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PMG Chapters 2477

PMG Chapters 2477

Actually, the peerless Saint who had fought against Lin Feng was incredibly strong, and could make the space around him freeze completely. People couldn’t move when he used his attack. But it hadn’t worked.

The peerless Saint didn’t do anything to anyone else, orhe could have killed everyone around.

But at that moment, he didn’t understand. He had destroyed Lin Feng’s body, but he hadn’t managed to kill him which meant that Lin Feng had fused some original strengths together and created an incredible attack.

The peerless Saint was staring at Lin Feng. He walked towards Lin Feng, raising his hands and striking out. Hands filled the air as the space around them became ice-cold. Lin Feng looked like a statue, and didn’t move. A terrifying destructive strength surrounded him, and his body broke apart again.

“And his soul didn’t disperse?” The crowd was amazed. How could he survive against such terrifying attacks? Then Lin Feng’s body started condensing again. He stood there with his hands clasped behind his back, still smiling. He looked at his opponent in a provocative way.

“What do you think?” asked Lin Feng with a grin.

“I’m curious to know what kinds of original strengths you fused together to create such a technique. But even if I can’t kill you, you also need to defeat me to prove you’re qualified to be a leader,” said the peerless Saint. Crushing Lin Feng’s body was useless, so he understood that he couldn’t defeat Lin Feng.

“I can tell you one thing: a simple fusion of original strengths isn’t enough to do this,” said Lin Feng, “If you want to see my attack, I’ll show you.”

“I’ll see then,” said the peerless Saint, staring at Lin Feng warily.

“I’m going to use a Saint’s technique I created, it took me eight hundred years to create it. During those eight hundred years, I studied cursing strength for two hundred years, then I studied the movements of the Qi of the earth and the sky, then I fused the Qi of the earth and the sky and the cursing strength together. After that, I spent some years traveling. I continued studying cursing strength, and water too. I realized that cursing and water strength had something in common, then it took me another hundred years to fuse them together, and then in the end I used all that knowledge to create a Saint’s technique,” Lin Feng said slowly.

His opponent was stupefied. Cursing strength was extremely rare. Understanding it at the maximum level was extremely difficult. This cultivator had fused cursing and water strength together, in only eight hundred years! How incredible!

He was almost invincible, which meant he had probably fused several sorts of original strengths at the maximum level to have such a great defense. He was a really powerful peerless Saint.

The reason why there could be such big differences between high-level Saints themselves and peerless Saints themselves was original strength. Studying original strength was something extremely complex, and if someone understood several sorts of original strengths, they were stronger than ordinary others. If they understood many special ones, then they were a lot stronger, and their comprehension and the way they used them in spells also played a role.

Therefore, many peerless Saints who controlled rare original strengths had incredible fighting abilities. But even that way, it was impossible to know who was stronger just seeing two peerless Saints. Usually, those who controlled special types of original strengths were stronger. Zi Zhu and Saintly Emperor Xi the Demon, for example, were stronger than the others.

Some extremely strong cultivators fused three or four sorts of original strengths together, that was already incredible.

Lin Feng hadn’t managed to do that yet. He had used the Three Lives Scriptures, and created many clones to study all sorts of things, but he hadn’t managed to make three sorts of original strengths fuse together yet.

“Be careful,” said Lin Feng. A terrifying Qi filled the air. Because Lin Feng warned his challenger, the crowd knew that that horrible sensation was due to the cursing strength.

“I feel so bad,” said someone.

“If he attacked me, he could make me go insane instantly.”

The crowd raised their heads and saw some dark lights. They looked like abyssal waters; the crowd frowned because it hurt their eyes.

“My water strength is also at the maximum level. Water can turn into steam. Water can turn to drops and then condense together. He really mastered all the states of water,” whispered a high-level Saint on the ground.

The peerless Saint wasn’t having a good time either. “Stop!” said that cultivator icily. The space became rigid.

“Cursing strength is invisible and intangible. You can’t freeze it,” said Lin Feng, smiling casually. The attack continued condensing. His challenger was suffering even more.

“This kind of strength won’t kill you immediately. It just gets more and more powerful, You get cursed slowly, the curse slowly eats your luck, your soul, and then you die,” Lin Feng smiled. “Actually, this attack is not perfect. I wish I could make a powerful Saint’s attack which would allow me to kill peerless Saints instantly. Unfortunately, it’s not that powerful. I’m not satisfied.”

“You’re really strong, but we can’t let you become our leader. Saintly Emperor Xi the Demon and Zi Zhu aren’t weaker than you,” said the peerless Saint, staring at Lin Feng.

“So you still don’t understand how incredible this kind of strength is,” said Lin Feng patiently. A terrifying Qi penetrated into his body, black lights condensed and rolled out, then they flowed through his body. The peerless Saint stretched out his hand and noticed that his hand was rotting away. At the same time, his strength was also diminishing.

Lin Feng took a step forwards, the rigid space shattered as his hand turned into a vortex, strength condensing around his body. Each time he took a step, his strength increased in intensity.

“Eh?” The peerless Saint was stupefied. He continued attacking Lin Feng, crackling sounds spread in the air again. Lin Feng’s body turned into pieces and absorbed his strength, then condensed again and continued walking forwards slowly.

Lin Feng looked like a peerless aggressive god. The peerless Saint’s heart was pounding. The strength was still corroding his organs!

“I accept having you as a leader,” said the peerless Saint finally. The strength instantly disappeared. Lin Feng removed the strength from inside his body too, using life strength.

“How strong.” The peerless Saint sensed the incredible life strength and was startled. He couldn’t compete with this man. Could Saintly Emperor Xi the Demon and Zi Zhu compete with such a cultivator?

“What about you?” Lin Feng asked the other members of the third group.

“What is your stance regarding the Fire Shrine?” asked one of them to Lin Feng.

“Enemies,” said Lin Feng indifferently. “The Fire Shrine’s alliance only has two ultimate goals. The first one is to absorb you and make you join their alliance, the second one is to destroy you if you don’t submit. Therefore, you must have the same goals regarding them. There is no third option. If I become the leader, I’ll do my best for things to happen smoothly.”

“Since it’s that way, I agree, we can become the Divine Wrath Alliance,” said the others nodding at Lin Feng. Three groups of independent cultivators had just been formed.

“Divine Wrath Alliance, Black Bamboo Alliance, Chaotic Sky Alliance, we’re all friends. If anyone is attacked by the Shrines’ alliance, we have to help them. What do you think?” Lin Feng asked Zi Zhu and Saintly Emperor Xi the Demon with a friendly smile.

“Of course!” replied Zi Zhu with a smile.

“I agree!” said Saintly Emperor Xi the Demon, glancing at Lin Feng.

It was the first time Lin Feng met him so to say. The first time in the Supreme Ancient Pit of Hell didn’t count!


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