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PMG Chapter 996: Chased, So What?

PMG Chapter 996: Chased, So What?
Xuan Yuan was furious and looked very upset.
Xuan Yuan was humiliated twice in the same day. Hou Qing Lin was openly making fun of him.
Xuan Yuan had imperial blood and he was proud of it. There were many people who admired him.
Hou Qing Lin turned around and looked at Mu Chen, “Brother, let’s go!”
“Alright.” said Mu Chen with a smile. Then, the three left as quickly as they came. The crowd sighed.
“I am afraid of Xuan Yuan, but they aren’t. They’re domineering, majestic, imposing, strong, proud… If someday I become Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu’s disciple, I’ll despise people like Xuan Yuan just like them.” thought several people from the crowd. They were impatient to become imperial cultivation disciples and receive Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu’s teachings.
At that moment, everybody was even more determined to become an imperial cultivation disciple.
Xuan Yuan looked at Mu Chen and the others leaving. He thought, “Someday, I will trample you. I will become the emperors’ most dangerous weapon.”
But until then, he had to rank first amongst Tian level candidates, then he had to break through to the Zun Qi layer. Then, he could trample them.
He turned around and glanced at the crowd. The dragon had chanted, the crows had cawed, a dragon palace had appeared and in the end, Xuan Yuan had obtained nothing. His All-Embracing Power weapon was even broken.
“Who plotted against me?” said Xuan Yuan furiously. Surprisingly, someone had used a skill against him in the dragon palace, causing his All-Embracing Power weapon to break. Then, he had lost control of the dragon heart.
What a tragedy. He had lost a precious weapon and he lost the dragon heart!
Now he was furious, other people had even taken the heart as he sat there and watched. Nobody replied to Xuan Yuan though.
The cultivator in black clothes stepped on the ruins and looked at Lin Feng and Qiong Qi. Then, he ran to the dragon scales, he hadn’t obtained the heart, but at least he could get some dragon scales.
“Does he know it was me?” thought Lin Feng when the guy looked at him. He had observed him in the dragon palace as well. Maybe that cultivator in the black clothes had used his Empty Space Bestial Illusion Technique to watch Lin Feng after sensing another bestial Qi.
“Bzzz… bzzz…” some people left, some people came back to the ruins.
Xuan Yuan turned around and looked at the ruins. He glanced at Lin Feng too, but for less than a second, Lin Feng was just an ant afterall.
“Little boy, are you good to leave now?” said Qiong Qi using telepathy. They had been there for a long time now.
“Almost.” whispered Lin Feng. The blood was still fusing with his. If the dragon hadn’t helped him, he wouldn’t have been able to swallow everything, let alone with this speed.
“We should go now. There are bestial marks in the ruins and people could find something in the small room that we opened.” said Qiong Qi. Lin Feng nodded. He knew those things, of course.
“I’m not worried anyways, you’re here to protect me after all.” whispered Lin Feng.
“Are you sure?” said Qiong Qi.
“…………” Lin Feng said nothing. He just stared back at Qiong Qi.
“I’m so weak, how could I protect you? Haha. If I don’t tell you such things, will you actually take risks?!” said Qiong Qi laughing. Lin Feng remained speechless. Qiong Qi had to be joking, right?
“Alright. I’m good.” said Lin Feng. He took a deep breath and said to Qiong Qi, “Let’s go!”
Avoiding the others, they left.
Two cultivators at the bottom of the Tian Qi layer, strong cultivators would want to attack them and steal their treasures if they could.
Above the water surrounding the ruins of the towers, someone was observing Lin Feng. He and a few others had followed Lin Feng.
Above the water, there were still many strong cultivators and they were all leaving one after the other. There was nothing interesting left in the ruins. Many people had died and so on. Was Hou Qing Lin the only one who obtained great treasures?
“Boom!” At that moment, an explosion sounded. Xuan Yuan was standing in the air, his hair was fluttering, and his facial expression looked ice-cold. He just made the ground explode and found a small room under the rubble. An underground room, precisely where the claws of the dragons were guarding.
Apart from that room, there were marks written all over the ground.
The crowd looked at him, Xuan Yuan had just discovered a secret room with marks all around it. Was there anything in that room?
Those who had entered the palace at the very beginning with Xuan Yuan all looked furious. While they were taking huge risks to take the heart, someone had secretly been stealing precious treasures.
When they thought about the consecutive dragon chants, they only now understood that they were coming from inside that room.
Nobody knew about what was inside, even the Qi had been hidden.
“It’s him.”
“The two cultivators of the bottom of the Tian Qi layer!” thought the crowd suddenly. Only two people had stayed in the back the whole time. Those two were despicable insects, so nobody paid any attention to them.
Xuan Yuan looked at Lin Feng who was already very, very far away in the horizon and rose up in the air. He then turned into a beam of light and chased Lin Feng. He had to catch up with him.
Lin Feng was moving with incredible speed towards a mountain at that moment.
Lin Feng knew that he was being chased at that point. When he found out that people were chasing him, he smiled coldly.
The people who were chasing him stopped. The leader was a young man whose Qi was extraordinary. He looked about as angry as could be.
“You cause troubles everywhere you go, even in Ba Huang Province.” said the young man.
Lin Feng smiled and said, “Prince Tian Lin, it’s so good to see you!”

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    Why is it that recent chapters (around 900 onwards) ever since Lin Feng left tian chi for ba Huang province have become somewhat weird in terms of language ??
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