for an excuse to give Chou Jun Luo and the others time to kill Lin Feng, that’s all. Otherwise, why would he have asked Yang Zi Ye to come back with him?

If a member of the Yang Clan had stayed, Chou Jun Luo and the others wouldn’t be able to kill Lin Feng. That would show that they were ungrateful. Even though everybody perfectly knew that it was an excuse and that Yang Zi Lan was just pretending, at least, the Yang Clan could still pretend they didn’t know.

“Master Yang just left, what are you guys doing?” asked Lin Feng with a cold smile.

“We don’t care. It has nothing to do with the Yang Clan. You and your animal humiliated us, we’ll teach you a lesson now.” said Chou Jun Luo releasing silver energies again.

“You still need more excuses?” said Lin Feng. He then added, “You’re rich and noble disciples and yet act like slaves for other people. You’re nothing more than animals. Come and attack, all of you at the same time.”

“Ridiculous, I don’t need any help to kill a cultivator of the second Tian Qi layer.” said Chou Jun Luo in a despising way. He then said to the others, “Look at me guys. I’ll teach you how to end a life in just a second.”

“That guy is trash, Brother Jun Luo can take care of it. Let’s watch.” said the others.

“Kill him, I’ve never seen such an arrogant cultivator of the second Tian Qi layer. Ridiculous.” They all despised Lin Feng. Was it that easy to kill Lin Feng though?

Chou Jun Luo looked at Lin Feng and said coldly, “I’ve rarely seen such idiots. If he wants to bring about his own destruction, then I’ll help him.”

Then, Chou Jun Luo released even more dazzling energies towards Lin Feng.

“Killing you is as easy as crushing an ant.” Chou Jun Luo raised his hand and sharp silver wings appeared.

As Chou Jun Luo attacked, Lin Feng released his own sharp, ice-cold energies.

Lin Feng seemed like he was unsheathing a sword.

“Die.” said Chou Jun Luo. His wings appeared in front of Lin Feng.

“Slash, slash!” whistling sounds spread in the air. A sword appeared in front of Lin Feng and energies rolled in the air.

The sound of the sword colliding with the wings made metallic ring. At the same time, Chou Jun Luo released his spirit. Thousands of sharp silver lights shot towards Lin Feng. The atmosphere seemed to be riddled with gaping wounds.

“Silver wings spirit, it’s so powerful.” thought the crowd gasping with amazement. But the lights hurt their eyes as they could barely look. People who were too close were even suffocating.

“Boom boom boom!” the silver lights crashed onto the sword. The sword stayed there though, it was becoming even more dazzling.

“Kacha!” More metallic sounds were heard. Chou Jun Luo flapped his silver wings and appeared in front of Lin Feng. He looked at Lin Feng in a despising way and said, “You’re an insect, the world will be better off with you dead, so die!”

He flapped his wings and lights emerged from his wings spirit and moved towards Lin Feng.

“Your cultivation level is higher than mine, is that you acting proud?” said said Lin Feng coldly. The Earth and sky became cold as snowflakes started floating around. Lin Feng released bestial Qi and suddenly looked like a beast.

“Empty Space Bestial Illusion Technique!” said Lin Feng in a deep voice. In a flash, he disappeared and a snowy path in front of him.

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