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PMG Chapter 992: I Am Yan Di!

PMG Chapter 992: I Am Yan Di!
Lin Feng and Qiong Qi jumped into the underground room. They were wrapped up in bestial Qi and Lin Feng’s blood was still boiling.
A small room appeared. There was also blood-red light which was now in front of him. It looked alive as it illuminated the entire room red. It contained a terrifying bestial Qi and seemed to have been there for a very long time.
“Alright, seal the blood and don’t let a drop spill over. Let’s see what it contains.” said Qiong Qi. That was pure dragon blood after all.
“Little boy, hurry up, swallow that blood!” said Qiong Qi to Lin Feng. Lin Feng was astonished. Swallow?
That blood was even thicker than the one he had seen in the mysterious world. Could he swallow that?
“Hurry up, it would be a waste not to swallow it! Hurry up!” shouted Qiong Qi furiously. He then tapped Lin Feng’s back and Lin Feng tripped and fell into the blood.
Lin Feng’s blood seemed like it was going to explode. He could even hear the sound of his own blood boiling.
He raised his head and sensed the strength of that blood. He could still see Qiong Qi, but it felt surreal.
“Hurry up little boy! You want to die? Do you want to be bullied and humiliated your entire life? That’s an incredible opportunity you have now. Don’t make me feel like I wasted my time with you!” shouted Qiong Qi. Lin Feng was still hesitating. How annoying. Some others wouldn’t have hesitated.
“You’re pissing me off really bad!” shouted Qiong Qi furiously.
At that moment, Lin Feng’s eyes twinkled. Did he want to be bullied and humiliated his entire life? Did he like being despised by other people?
Of course not. No matter who, Prince Tian Lin, Chou Jun Luo, they all have a powerful blood strength, they are strong and despised Lin Feng with their inherited strengths. Even Xuan Yuan was like that, he inherited an emperor’s blood strength.
However, the Zun cultivator in Lin Feng’s family had existed thousands of years before him. Their family’s blood strength had faded with time.
“I’ll take the risk!” Lin Feng opened his mouth and started swallowing the blood. He could sense it’s power in his throat.
Lin Feng felt overwhelmed, like he was going to explode. His vein were getting bigger, his visceral organs were burning.
“Use your blood strength to absorb it. Make your blood strength fuse together with it. You have a little bit of dragon blood, absorb as much as you can with it and try to waste as little as possible. You can also make the rest that you can’t fuse with your blood energy, fuse with your flesh.” shouted Qiong Qi.
Qiong Qi looked at the blood and raised his hands, he started absorbing too. Lin Feng couldn’t absorb all the blood by himself anyway. They couldn’t afford to waste any of it.
“Roar…” the dragon was still changing as more marks appeared. Qiong Qi looked at Lin Feng. Lin Feng’s eyes were closed. A crystal appeared, a dragon blood crystal which contained life and bestial strength.
“It’s a… heart!”
Qiong Qi shouted furiously, “Stop!”
However, Lin Feng didn’t stop. He was still swallowing everything as if the world around him didn’t exist anymore. Because he didn’t stop, he swallowed the heart. Qiong Qi’s eyes were wide open in shock.
“You bastard! Animal! You’re useless!” shouted Qiong Qi He was fuming with anger. Lin Feng had swallowed the whole heart!
The dragon heart contained incredible energies. Qiong Qi wanted to use a part of it too, but Lin Feng took it all for himself.
Qiong Qi was really annoyed.
“Roar!” the dragon chant was making the whole room shake now. Lin Feng was shaking so violently that blood splashed out of his mouth. He opened his eyes and felt confused.
Qiong Qi was astonished, a dragon shadow appeared in front of them and it had murder in his eyes.
“You ate my child!” said the dragon while staring at Lin Feng.
“Roar…” the dragon roared furiously. Lin Feng was still bleeding. His child?
Qiong Qi was astonished too. He suddenly understood everything though.
“The dragon spirit had used its last remaining strength to protect his child!”
Everything was clear now. No wonder the dragon didn’t want other people to discover his secret. However, Lin Feng had carelessly swallowed his child whole.
“Damn human being! Die!” shouted the dragon.
“If you kill him, you’ll kill your child too!” said Qiong Qi. The dragon was already in front of Lin Feng, he was about to crush Lin Feng to death with his claws, but stopped and turned around. He coldly stared at Qiong Qi.
“There are many strong cultivators outside right now. If you kill him, even if your child comes out, the strong cultivators will come in and kill your child all the same. All your efforts will have been in vain.” said Qiong Qi in a solemn and respectful way. Qiong Qi’s words affected the dragon. Indeed, that would be a pointless.
“You’ll both die though! No matter what.” said the dragon.
“You’re a dragon. He swallowed your blood. He’ll have your blood in his body from now on. Even though he ate your child, he didn’t kill him. Now, with his blood strength, he can raise your child. He can protect him. That’s better than being stuck in here for eternity.” said Qiong Qi. The dragon looked perplexed, but still looked furious. He looked at Qiong Qi and said, “I don’t believe you, you’ll kill my child!”
“I guarantee you we’ll do our best to make your child come back to life.”
“You’re a stupid animal, how can you guarantee anything!” said the dragon.
“Bullshit, look at me carefully, do I look like a Tian level beast?! Could a Tian level beast understand dragon language and carve dragon marks?!” said Qiong Qi. His hair was fluttering with energies. He looked majestic and powerful as stared back at the dragon, fearlessly and proudly.
Qiong Qi looked aggressive, powerful, dignified and majestic at that moment. Lin Feng was astonished. Qiong Qi even looked extremely handsome.
But at the same time, Lin Feng still couldn’t realize he had eaten a baby dragon.
“Who are you?” asked the dragon. He could sense that Qiong Qi was extraordinary. That kind of Qi couldn’t be feigned. It was a power that resonated from deep in someone’s bones.
“I am the Flame Emperor Yan Di. I lost my cultivation level because of an incredible war a long time ago, so now I have the body of a Tian level beast. But I guarantee you, you can trust us. Don’t worry!” said Qiong Qi whose hair was still fluttering. The dragon looked at Qiong Qi calmly and respectfully, even an incredible dragon respected Yan Di!

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  1. Grogak March 6, 2018 at 8:38 pm - Reply

    Is it only me or are the last few chapters written quite bad? I don’t mean the translation, but the amount of deatails and explanations is lacking in my opinion…

    • Pmgsucks March 6, 2018 at 10:08 pm - Reply

      Nope only you.
      I don’t see any difference and I’m still enjoying this as much as I started!

  2. Lee March 8, 2018 at 11:39 am - Reply

    Been enjoying the last few chapters. Don’t know what you talking about

  3. Heavenly Hikikomori April 5, 2019 at 12:02 pm - Reply

    He had blood all over his face looking at the old dragon and Qiong Qi debating about a kid he just ate…..

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