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PMG Chapter 994: Mu Chen

PMG Chapter 994: Mu Chen
“You’re really strong. That guy had broken through to the fifth Tian Qi layer and you killed him in less than a second.” said Lin Feng smiling.
“Of course I did. I’m an emperor.” said Qiong Qi proudly.
“Alright, you’ll fight from now on.” said Lin Feng. Qiong Qi rarely fought after all.
“Dream on. Back when, I was an ordinary cultivator. Only after I fought a lot and became an imperial cultivator did I become a great emperor, a Zun Emperor. You and I are different. You’ve only broken through to the second Tian Qi layer. You can’t afford to act lazily. You need to fight and suffer to become a Zun cultivator.” Qiong Qi explained. Qiong Qi then thought, “I still need to improve my fire, I can’t waste energy.”
“You’re not nice.” said Lin Feng. Qiong Qi used to be a great emperor, then he had lost his power and had taken Qiong Qi’s body. He was even aggressive and impatient. Later, Lin Feng had helped him obtain the void fire and now Lin Feng couldn’t even see how strong he was anymore. If he helped him  anymore, Qiong Qi would become too strong.
“Roar…” Lin Feng and Qiong Qi raised their heads. The dragon heart was dazzling. Many dragon shadows appeared and started roaring, they suddenly surrounded all those Zun cultivators.
“No wonder that dragons are the emperors of the animal world. They’re so strong.” sighed Lin Feng. Two cultivators were trying to steal the heart, but the dragon shadows swallowed them and killed them.
“That heart contains authentic dragon strength. The dragon heart you swallowed belonged to a newborn baby, luckily. It didn’t contain much dragon strength, otherwise, you’d have died on the spot.” said Qiong Qi to Lin Feng using telepathy.
“Do I really have to raise the dragon baby now?” whispered Lin Feng.
“I personally promised that to the dragon. In the future, you’ll have a dragon pet for yourself, that’s not bad!” said Qiong Qi smiling. Lin Feng understood.
With the dragon, both would become much stronger. Yan Di would might even become an animal emperor with the help of a dragon. Lin Feng sometimes didn’t understand some of the logic behind some events.
What would it feel like to raise a dragon though? Was it the same feeling as being pregnant?
“I swallowed your blood and you made your blood fuse together with mine, dragon… I must remain faithful.” thought Lin Feng. That was a fact.
“The dragon heart is going to become weaker and weaker, they’ll manage to take it sooner or later, but it is already not so useful anymore. What a bunch of idiots.” thought Qiong Qi watching the crowd.
At that moment, there were even more people surrounding the heart.
They wanted to steal the dragon heart. Xuan Yuan, Yang Zhan and the one in black clothes. The one in black clothes seemed particularly interested in the dragon heart. He was ready to risk his life for it even. He was a beast after all, that dragon heart could be extremely useful to him.
“I know what kind of beast he is.” said Qiong Qi while staring at the man in black clothes. At that moment, he had gigantic black wings emitting thunderous sounds which contained a terrifying strength.
“What kind?” asked Lin Feng. He had the wings of a gigantic roc and thunderous energies. Lin Feng had never seen such an animal.
“Mixed breed, lightning vulture and great roc. He’s a lightning roc. He’s extremely strong and fast. It’s a rare race to encounter.” whispered Qiong Qi. Lin Feng calmly listened. He had never heard of such animals. There were many breeds in the animal world and Lin Feng wasn’t familiar with zoology in the slightest.
Lin Feng came from Xue Yue, but there weren’t even that many Tian level beasts there.
“If we give that dragon heart to our teachers, they’ll probably be very happy.” said someone indifferently. He hadn’t arrived yet, but the people who were there could hear him.
The crowd glanced around to see who that person was. Was he insane? Giving the heart to his teachers. They had been there for such a long time, trying to get the dragon heart.
“That would be a great gift for our teachers. You precisely wanted to offer a gift to our teachers?” said someone else. The ones who had been trying to get the heart for a long time were getting angry.
“Come out and talk!” shouted Xuan Yuan furiously, making the atmosphere shake.
Three silhouettes appeared from above.
When the crowd saw those people, they immediately calmed down. Those people looked extraordinary.
Xuan Yuan frowned when he saw them.
The leader of the group was wearing a simple yet very clean white robe. He wasn’t releasing any Qi either but he seemed special.
The second person was wearing a simple silver robe and had a sword in his back. He was handsome and looked indifferent.
The last one had a black robe and he looked both powerful and majestic.
Lin Feng actually recognized him!
“Xuan Yuan Shi’s little boy, you’re very proud!” said the leader in white clothes with a smile.
“Shut up, who are you!” said Xuan Yuan coldly. Those people were calling him little boy, how disrespectful! Even if they were strong, they still had to show respect.
“Mu Chen, like wood and dust.” (translator’s note: mu means wood and chen means dust here) said the one in white clothes with a smile.
Everybody was scared, Mu Chen!
Many people had heard that name. In the past, few people had ever heard that name or seen him, but recently, more people were hearing about him because of the Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu’s first recruitment session.
Many people were researching about Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu’s very own disciples.
The most famous one was Qing Lin, he was Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu’s second disciple. He could use reincarnation spells which were incredible to behold, so many people remembered him.
According to rumors, Mu Chen was Emperor Shi and Emperor’s Yu first disciple!
“Mu Chen!” the crowd was shivering. So his teachers were Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu.
Silver clothes, handsome, that’s Hou Qing Lin!” the crowd looked at the second one and suddenly remembered that name. He was indubitably Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu’s second disciple, Hou Qing Lin!
“Oh, I see. Fellow disciples, hello!” said Xuan Yuan a bit baffled. Then, he smiled nicely and politely.
“Little boy, we’re not your fellow disciples!” said Mu Chen with a smile. Xuan Yuan already considered himself as an imperial cultivation disciple.
But Mu Chen wasn’t of the same opinion. Xuan Yuan was getting a little ticked off.

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