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PMG Chapter 989: Dragon’s Heart

PMG Chapter 989: Dragon’s Heart

“Imperial blood! Did you sense it?”

Qiong Qi was terribly excited and smiled at Lin Feng. Lin Feng looked at Qiong Qi angrily. Was Qiong Qi gloating over his misfortune?

Of course he sensed it. Xuan Yuan had shouted and Lin Feng’s blood started boiling because of that imperial blood’s strength.

Xuan Yuan had a strong blood, which some low level Zun cultivators couldn’t even compete with.

“Don’t look at me that way. It’s good for you to see those kinds of people.” said Qiong Qi smiling. He continued, “Let’s follow them. If we’re the last ones, we won’t be able to get any treasures.”

Lin Feng nodded. They followed Xuan Yuan and the other Zun cultivators into the depths of the dragon palace.

Soon they arrived in a room with several gigantic dragon scales inside that contained a terrifying Qi.

“Dragon scales!” Lin Feng also had some dragon scales. He obtained a couple of them back in the mysterious world. However, his dragon scales weren’t as big.

Those dragons scales were as big as two hands.

“Boom!” The Zun cultivators’ silhouettes flickered, a few of them started picking up dragon scales.

“Roar…” a very loud and terrifying dragon sound shook the palace. It made everybody shiver. Qiong Qi didn’t say anything, but instantly grabbed Lin Feng and pulled him back. They very quickly retreated.

“Roar, roar…” the dragon sounds came from the dragon scales. Lin Feng realized that the Zun cultivators who had picked up dragon scales had collapsed and were now motionlessly lying on the ground.

“They’re dead!” Lin Feng was astonished. Luckily, they had ran backwards and hadn’t touched the dragon scales themselves.

The dragon shouts were incredible, they contained an obscure strength which could kill people’s souls.

Those who had thrown away the dragon scales hadn’t died though. Their blood just started flowing with an incredible speed and their hearts started pounding. They couldn’t calm down. An incredible strength had been sealed in those dragon scales.

“A Zun level beast must have done that. He hadn’t turned into an imperial beast yet, otherwise, nobody could have escaped. Dragons are imperial beasts in the sense that they’re noble, that Zun level beast had already reached the top of the Zun Qi layer and very few Zun level cultivators or beasts could defeat him.” explained Qiong Qi to Lin Feng using telepathy. Apart from emperor level beasts, that Zun level beast probably had no equal.

“We can’t take the dragon scales.” people were furious. There were treasures in front of them, but they handle them.

At that moment, Xuan Yuan continued. His blood was emitting roaring sounds.

A blood-like red light illuminated the atmosphere and it came from Xuan Yuan’s hand. The light then turned into an actual dragon.

“Capture, roar!” A dragon scale flew into Xuan Yuan’s hand. Roaring and whistling sounds spread in the air. Everything felt like it was going to collapse.

His blood strength had turned into a dragon and grabbed the dragon scales. Then, they disappeared. He put them in his ring.

“Brother Xuan Yuan, no wonder you have imperial blood.” said Yang Zhan. Xuan Yuan could do what Zun cultivators couldn’t do.

“Let’s go. I don’t want to waste any time here.” said Xuan Yuan. The crows had cawed, but the dragon kept chanting. They were wondering where the chant came from.

The remaining Zun cultivators followed Xuan Yuan. Lin Feng remained motionless though. One person was left in the room, it was the black silhouette Qiong Qi had warned him about.

He glanced at Lin Feng and said in a deep voice, “A cultivator of the second Tian Qi layer can surprisingly survive in such a dense desolate Qi.”

Then, he turned around and released a strange and enigmatic strength which surrounded the dragon scales, he opened his hands and the scales suddenly appeared there. Lin Feng was aghast. Especially since that the cultivator had managed to grab the dragon scales without them emitting any sound.

“You’re an animal!” said Qiong Qi. The cultivator was about to leave, but stopped again. He turned his head, looked at Qiong Qi and said, “There are some things you shouldn’t say, even if you know you’re right.” His tone was ice-cold. He released an ice-cold Qi which suddenly enveloped Lin Feng and Qiong Qi.

“There’s no need to be like that, we’re the same!” said Qiong Qi turning into a human being as well. He was surrounded by beautiful red lights.

“We?” said that person looking at Lin Feng. Qiong Qi was a beast, Lin Feng was clearly a human being.

“Show him!” said Qiong Qi to Lin Feng. Lin Feng was nervous, what did Qiong Qi mean?

However, he looked at the cultivator and opened his bestial consciousness.

“Strange, you’re a beast but I didn’t sense it.” said the cultivator looking at Lin Feng. He had a bestial consciousness, he definitely had to be an animal. No wonder the desolate Qi didn’t affect him. It was his secret as well.

“We’re brothers, since we’re here and since we’re the same, let’s join hands and benefit from these opportunities!” said Qiong Qi.

“Alright, I agree.” said the dark shadow and then he left.

“He’s a beast!” Lin Feng was still thinking it over. He looked at Qiong Qi who had turned into a human being. Qiong Qi was a bit careless sometimes.

“Little boy, we’re weak but now we have a new friend, isn’t that great.” said Qiong Qi who looked handsome as a human being. He had a friendly yet strange smile. Lin Feng wasn’t used to that smile.

Lin Feng and Qiong Qi continued moving into the depths of the dragon palace. There were some dead bodies and all of them were marine animals. Lin Feng even saw the skeleton of a flood dragon, unfortunately, there was nothing left to take from it.

They continued moving along and arrived in a dazzling palace. The desolate Qi was incredible there. Lin Feng was surprised, there was a real dragon there, but it was dead.

It was a dozen meters long, even though it was dead, it looked majestic. Its claws were in the ground as if it had dug into it. Its head pointed upwards as if it were chanting. There were gigantic crystals in its mouth which contained bestial Qi.

There were grey dragon illusions around it, as if they were protecting the crystal.

“A dragon heart!” people were astonished. It was an actual dragon heart, it absolutely contained an incredible strength!

The Zun cultivators didn’t try to take it, but they looked greedy.

Surprisingly, there was a dragon heart in the dragon palace.

Even though they all wanted it, nobody moved. It contained an incredible strength and they were all wondering how powerful it was. That kind of strength could possibly kill them instantly.

Even Xuan Yuan didn’t act carelessly. He didn’t know how powerful the strength it contained was. He couldn’t evaluate it.

However, Qiong Qi’s eyes were twinkling. Nobody could know what he was thinking!

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