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PMG Chapter 981: Blood Strength

PMG Chapter 981: Blood Strength
“You can attack together, if you want, that’d be better!” Jiang Ning was speechless. Lin Feng was asking them to attack together. If two cultivators of the fifth Tian Qi layer fought against a cultivator of the second Tian Qi layer, that would be a complete humiliation for them.

The silver wings cultivator had already lost face. He had used his spirit, which counted as a special attack and hadn’t managed to kill Lin Feng. Lin Feng understood empty space spells and had demon seal stones. Killing Lin Feng wasn’t so easy.

“Kacha!” a sound spread in the air. Chou Jun Luo was trying to flap his wings, but Lin Feng smiled coldly and walked forwards. He coldly looked at the wings.

Lin Feng shook his hand and a stone appeared. That stone became bigger and bigger, like a mountain, on Lin Feng’s hand.

The crowd was surprised again. Another treasure? Was Lin Feng going to use that stone to crush Chou Jun Luo?

A strong wind started blowing. The crowd sensed the strength Lin Feng was condensing in the stone. It contained the strength of the Earth and sky.

Lin Feng raised his Tian Xuan stone and calmly sensed the energies inside of it. The strength of the Earth and sky were very mysterious.

Lin Feng’s robe violently fluttered in the wind. Lin Feng then took the three demon seal stones back from the silver wings.

“Kacha, kacha!” Chou Jun Luo opened his wings again and saw Lin Feng above him. He was in the air and was smiling at him in a bestial way with a mountain in his hand. Lin Feng continued walking towards him, the strength of the mountain was already oppressing him.

He could barely move his wings.

“Boom boom boom!” Things looked bad for Chou Jun Luo.

“Just try and dodge!” shouted Lin Feng. Fissures appeared in the ground as the Tian Xuan stone fell from the sky.

“Kacha, boom boom boom!” An explosion sounded as the mountain fell on the silver wings. The ground exploded and a gigantic crater appeared, fissures appeared all around and covered a huge distance.

Observers jumped away to avoid falling in the valley-like fissures. There was a gigantic hole where Chou Jun Luo was before.

Lin Feng rose up in the air, still holding his stone. He coldly looked at the crater. There was no sound coming from the hole.

Jiang Ning and the others were wondering where their friends was. Was he okay?

A silver light appeared and streaked across the sky. Chou Jun Luo then appeared.

His wings were wide open, his clothes were completely torn apart, and he was soaked in blood.

Chou Jun Luo stared at Lin Feng with murder in his eyes.

“Your wings are really solid.” said Lin Feng coldly. Chou Jun Luo was beat up, but his wings didn’t seem hurt.

“I will kill you.” said Chou Jun Luo. Lin Feng frowned and smiled, “You’ve been saying that the whole time. Let’s try again.”

“I will show you what strength is. Strength is when you don’t rely on treasures to fight.” said Chou Jun Luo. Suddenly, he released blood strength like a furious ocean.

“What an incredible blood strength.” thought the crowd. A strong wind started blowing and emitted whistling sounds. Chou Jun Luo was suddenly surrounded by a very sharp Qi.

He opened his silver wings again and started flapping them very quickly. His wings created a wind that blew hundreds of meters around.

His spirit was extremely powerful thanks to his blood strength.

“Back, get back now!” shouted many people while running away.

Chou Jun Luo was furious. Lin Feng, a cultivator of the second Tian Qi layer, had humiliated him and even injured him. He was covered with blood now.

Lin Feng looked at him indifferently.

“That’s blood strength. Cultivators who had strong parents have a better blood than others, and de facto, a better spirit. Killing ordinary people of the same level is easy with a good blood strength. With everything I’ve learnt, killing ordinary people of the fifth Tian Qi layer is easy, but Chou Jun Luo is no ordinary cultivator.” thought Lin Feng sensing the strong wind.

Lin Feng could kill Chou Jun Luo if he used his full strength, but there were some tricks he couldn’t use easily or carelessly. He had just arrived in Ba Huang Province. If he didn’t have any problems with the Yang Clan, he wouldn’t have gotten himself into this mess.

Lin Feng had saved Yang Zi Ye and now people wanted to kill him, he had no choice but to fight.

The crowd looked at Lin Feng. They didn’t know who he was or where he was from, but he was a good fighter. Lin Feng looked like a beast, his robe was fluttering in the wind, and his Qi was incredible. He was a real genius. However, what could he do against Chou Jun Luo’s blood strength now?

“You have some demon seal stones, unfortunately for you, they will become mine now.” said Chou Jun Luo. His wind was became even stronger. Lin Feng shook his hand and snowflakes appeared again. He was using his Empty Space Bestial Illusion Technique again.

“You have only broken through to the second Tian Qi layer, your illusion spells can’t handle my attack.” said Chou Jun Luo. “Besides, even if I can’t break it, I don’t think you can hold out for that long.”

Lin Feng smiled in a bestial way and said, “You’re very confident. Illusion spells can be broken, but I don’t think you can break mine.”

Lin Feng used Ling Long’s holy celestial Qi to cast the illusion spell this time, Chou Jun Luo couldn’t break it.

On top of that, holding the spell for two hours wasn’t a problem for him. But, he need to hide the whole time anyways. Chou Jun Luo was too confident in himself.

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