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PMG Chapter 983: Treading On

PMG Chapter 983: Treading On

Chou Jun Luo’s wind was being destroyed by Lin Feng’s sword.

“What a high level sword.” thought Chou Jun Luo. There were mysterious marks on the sword which seemed to be protecting Lin Feng.

“Die!” shouted Lin Feng in a deep voice. A dazzling dragon appeared in the middle of that wind.

Chou Jun Luo flapped his wings even faster, but the wind faded immediately in the middle of that starlight.

“Bzzz!” Chou Jun Luo jumped back and released a silver light to block the sword lights. However, the sword lights were faster. His silver light turned into two beautiful glimmers.

“Silver wings!” Chou Jun Luo’s facial expression changed drastically. He added even more blood strength to his attack. He condensed his wind energies, trying to protect himself. He closed his wings to wrap himself up in them.

“Slash, slash!” Explosion sounded as his protective layer was broken. There were cracks everywhere in those wings.

“Argh!” Blood appeared on his wings and Chou Jun Lui was looking desperate.

“Slash, slash!” The sword lights were slowly breaking Chou Jun Luo’s wings spirit. Finally, it disappeared. Chou Jun Luo, wrapped up in his wings, and soaked in blood, fell from the sky. He fell to the ground with a loud thud.

Lin Feng came out from the silver wind and didn’t have his Tian Ji Sword out anymore. The crowd looked at Lin Feng. Then, they looked at Chou Jun Luo on the ground.

“What’s going on?” Lin Feng wasn’t dead and Chou Jun Luo had collapsed?

How had Lin Feng done that? He had only broken through to the second Tian Qi layer..

Jiang Ning and the others were dumbstruck. They knew how strong Chou Jun Luo was and his incredible silver wings spirit. However, he hadn’t managed to kill Lin Feng, he wasn’t even able to hurt him! It seemed like he had almost died. If he hadn’t protected himself with his blood strength, he would be dead right now.

Lin Feng looked at the silver wings covered with blood and swore. Those wings were really solid! That was a hard battle.

Lin Feng landed on the wings and stomped on them, pushing him into the ground. The crowd shivered.

Lin Feng was stepping on a cultivator of the fifth Tian Qi layer who possessed a powerful blood spirit. The crowd could only imagine how humiliating and infuriating that would be.

“You make other people feel weak. You think you can easily kill anyone. But you see? I’m stepping on your friend. Does anyone else want to try me as well?” said Lin Feng mockingly, looking at Jiang Ning and the others.

Jiang Ning said nothing. He previously thought it would be easy to kill Lin Feng, Yang Zi Lan thought the same. That’s why he had said he would come back two hours later. That was a safe bet to kill Lin Feng. Now, their two hours were almost up.

Not only had Lin Feng survived, but now he was standing on top of Chou Jun Luo.

“Little boy, move. He insulted me too. I need to teach him a lesson as well.” said Qiong Qi.

Lin Feng rolled his eyes. Qiong Qi liked to push it.

Lin Feng moved away. Qiong Qi smiled coldly while looking at those bleeding wings. He said mockingly, “You thought you’d be safe wrapped up in your wings? Let’s have some roasted wings for lunch.”

He opened his mouth and spat out fire and the blood on the wings started boiling.
The fire was getting hotter and hotter.

Qiong Qi’s eyes were twinkling as he made fun of Chou Jun Luo.

Lin Feng raised his head and said, while gazing into the distance, “It’s been two hours already.”

Lin Feng barely finished talking before two silhouettes appeared in the distance, Yang Zi Lan and his sister.

Yang Zi Lan was smiling when he arrived, but his smile turned rigid when he saw Chou Jun Luo’s wings burning on the ground.

Lin Feng hadn’t died and on top of that, he was humiliating Chou Jun Luo.

“Brother Lin, what’s going on?” said Yang Zi Lan coldly.

“Give me the abstruse crystals, you’re late.” said Lin Feng ignoring Yang Zi Lan’s question. Yang Zi Lan couldn’t say anything. Qiong Qi was getting his revenge. He could only give Lin Feng the crystals he owed him.

Yang Zi Lan remained silent and took out a ring. He threw at Lin Feng and said, “You can count them. There should be a thousand.”

“A thousand.” the crowd was envious.

Lin Feng examined the content of the ring and counted the crystals.

“Brother Lin, what are you doing?” said Yang Zi Lan. He was furious when he saw Lin Feng count the crystals, “Don’t you trust me?!”

“You’re right, I don’t trust you at all.” said Lin Feng laughing. He put all the crystals in his own ring and threw the other ring away on the ground.

“You’re shameless and not trustworthy. We all saw untrustworthy you were with your two hours. No need to keep pretending now.” said Lin Feng with a resplendent smile. “Don’t tell me that you didn’t say you’d come back two hours later just to give them time to kill me. You didn’t want to give me those abstruse crystals. You were thinking, oh, Lin Feng should die for asking me for abstruse crystals. You intended to go home and stay there not to lose face while your friends killed me. Anyways, thank you for your crystals!”

“Brother Lin, there are some things which are better to keep to yourself.” said Yang Zi Lan.

“No need to threaten me. Even since I brought your sister back, you’ve wanted to kill me. I don’t know why, maybe because you wanted to have your boat back. Now your plan is ruined. I can’t do anything against your clan anyway, I can only say a few words. I don’t like people like you.”

“And you Miss Yang!” said Lin Feng looking at Yang Zi Ye. He smiled indifferently and said, “You helped me in the past so I helped you too. I came to the Yang Clan because I wanted to be friends with you. After all, we’ve gone through hardships together on the Huang Sea. Unfortunately, you made me understand that we belong to two different worlds. As my social status isn’t as high as yours, we can’t be friends. Thank you, now I’m off.”

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