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PMG Chapter 999: Tiantai

PMG Chapter 999: Tiantai
Lin Feng suddenly stood up and released some demon sealing strength.
The girl released even more Qi, she was close to Lin Feng now.
“Wait, wait!” said Lin Feng grabbing her hand and preventing her from moving. She coldly looked at him and said, “No wonder the Yang Clan humiliated you. You’re a degenerate!”
“Can you listen to me first, please? I can explain.” said Lin Feng. He knew that he had made a mistake. But he couldn’t help it, they were so similar. Almost the same, like twins. Her Qi was different, otherwise, Lin Feng wouldn’t have come back to his senses.
“Explain?” said the girl with a cold smile. “You have an explanation for such odious acts?”
“Indeed, I do. You look like my wife!” said Lin Feng. That girl looks like Xin Ye. It’s just that their Qi is different. That’s why Lin Feng had felt so strange.
“Don’t you have a better excuse?” said the girl. She didn’t believe him.
“You can ask my friend.” said Lin Feng pointing to Qiong Qi.
Qiong Qi looked at the girl with twinkling eyes, he was aroused too. He said, “Indeed, the very same. Apart from the Qi, you could be twins.”
“You think I’ll believe you?” said the girl frowning. She still didn’t believe Lin Feng.
“I can prove it to you. Look.” shouted Lin Feng furiously. When she saw that Lin Feng was shouting, she shouted even louder and said, “How!”
“Stop using your Qi and I will show you.” said Lin Feng. The girl begrudgingly stopped using her Qi.
Lin Feng shook his hand and the snowy tower appeared, then the great roc appeared.
The great roc looked at Lin Feng and then looked at Duan Xin Ye, he was very surprised. He looked happy too. Obviously, he thought that was Xin Ye too.
“Miss, you also came to Ba Huang Province!” said the great roc in a low voice. Lin Feng looked at the great roc and said, “She’s not Xin Ye. I promised you I’d stop putting you in the animal tower but sometimes I have to because it’s better to hide you.”
Lin Feng looked at the girl and said, “Do you believe me now?”
The girl’s eyes twinkled. She was still angry but she believed him. The great roc didn’t know what had just happened, but he also thought that she was somebody else.
“But you touched me indecently.” said the girl coldly.
“You should marry him too, he’s very responsible.” said Qiong Qi impolitely. Lin Feng looked at him and said, “You shut up!”
He was going to cause trouble. The girl was very strong and Lin Feng couldn’t defeat her.
“Little boy, that girl is really nice, trust me, she could be a great wife. It only benefits you that she looks like Xin Ye. Back then, I had so many women too.” said Qiong Qi using telepathy. Lin Feng sighed.
“It wasn’t on purpose. If you want anything, please feel free to ask me.” said Lin Feng.
The girl looked at him, remained silent for a few seconds and laughed.
“Alright, let’s forget about it. You still haven’t told me your name.” said the girl.
“Lin Feng, and you?” replied Lin Feng naturally while putting the great roc away.
“Qiu Yue Xin.” said the girl smiling. She looked like she was a completely different person when she was happy from when she was angry.
Lin Feng was sitting next to her and looking at her. He still couldn’t tell her and Xin Ye apart.
Their Qi was different though.
“I look like your wife that much?” asked Qiu Yue Xin while giggling.
“Only your Qi is different, otherwise, you’d be twins.”
“Well, could you be interested in me then?” said Qiu Yue Xin with a gentle smile. Lin Feng gulped down. Of course he would. He had to chase that thought out of his mind. He was trying to convince himself that it was a fake copy.
“If I face dangers, will you help me?” asked Qiu Yue Xin. Same smile, same voice, different Qi. Many men were probably crazy about her. Actually, she was even better than Xin Ye in some ways.
“Maybe.” sighed Lin Feng gazing into the distance. All this made him think about Xue Yue and Xin Ye and his parents.
Lin Feng wanted to be next to Xin Ye but the world was too big and he needed to become stronger. He had to face many dangers and go through hardships to become stronger.
The boat stopped three days later when they arrived in Tiantai. There were strong cultivators all around.
There were many, many geniuses in Ba Huang Province and most of them wanted to become Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu’s imperial cultivation disciples.
Apart from the candidates, there were also many people who wanted to watch. Of course, there were many people who were accompanying their children.
Tiantai wasn’t a town. It was the biggest moat in Tianjing City. It was a symbol, a geographical symbol, a social symbol, according to rumors, Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu lived there.
According to legends, there were 18,000 steps to get to Tiantai.
At that moment, a boat streaked across the sky and stopped above Tiantai. Then, it landed, slowly.
“That’s incredible, imperial strength.” said Qiu Yue Xin looking at Tiantai. She could sense the incredible Qi. The recruitment process had attracted so many people.
Lin Feng put the boat away. Qiu Yue Xin and he were similar, they both enjoyed the beautiful things of life, like the landscape sitting in front of them now.
“18,000 steps, leading to the sky. That’s how you get to Tiantai.”
It looked like an ancient town and it possessed a strange illusion-like Qi around it.
No matter where they went, to their left, on their right, behind and before, it was always an illusion. The steps even looked like an illusion.
“Yan Di, what’s that? What do emperors use to cast such spells?” asked Lin Feng.
Yan Di raised his head and remained silent for a long time. He didn’t reply to Lin Feng either.
Back then, he was an emperor, now that he was looking at an emperor’s work, he was feeling sad again.
“Practice as hard as you can and someday I’ll tell you. Step by step!” said Qiong Qi after a very long time. Lin Feng was speechless!

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