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PMG Chapter 984: Talented Cultivators

PMG Chapter 984: Talented Cultivators
After that, Lin Feng and Qiong Qi left.

Yang Zi Ye looked at Lin Feng. She regretted what had happened. She hadn’t known Lin Feng for long now, but in that little time she found him to be brave and honest. Lin Feng wasn’t interested in her blood strength at all, unlike what her brother had said. If Lin Feng really harbored evil intentions, he would have raped and killed her in the middle of the sea. He didn’t need to take her back.

However, she regretted what happened for only a few seconds. She remembered she had a high social status and that her clan was rich and powerful. She didn’t need to be friends with someone like Lin Feng. This time, Lin Feng had won, but her brother wouldn’t let him off so easily. Lin Feng would die soon. She shouldn’t regret being friends with someone who was going to die soon.

She would regret it if, someday, Lin Feng had a higher social status than her, but that day would never come.

Yang Zi Lan calmed down. He didn’t chase Lin Feng.

“You helped Zi Ye and we paid you back for that. However, you’re going to pay for what you did to the Yang Clan.” said Yang Zi Lan. Lin Feng couldn’t hear that but everybody around heard. They needed a reason to kill Lin Feng.

“Next time we see each other, you’ll die.” said Yang Zi Lan coldly. He looked at the crowd and said, “If you bring his corpse back to the Yang Clan, we will give you a woman from the clan so that you can mix your blood with ours.”

The crowd suddenly looked very interested.

Blood strength was very useful. Chou Jun Luo had demonstrated how useful it could be. If he hadn’t used his blood strength, he would have died.

After that, many people rose up in the air and started chasing Lin Feng. Even if they had compassion for Lin Feng, they still wanted to kill him. Having a woman from the Yang Clan was too tempting.

They couldn’t catch up with Lin Feng though. Lin Feng was using his boat to fly across Tian Yuan City..

“I helped you confront those people. How do you intend to thank me?” said Qiong Qi nonchalantly.

“Except at the end when you spat out fire at that guy, you didn’t do much.” said Lin Feng. “You’re lucky you have that void fire. You haven’t really used your fire in a battle yet, I wish I had seen you fight that guy.”

“It wouldn’t be a problem to burn you alive, you know.” said Qiong Qi.

“Why don’t you fight? If you battle more, you’ll probably become stronger.” said Lin Feng. Qiong Qi was becoming stronger much faster than Lin Feng even though he didn’t fight. Was he slowly assimilating the void fire?

“I’m an emperor. It’s normal for me to become stronger faster. Why don’t I fight? It’s because I don’t need to. I want you to become stronger so you need to fight. Strong people humiliate you all the time right now. Back in my day, such people were nobodies. If, someday, you become stronger, those people will never humiliate you again. That girl would have even offered herself to you. She wouldn’t look at you in such an indifferent way.” said Qiong Qi looking at the sky. Qiong Qi had a way avoiding questions.

“I would be curious to see their face if I became really strong.” said Lin Feng laughing. He then said to Qiong Qi, “This boat is extremely useful. If we don’t want to fight we can easily run away.”

“Enough with the nonsense, if you’re truly in danger, I’ll help you.” said Qiong Qi proudly.

“You could die too though!” said Lin Feng while kicking him. Qiong Qi roared and spat out flames.


A cold wind started blowing in a small village in the northern part of Ba Huang Province. A boat appeared in the air. Qiong Qi opened his eyes and had a strange facial expression on his face.

“Little boy, wake up.” Qiong Qi shouted. Lin Feng opened his eyes and glanced at Qiong Qi. There were holes in Lin Feng’s clothes from the flames on Qiong Qi’s body. “How come it’s so cold.” asked Lin Feng confused.

“Look at the map. Where are we?” said Qiong Qi. Lin Feng nodded and took out the jade stone with the map. The northern part of Ba Huang Province appeared in his head.

Lin Feng said, “We’re in Black Crow Village, not far from where we want to go. Three more days left to travel.” said Lin Feng. Their destination was the place where Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu were organizing the recruitment process.

“Black Crow Village!” Qiong Qi’s eyes were twinkling. “It’s an ancient village where many talented cultivators reside. Put the boat away.”

“Many talented cultivators?” Lin Feng obeyed.

He jumped on Qiong Qi’s back and they flew down. Of course, they weren’t as fast as the boat.

“Why do I feel so cold?” asked Lin Feng. “Do the strong cultivators of the village release ice Qi?”

“No, it’s an ancient town. No strong cultivator can release ice energy on the streets like this.” replied Qiong Qi. Lin Feng didn’t understand.

“Little boy, good things are happening. Look above you.” said Qiong Qi. A silhouette passed in front of the bright moon and landed in a pitch-black place.

Lin Feng was surprised. Another silhouette passed in front of the moon and landed, just like the first one.

Qiong Qi looked at the moon. More silhouettes appeared and landed. Lin Feng was feeling colder and colder.

“Are they human beings?” asked Lin Feng.

“I don’t know.” said Qiong Qi shaking his head. The wind was blowing as more silhouettes passed in front of the moon and then disappeared.

“How fast.” thought Lin Feng. They seemed to be as fast as his boat. They were probably high level Zun cultivators.

It seemed like Qiong Qi was right. There were many strong cultivators living there.

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