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PMG Chapters 2478

PMG Chapters 2478

Lin Feng knew that the Divine Wrath Alliance was the most unstable alliance.

Saintly Emperor Xi the Demon and Zi Zhu’s battle had shaken the Continent of the Nine Clouds many years before. It had already determined their path; when conditions are ripe, success is naturally achieved. But the Divine Wrath Alliance had just been formed. Lin Feng had suddenly appeared and had created it. He had forced them to accept him as a leader.

“Leader, actually, we gathered for a reason today. You should know about it,” a peerless Saint said to Lin Feng.

“I know. The Fire Shrine wants to organize a meeting again in three days, and not far from Tian Xue City. The Wind City is one of the Shrines’ dens,” confirmed Lin Feng indifferently. He understood perfectly. That’s why he had come.

“What do you intend to do, Leader?” asked that peerless Saint. Many people looked at Lin Feng. Since he had taken the reins and become the leader of the Divine Wrath Alliance, what did he intend to do?

“You must remember I told you my stance regarding the Shrines’ alliance a moment ago, right?” Lin Feng asked  that person.

“I remember,” that person nodded.

“What they think about us is the same we think about them. We want to either absorb them or destroy them. The Shrines are at the top of the Continent of the Nine Clouds at the moment. Some Shrines have disappeared, so they can’t let anyone else threaten them anymore. Therefore, no matter what, we don’t care about principles. We need to change the meeting by all means. The meeting must take place in Tian Xue City!” said Lin Feng firmly. He sounded firm, and made the crowd shake.

They all considered their alliances weaker than the Shrines, but now Divine Wrath was making them feel even more confident.

“There’s a big difference between now and last time. Even though we should be happy because they think more highly of us now, we can’t forget how the Soul Shrine has been destroyed and wiped off the map of the Continent of the Nine Clouds,” said Lin Feng. The crowd frowned. They knew that the Shrines thought highly of them in terms of strength… but Lin Feng was right. The Shrines’ alliance could do the same thing to them!

“So what should we do?” one of them asked Lin Feng.

“In three days, we’ll spread the news as quickly as possible. We’ll inform everybody in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. At the same time, if the Fire Shrine’s alliance doesn’t come in three days, we’ll cancel the meeting,” said Lin Feng. His eyes twinkled. Everybody frowned. Since the Fortune Shrine’s members were everywhere in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, they would probably know about that before everyone else, they would probably send strong cultivators to Tian Xue City.

That would make things difficult for the Fire Shrine. The best decision for them would be to not send all their strongest cultivators to Tian Xue City to oppress the alliances. Otherwise, the Fortune Shrine would be able to send people to the Shrine alliance’s Shrines to destroy them. Therefore, the Fire Shrine had to keep half of their strong cultivators somewhere as a protective measure. The three great alliances would be able to take measures, too.

“Let’s do that, then,” said Saintly Emperor Xi the Demon calmly.

“It’s a good plan,” agreed Zi Zhu as well.


After coming up with a plan, the news quickly spread in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. The inhabitants of the Continent of the Nine Clouds quickly learned that three great alliances had been formed.

Three days passed quickly…

There were huge snowflakes in the sky of Tian Xue City. The snow on the ground was thick.

Many people appeared there, forming three groups. However, they didn’t stay far away from each others.

In front of them, another group of people appeared, oppressing the atmosphere there. The leader of that group was the Empty Space Shrine’s Leader.

“The Empty Space Shrine’s Leader has the Celestial Sealing Map, he came to the meeting as the leader, it means everything,” deduced the crowd. They were independent cultivators, independent cultivators would definitely lose against the Shrines’ alliance in one on ones, even Saintly Emperor Xi the Demon and Zi Zhu, who were very strong couldn’t compete with the Shrines’ leaders. The Shrines’ leaders were just terrifying, and they had terrifying Saint’s weapons.

