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PMG Chapter 991: Chanting and Talking Dragon

PMG Chapter 991: Chanting and Talking Dragon
The other strong cultivators started breaking the palace. They wanted to leave by any means they could, the heart was too dangerous.
“Let’s go!” said Lin Feng while starting to run. He wanted to leave too, but Qiong Qi suddenly shouted, “Stop!”
Lin Feng stopped and looked at Qiong Qi, perplex.
“We’re not leaving. You can use your demon seal stones to oppress the room!” said Qiong Qi annoyed. Wasn’t the palace going to be flooded and the cultivators going to drown?
“Eh?” Lin Feng was surprised. Loud sounds kept blasting in the palace. The statues and the skeletons were shaking and breaking apart, and they were already almost submerged. The room was going to collapse.
What did Qiong Qi intend to do?
“Are we not leaving?” asked Lin Feng. “We’re not leaving. Hurry up and seal the room. If we leave, we won’t obtain the heart. Those idiots don’t understand how the dragon heart functions.” said Qiong Qi. Lin Feng was speechless. Qiong Qi despised those people too much.
“Interesting.” said Lin Feng, but he didn’t hesitate anymore. He took out a demon seal stone and used it on the walls of the room.
The water stopped and then continued following. Lin Feng looked at Qiong Qi and asked, “What’s going on?”
“The dragon left his heart there on purpose to draw those idiots’ attention.” said Qiong Qi walking towards the heart. Qiong Qi looked at the claws of the dragon.
“If the dragon had anything really important, it’s in his claws under his belly on which he’s lying.” said Qiong Qi. His eyes were twinkling.
“You mean that there’s something in his claws?” Lin Feng was staring at Qiong Qi.
“Let’s see if we can move the carcass.” said Qiong Qi.
Lin Feng released sword Qi.
“Break!” he shouted furiously. Lin Feng’s hand turned into a sword which he used to cut into the skeleton. Metallic sounds clanked as the arm of the dragon was cut, but the claws were still firmly stuck in the ground.
“His body decomposed from the desolate Qi, even though he used to be more resistant. It is only because it was weakened from the Qi that you can cut into him, otherwise you wouldn’t have had such an easy time.” said Qiong Qi. Lin Feng was trying to move the claw but it was firmly stuck. It really looked like it was protecting something.
“It’s not that solid, break it.” said Qiong Qi. Lin Feng nodded. His hand turned into a sword again. He was now trying to saw the claw off, which he was succeeding, bit by bit.
There was nothing in the ground, only the dragon’s footprint. Lin Feng frowned and looked at Qiong Qi.
Qiong Qi walked over and inspected the footprint intensely. Then, he started carving things in the ground. He was drawing a dragon.
Lin Feng was wondering what Qiong Qi was doing. Mysterious marks appeared, dragon marks.
“As expected, there’s a dragon language technique hidden in the ground.” said Qiong Qi. His eyes were twinkling. Fortunately, Qiong Qi understood those things. Lin Feng would have never been able to find them on his own.
What was hidden under the dragon was probably more precious than his heart. The heart was there just to distract people.
“Can we break it?” asked Lin Feng.
“If you break it, you’ll ruin everything the dragon did.” said Qiong Qi in a despising way. He then added, “Those marks connect the whole palace, I need time. I hope those idiots won’t find out what I’m doing, otherwise, the whole plan will be ruined.”
At the same time, Qiong Qi was opening the marks.
Lin Feng was very nervous. He was scared that the others would find out what they’re doing.
The others were only interested in the heart at the moment, so Lin Feng and Qiong Qi still had time.
Qiong Qi was using his full strength to draw things into ground with his fastest speed. More and more marks were appearing. It seemed like something was sealed underneath them.
“What’s hidden underneath… The dragon made such great efforts to hide that treasure.” Lin Feng’s eyes were twinkling. Waves of energies kept coming out of the heart and making the whole room shake. Water was still flowing into the room. The dragon had used various methods to prevent most people from finding his treasures, what was he hiding precisely?
“Boom boom boom!” the palace shook even more violently as a magnificent and dazzling light illuminated the atmosphere which contained bestial strength.
The dragon had used various special and deadly methods to distract people. He had fooled everyone but Qiong Qi.
The palace was shaking even more violently. As Qiong Qi discovered the carvings, the lights were becoming more intense.
“Boom!” the whole room started collapsing. The demon seal stone couldn’t keep the room together any longer.
“Roar…” the dragon roared, Lin Feng collapsed from the intensity of the sound. The voice had actually came from the skeleton.
“Kacha, kaboom!” The skeleton started breaking apart and falling into ashes.
“The skeleton is breaking apart.” The last sound the dragon had emitted sounded like he wasn’t happy at all, as if he hadn’t thought that Qiong Qi would find out about his secret.
“We don’t have much more time, hurry up.” said Lin Feng. The dragon palace was falling apart and people outside wanted to come back and see.
“Alright.” said Qiong Qi. The ground was breaking apart following two marks in two directions.
“There’s another cave underneath it…” Lin Feng realized. With the room collapsing, they would soon be buried in that room if they stayed any longer.
Lin Feng started shaking violently.
“Dragon chants in the middle of the night.”
Lin Feng’s blood was boiling even more intensely than before.
That was a real dragon chant.
A dazzling red light appeared. This time, the chant of the dragon didn’t stop.
Lin Feng’s blood was boiling. He couldn’t calm down. What a scary sensation.
At the same time, he kept looking at the underground room which was appearing in front him.
“Little boy, let’s get down quickly.” shouted Qiong Qi. He grabbed Lin Feng and jumped into the underground room. The dragon voice was stopping the other cultivators in their tracks.

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