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PMG Chapter 988: Dragon Palace

PMG Chapter 988: Dragon Palace
Many people who were standing above the river died when the waves touched them, especially those who were weaker. In just that moment, around a hundred people died.

The crows were still cawing.

“Boom boom boom!” Explosion sounded as people realized something was appearing where the water was previously. The water was flowing away and something appeared on its bed.

Lin Feng was at the top of a tower. Just like the others, the distance between the towers was increasing, they were moving in every direction. The desolate Qi was becoming even more intense as this was happening.

A terrifying cloud rose up in the air. People raised their heads. They felt they couldn’t breathe anymore.

A silhouette appeared in the sky, it was a gigantic pitch-black dragon.

“A dragon, there is an actual dragon!”

People’s hearts were pounding. That was an imperial animal! “Boom boom!” the water of the river was slowly being evacuated. But even though Lin Feng was standing on a tower, he was already at the same level as the water. The island with the towers had sunk about a hundred meters into the water.

The surroundings looked incredible yet inauspicious.

“It’s not over!” The tower on which Lin Feng was standing was still moving. It was sinking and moving outwards. At the beginning, the towers were lofty and not so far from each other. Now, there was a huge distance between the towers.

“Boom boom!” an explosion sounded. A palace was slowly appearing from the water.

“It is… a palace!” Lin Feng was astonished. It was a gigantic dragon palace and there were carvings on it. It looked so old that Lin Feng couldn’t guess its age. The carvings represented dragons.

“A dragon palace!” said Qiong Qi. Lin Feng’s heart started pounding. A dragon palace. It was actually a dragon palace.

Lin Feng could only imagine what happened, the dragon palace had sunk in the water a long time ago and people had forgotten about it since.

“Desolate Qi!” The crowd was speechless. Dragon chants, a dragon palace, desolate Qi…?

It meant that the legends were wrong. The desolate Qi had neither appeared because of battles in the antiquity nor because strong cultivators had practiced cultivation there. It was because of the dragon palace.

Lin Feng turned around and saw that after the water flowed out of the hole where the dragon palace had appeared, it stopped flowing out as if the towers had acted as plugs.

“No…” someone else gave a horrible shriek. That person fell from the sky, dead. They weren’t able to withstand the power of the desolate Qi either.

Even though the desolate Qi wasn’t as intense as in the Huang Sea, it was still desolate Qi. Cultivators of the Tian Qi layer who weren’t strong could barely survive.

“Why is there desolate Qi here? Why is there desolate Qi in the Huang Sea too?” whispered Lin Feng.

“Some people say that desolate Qi is the most primitive form of destruction energies.” replied Qiong Qi.

“You want me to put you back in the animal tower?”

“Nah, that’s fine. Don’t worry about me.” said Qiong Qi looking at the palace. He then said, “Don’t do anything yet. That dragon was been attacked a lot in the past, that’s why it’s acting like that.”

Lin Feng nodded. He didn’t need Qiong Qi to tell him that. There were so many strong cultivators there, he clearly wasn’t the best choice to do anything.

“The crows caw when the moon goes down! Of course there are people who’d die. Many people will die today.” said Qiong Qi, he was seemingly talking to himself as he continued, “But dragon chants in the middle of the night, it means there will be opportunities. Who will seize them? Little boy, it won’t be easy for you to seize such an opportunity, you’ll have to be perseverant.”

“I’ll do my best.” said Lin Feng. He didn’t understand what it had to do with determination, making these efforts was enough.

Xuan Yuan took this moment to jump towards the dragon palace. He had only broken through to the Tian Qi layer, but he had balls.

Xuan Yuan arrived in front of the entrance, he raised his hands and a celestial golden axe appeared. Then, Xuan Yuan hit the entrance of the dragon palace with his axe.

“Kacha!” crackling sounds spread in the air. Maybe because Xuan Yuan was strong, or maybe because the dragon palace was old and not solid. The attack worked anyway.

Golden lights surrounded Xuan Yuan’s body and his blood spirit emitted whistling sounds, he jumped forwards and broke through the desolate Qi. Then, he entered the dragon palace.

“Xuan Yuan is so strong, his blood strength is amazing!” thought the crowd. Xuan Yuan, just like the rumors stated, was incredible and fearless. He was the first to enter the dragon palace.

“Let’s go.” shouted a voice loudly. The Zun cultivators released a powerful Qi and followed him.

“Let’s go in.” said Lin Feng to Qiong Qi. They also followed.

“Brother Lin, it’s dangerous.” said Hua Zhang Feng. He was surprised that Lin Feng wanted to go into the palace. Lin Feng was brave. Hua Zhang Feng could barely withstand the oppressive power of the desolate Qi and surprisingly, Lin Feng wanted to go inside the palace.

“Brother Hua, this place really seems dangerous. Leave if you can.” said Lin Feng. Then, he turned around and went into the dragon palace. Hua Zhang Feng was astonished.

Xuan Yuan and Lin Feng were the only two Tian level cultivators there. But Xuan Yuan had imperial blood, he had a powerful family, he had also broken through to the seventh Tian Qi layer. However, Lin Feng had only broken through to the second Tian Qi layer, saying he was brave wasn’t even enough anymore. If Lin Feng hadn’t previously impressed him, he would think that Lin Feng was insane and suicidal.

The desolate Qi was incredible inside that castle. Lin Feng didn’t mind though, he could control it. Qiong Qi released fire which burned the desolate Qi slowly.

“Piss off!” Some people passed in front of Lin Feng very quickly.

“Dead animal ghosts, damn!” Something was attacking Qiong Qi but he avoided the attack.

Then, Lin Feng turned around and saw some people fight the animals. Those animals were dead, but their ghosts were very active.

“Little boy, help me. They are not afraid of fire.” said Qiong Qi.

Lin Feng attacked the dead animals which were attacking Qiong Qi. He punched one of them, as if the dead animal had sensed it, it also punched the air in Lin Feng’s direction.

“Boom boom!” The strength of the ghost made Lin Feng groan with pain.

“Shit.” swore Lin Feng. Qiong Qi was so strong yet couldn’t do anything.

“Boom!” A sound spread in the air. A dead animal had exploded when Xuan Yuan crushed them. He looked like an overlord.

“Damn cultivator of the second Tian Qi layer, piss off!” said Xuan Yuan tat Lin Feng. He was furious. His voice was so loud that Lin Feng thought his blood was going to explode, he even started bleeding.

Xuan Yuan didn’t look at him again and continued moving towards the depths of the dragon palace. The dead beasts couldn’t stop him.

“Xuan Yuan, you’re so cruel.” thought Lin Feng looking at him, but he didn’t leave. He followed the crowd into the depths of the palace.

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