Apart from that, each Shrine had a few other terrifying Saint’s Weapons which their peerless Saints controlled.

Apart from the Empty Space Shrine’s Leader, another Shrine’s leader appeared: the Thunder Shrine’s Leader.

The Thunder Shrine’s Leader had had no choice but to join the Shrines’ alliance after the destruction of the Soul Shrine. The Fire Shrine’s alliance didn’t allow them to stand by and watch. They had to help and get involved, or they would be destroyed.

“Brother Lei, I’ve heard that one of our opponents is called Divine Wrath, have you ever heard of him?” the Empty Space Shrine’s Leader asked the Thunder Shrine’s Leader icily. He had heard about what had happened three days before and he wasn’t happy. He already hated Divine Wrath, and knew he was arrogant.

“Only that he’s just too arrogant!” said the Thunder Shrine’s Leader, bathing in purple lightning. He looked dignified and majestic.

“Everybody, why did you want to meet?” asked Zi Zhu indifferently.

“The seven Shrines’ alliance is recruiting the most outstanding cultivators of the Continent of the Nine Clouds,” said the Thunder Shrine’s Leader in a dignified and majestic way, glancing at the crowd.

“Do you know who we are?” said Saintly Emperor Xi the Demon indifferently. That guy wanted to recruit their people?

“The Continent of the Nine Clouds is a state of chaos. Many people want to fish in troubled waters. However, the Shrines are powerful. Nobody can compete with us. The seven Shrines’ alliance can control the whole world, people who don’t respect us will die like the Soul Shrine. Most people have learned from the Soul Shrine’s past mistakes,” said the Thunder Shrine’s Leader. Many people suddenly felt some fear when they remembered that.

“Alright, if you came to tell us bullshit, you can leave,” said Lin Feng calmly.

The Thunder Shrine’s Leader looked at him, his eyes were filled with lightning as he said, “Don’t be wildly ambitious, don’t think those people will become your puppets. I don’t think those people next to you want to die. Do you think a futile group such as the Divine Wrath Alliance could compete with several Shrines? Do you think a group like the Divine Wrath Alliance could rule over the Continent of the Nine Clouds?”

“If you didn’t come to make things change in the world, why did you, the Empty Space Shrine’s Leader and the Thunder Shrine’s Leader, come here?” Lin Feng said calmly, “Joining the Shrines’ alliance? Ridiculous! You just want us to become cannon fodder so that the Fortune Shrine’s members kill us when they see us? I also want to tell you something, it’s the end of this meeting. If you want to fight, let’s fight; if you want to talk shit, you can leave,” said Lin Feng coldly.

“What an insolent little boy!” said the Empty Space Shrine’s Leader icily. He raised his hand and the Celestial Sealing Map emerged from the palm of his hand and suddenly rose up in the air. Dazzling lights sealed the territory. Lin Feng heard a sound behind him. Some people were terrified. The Empty Space Shrine’s Leader was using the Celestial Sealing Map already.

“Apologize for what you just said,” said the Empty Space Shrine’s Leader coldly. At the same time, the Thunder Shrine’s Leader took out a hammer. That hammer contained lightning, which surrounded his body.

“The Thunder Shrine’s Leader immediately took out the precious item of the Thunder Shrine, the Godly Celestial Thunder Hammer. According to legends, one strike can destroy a whole world. It’s a powerful weapon. The two Shrines’ leaders came with their most precious weapons!” Faces stiffened, and the atmosphere became oppressive. The two leaders were threatening Lin Feng!

Would Lin Feng apologize, though?

Lights flashed, and a long spear appeared in Lin Feng’s hand. It was extremely strange, as it was shorter than a long spear, and it contained sword Qi.

Lin Feng slowly rose up into the air. He stuck the tip of the spear in the snow, an incredible Qi emerged and the ground cracked open. A valley appeared under the spear.

Lin Feng looked at them calmly and said, “If you want to attack, that would be an honor and a pleasure!”


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