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PMG Chapter 997: Killing Tian Lin

PMG Chapter 997: Killing Tian Lin
“Surprisingly, you’re laughing.” said Prince Tian Lin who was laughing as well. He laughed in a very strange way though. What could Lin Feng do to him in Ba Huang Province?
“Fourth Tian Qi layer.” Lin Feng inspected Prince Tian Lin’s cultivation level. Last time he had seen him, he had the strength of the third Tian Qi layer. The other cultivators who were with him had broken through to the fourth Tian Qi layer as well.
“Without your deployment spells and without Hou Qing Lin, what can you do?” said Prince Tian Lin coldly.
Now that Prince Tian Lin had broken through to the fourth Tian Qi layer and they were in Ba Huang Province, Lin Feng didn’t stand a chance.
“You forgot that back when Hou Qing Lin and Yu Xiao hadn’t arrived yet, you attacked me, but in the end, you were the one left hurt. You lost to me and used Yu Xiao to save you. It seems like you have forgotten how we ended things.” said Lin Feng with a mocking tone. Prince Tian Lin looked at his friends ashamed. Lin Feng had injured him.
“You have a glib tongue. This time, I will slaughter you.” said Prince Tian Lin while throwing himself at Lin Feng.
“Roar, roar.” without hesitating, Prince Tian Lin threw himself at Lin Feng and released his wind spirit. His spirit was even more powerful than the last time Lin Feng had seen him.
“Die!” shouted Prince Tian Lin furiously.
A terrifying strength surrounded Lin Feng.
“People like you can only rely on the blood strength from their ancestors. You seemingly only know how to release your spirit. Without your spirit, you’d be even worse than trash!” said Lin Feng in a despising way. He slowly rose up in the air and looked down on Prince Tian Lin.
“Back then, at the great sect meeting, I was wearing a mask. You came to Gan Yu as an imperial cultivation disciple and thought everybody admired you. If you weren’t an imperial cultivation disciple and didn’t possess a strong spirit, I would have killed you in the blink of an eye.” said Lin Feng while releasing terrifying energies.
“I will teach you something today, being an imperial cultivation disciple makes you proud, but it alone is not enough.” Lin Feng sensed the new blood flowing in his body. He was so much stronger. It felt like an ocean was flowing through his veins. The others looked at him surprised.
Prince Tian Lin’s wind brushed against Lin Feng, but he realized that Lin Feng was surrounded by some kind of strength. The wind wasn’t even affecting him.
Prince Tian Lin pulled a long face. Lin Feng now had a powerful blood strength, how come?
“Don’t think that I can’t kill you.” said Prince Tian Lin. At the same time, he released his own blood strength. The atmosphere was assaulted by whistling hurricanes and dust flew around. The wind was as sharp as a blade’s edge.
“Die!” shouted Prince Tian Lin.
Black lights appeared and a terrifying sealing strength rolled in the air. Lin Feng condensed some strength in his hand. It was if the force of the Earth and sky.
Lin Feng moved his blood strength towards the palm of his hand. That sensation made him feel even more confident and stronger.
Prince Tian Lin’s facial expression looked worse and worse. His wind spirit was strong, but when he sensed Lin Feng’s strength, he didn’t know what to do.
How had Lin Feng become so strong? He was so much stronger than last time.
“You’re pathetic. Poor you.” said Lin Feng when he saw that Prince Tian Lin’s facial expression had changed drastically. He then added, coldly, “I was hiding my strength last time, if I hadn’t, I could have killed you instantly. You’re much, much weaker than Chou Jun Luo.” said Lin Feng. Finally, he was attacking.
“Boom boom!”
An incredible amount of strength and force streaked across the sky. Those energies surrounded the wind spirit and suppressed them with sealing strength.
A loud sound spread in the air and Prince Tian Lin groaned with pain. His face turned deathly pale. His spirit was propelled away by Lin Feng and a sealing strength had even constricted it.
“Imperial cultivation disciple, ridiculous!” said Lin Feng coldly. He then walked towards Prince Tian Lin. Prince Tian Lin was scared, he couldn’t beat Lin Feng
“Kill him!” shouted Prince Tian Lin furiously while running back. His friends immediately released their own spirits.
“Just stop and make things easier for the both of us.” said someone to Lin Feng. Lin Feng glanced at him and continued running towards Prince Tian Lin while saying, “You can’t kill me so you’re asking me to back down? How ridiculous is that!”
“Since that’s what you think, die!” said one of the bodyguards. Five cultivators threw themselves at Lin Feng at the same time.
Lin Feng opened his mouth and released a demonic Qi. A demon shadow appeared along with whistling energies.
An explosion sounded as the demon energy crashed into the group of people.
“Kaboom!” the Earth and the sky were shaking as well as those people. They immediately fell down from the sky and crashed onto the ground, dead.
All those people were dead. Prince Tian Lin looked at them, his heart was twitching, he looked scared yet dumbstruck, he couldn’t believe his eyes.
Demon, demonic energies…
“That was you on that day!!” said Prince Tian Lin. The one who had stolen the void fire was Lin Feng, disguised as a demon.
“Indeed. If I didn’t need to stay incognito, I would have killed you easily, just by slapping you.” said Lin Feng while condensing demonic energies in his palm. Prince Tian Lin was horrified as he ran backwards. He wanted to escape.
Lin Feng was playing with him, he was moving his hand around as if he were dancing. Demonic energies had condensed at this point.
“Assassin Spell!” said Lin Feng. The demon energies suddenly stabbed Prince Tian Lin. He couldn’t even see them coming. His corpse fell down from the sky, dead as well!


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    It makes senes that it has many skills it is a emperor skill

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