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PMG Chapter 985: Dragon Chant In the Middle of Nigh

PMG Chapter 985: Dragon Chant In the Middle of Nigh

“It seems like something is happening here.” thought Qiong Qi, seemingly excited.

“Qiong Qi likes it when unusual things happen.” thought Lin Feng. Qiong Qi simply thought of such things as opportunities.

“Brother, what was that shadow? It looked scary.” said someone at that moment. The voice came from behind Lin Feng. Lin Feng turned around.

Lin Feng recognized the two people behind him.

A handsome young man and a beautiful young woman. Their Qi was incredible.

“Brother Hua!” said Lin Feng. The other one was surprised. He glanced at Lin Feng but didn’t recognize him. Then, Hua Zhang Feng looked at Qiong Qi and suddenly looked very surprised.

“Brother Lin?” He knew Lin Feng with his other face.

“Indeed.” said Lin Feng nodding. Hua Zhang Feng was very surprised.

“Brother Lin, I knew you’d come to Ba Huang Province, but I didn’t imagine that we’d meet here.” said Hua Zhang Feng smiling wholeheartedly. They had met in Gan Yu so meeting in a village in Ba Huang Province was a coincidence. After Lin Feng left the great sect meeting, he had heard a lot about Lin Feng. He hadn’t thought the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect would organize a meeting to kill the young man he had befriended.

“What a coincidence. Where are you going, Brother Hua?” asked Lin Feng.

“Here. Black Crow Village.” said Hua Zhang Feng. Lin Feng was surprised. Was something happening in that small village?

“Brother Lin, I heard about what happened in Tian Chi. You’re amazing. You cut off the Xiao Sect patriarch’s arm and forced an entire army to run away. It’s a pity that I couldn’t witness that.” said Hua Zhang Feng laughing. He hadn’t participated in the battle of Tian Chi because Yu Xiao and Prince Tian Lin were there.

“Don’t mention it.” said Lin Feng laughing.

“Don’t mention it?” Hua Zhang Feng laughed. Lin Feng had caused so many troubles at the great sect meeting, then he had killed so many strong cultivators from Gan Yu. Then, he disappeared in the middle of the crowd again. He had cast an illusion spell, disrupted the great sect meeting, injured so many people… Hua Zhang Feng hadn’t forgotten about Lin Feng.

“By the way, Brother Hua, how come there are so many strong cultivators in Black Crow Village? Is anything happening?” asked Lin Feng.

“I know a few things about what is going on. There are many strong cultivators here, a few of my fellow disciples intended to join as well. Are you interested too?” said Hua Zhang Feng smiling.

“I need to know what’s going on before I can be interested.”

“Some people heard dragon chants in the middle of the night.” said Hua Zhang Feng. It wasn’t a secret, many people had heard about that.

“Dragon chants in the middle of the night?” Lin Feng asked. Dragons were considered as extremely rare and powerful beasts in the cultivation world.

According to legends, dragons had the same status as emperors in the animal world.

“Can we be sure that they were dragon chants?” said Lin Feng.

“Many people heard the dragon chants at night, we’re quite sure.” said Hua Zhang Feng. “Besides, everybody knows where they came from.”

“Everybody knows where they come from?” Lin Feng didn’t know. Was a dragon going to appear? No wonder so many strong cultivators had come.

“My fellow disciples and I came here out of curiosity because it’s on our way. Strong cultivators came here as well, some of my fellow disciples are extremely strong too. I’m not much use here.” said Hua Zhang Feng laughing. He could only observe if a dragon appeared.

Lin Feng nodded and remembered Hua Zhang Feng was also an imperial cultivation disciple. He was probably from another part of Ba Huang Province.

“Brother Lin, look over there.” said Hua Zhang Feng pointing at something. Lin Feng gazed into the distance and saw a tower.

“That’s the Black Crow Tower, it attracts many crows, hence the name. There’s black water all around it which contains desolate Qi, I don’t know why. To get to the Black Crow Tower, you have to cross that water. The dragon chants are coming from that tower.” said Hua Zhang Feng. Lin Feng was surprised. There was desolate Qi in the water?

“The Huang Sea used to be a battlefield in the antiquity… and that water contains desolate Qi… Could it have formed during battles in the antiquity as well?” whispered Lin Feng.

“Maybe.” said Hua Zhang Feng smiling. “Some people think the same way as you, but some others say that strong cultivators who understand desolate Qi came here to practice cultivation and polluted the water. These are only guesses, of coarse.”

“By the way, Brother Lin, you crossed the Huang Sea but since you took a boat, you didn’t sense the desolate Qi. The desolate Qi from the water isn’t as dense as the Huang Sea. Let’s go, I’ll show you.” said Hua Zhang Feng. It seemed obvious that Lin Feng had taken a boat to cross the sea.

Lin Feng couldn’t tell Hua Zhang Feng that he had learnt how to use desolate Qi, he couldn’t tell anyone that.

“Awesome, let’s go.” said Lin Feng smiling.

Both of them chatted and laughed while walking. It didn’t take long before they arrived at the foot of the tower.

The water was really dark but not like the Huang Sea, and it did contain desolate Qi.

That Qi didn’t affect Lin Feng at all though. If he opened his bestial eye, he could swallow it easily.

Hua Zhang Feng shook his hand and a boat appeared on the water.

“Brother Lin, after you.” said Hua Zhang Feng. The siblings, Lin Feng and Qiong Qi jumped on the boat to sail across.

“Even though that desolate Qi is not as strong as the one in the Huang Sea, it still affects cultivation. Cultivators of the bottom of the Tian Qi layer won’t come here. Of course, Brother Lin, you are different. If that desolate Qi was a bit stronger, maybe it would affect you then.” said Hua Zhang Feng when he saw that Lin Feng was smiling indifferently.

“The same applies to you.” said Lin Feng laughing.

Another silhouette appeared and flew across. Hua Zhang Feng looked at that person and joked in a low voice, “Why not drink a sip of desolate Qi when you’re bored!”

The boat was slowly going across. Lin Feng lied down and took this time to relax.

“Woo…” a sound spread in the air. Lin Feng suddenly stood up, startled. His blood started boiling as if it was going to explode.

“Brother Lin, what’s wrong?” asked Hua Zhang Feng. It seemed like Lin Feng hadn’t heard him, his blood was boiling, his body felt like it was going to explode!

A dragon chant in the middle of the night!

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    Thank you for the chapter 🙂

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    Isn’t it so realistic the way the Hua pair are written as only one character? I mean there’s a boy and a girl, but the girl never talks or does anything at all. She is only there to be mentioned at the beginning and then the author never mentions her again. For all intents and purposes she no longer exists after the initial statement that there are two of them.

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    time to level up his dragon spirit?

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