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PMG Chapter 998: Degenerate

PMG Chapter 998: Degenerate
Lin Feng looked at Prince Tian Lin’s expressionless corpse. Then, he turned around and walked into the desolate mountains.
“Buddy, I need to practice cultivation somewhere for a few days.” said Lin Feng to Qiong Qi.
“I know, you need to understand your new blood strength.” said Qiong Qi.
They arrived somewhere uninhabited and found a cave.
Lin Feng activated his consciousness and found that it was larger than before. There were golden colors mixed into the blood-red colors.
He found a heart in his blood strength, it was a baby dragon. It had a powerful Qi and the vitality of a newborn.
The dragon fused its blood together with his, but it hadn’t spread everywhere in Lin Feng’s body yet.
Lin Feng took this time to make the blood flow faster. There used to be no sound when Linf Feng circulated his blood, but now, it emitted loud sounds.
Lin Feng could sense how strong his new blood was. Loud roaring sounds echoed in the cave.
Two days later, Lin Feng’s entire body was surrounded by golden lights. The sounds he emitted when cultivating were even louder. They even echoed out into the valley outside of the cave.
A silhouette was approaching from the sky at that moment. It was a woman in snowy white clothes. She had a veil covering her face, but it was hard to look the other way, she had an incredible body.
Lin Feng’s blood Qi dashing to the skies and emitting roaring sounds made the woman stop. She gazed into the distance, dazzled.
What was that sound? It sounded like a tsunami.
“Roar…” a dragon chant spread and echoed across the valley. The woman was surprised. Was there a dragon in the valley? Was a dragon practicing cultivation in the valley?
She heard that in Black Crow Village, a dragon palace had appeared and that many strong cultivators had gone there to find a dragon heart, but that in the end, Hou Qing Lin took it. How come she could now hear a dragon chant in the valley? Besides, it was very intense.
She ran in the direction of the roar, but then the dragon chant stopped. She was surprised, excited and curious.
Her silhouette flickered and she arrived near the entrance of a cave. That was where she heard the dragon chant come from. There were two silhouettes outside of the cave. A human being and a Tian level beast.
The young man looked handsome but ordinary. He had only broken through to the third Tian Qi layer. Nothing spectacular.
The beast with him was astonishing though. It was an ancient beast. She couldn’t take her eyes off of it.
“Did you hear a dragon chant?” asked the woman gently to Lin Feng.
“I heard it. I came here because of it but I didn’t see anything.” replied Lin Feng with an indifferent smile. He hadn’t thought that breaking through to the third Tian Qi layer would cause his blood to emit a dragon chant. Fortunately, nobody had found him while he was still practicing cultivation in the cave, otherwise people might guess what was going on.
The girl frowned and looked at him. She couldn’t have been wrong, but she was scouting the cave with her consciousness and there was nothing inside, just like Lin Feng had said.
She couldn’t think that it was Lin Feng either. After all, she had heard an actual dragon.
She shook her head slowly and turned around to leave.
“We should go too.” thought Lin Feng as a boat appeared next to him. If he didn’t use it, he would be late.
The girl sensed the boat and looked at Lin Feng. She was surprised. She went back to him and asked, “Are you the one who stole the Yang’s boat in Tian Yuan City and asked them for a thousand abstruse crystals?”
“Eh?” Lin Feng frowned. He didn’t expect a random person he encountered in the mountains to have heard about that already.
“That boat was broken at first. I fixed it with special tools and Yang Zi Ye agreed to give it to me. I didn’t steal anything.” said Lin Feng annoyed.
“Sorry, I didn’t express myself properly.” said the girl with a smile.
“You’re quite strong, you defeated Chou Jun Luo even though you have only broken through to the third Tian Qi layer. Not bad” said the girl interested. She smiled and said, “Can you take me on your boat. I don’t have anything to go faster.”
She was wrong again. Lin Feng had broken through to the second Tian Qi layer when he had fought Chou Jun Luo. He had just now broken through to the third Tian Qi layer in the cave..
“Are we going to the same place?” said Lin Feng.
“I don’t think I’m wrong. We’re both going to Tiantai!” said the girl gently.
Lin Feng nodded. As expected, many people were going to Tiantai to become Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu’s imperial cultivation disciples.
“No problem, you can come with me. I just hope that you’re not like Yang Zi Ye. I rescued her from the Huang Sea and when we arrived in Tian Yuan, she humiliated me and pretended I was interested in her.”
“How could you compare me to her…!” said the girl shaking her head. “Don’t worry. Nothing like that will happen with me.”
“Alright then. Come on.” said Lin Feng. The boat was quite big. One more person wasn’t a problem, especially a beautiful woman like her. According to her behavior, Lin Feng felt like she didn’t really like Yang Zi Ye. Her Qi and cultivation weren’t bad either. Her social status probably was extraordinary.
“What’s your name?” asked the girl to Lin Feng with a smile.
“You should at least show me your face if you want to know my name.” said Lin Feng laughing and looking at the landscapes around.
“You’re a proud person.” said the girl giggling. She took off her veil. She was extremely beautiful. Beautiful cheeks, beautiful eyes, beautiful skin.
Lin Feng stretched out his hand and touched her cheeks, very gently.
However, the girl wasn’t happy at all and released an ice-cold Qi.
“Degenerate!” She immediately slapped Lin Feng. Surprisingly, that guy actually touch edher. Did he want to die?
Lin Feng came back to his senses and stepped back. An energy sharper than a sword was moving towards him.

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