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PMG Chapters 2480

PMG Chapters 2480

The Thunder Shrine’s Leader looked furious. Saintly Emperor Xi the Demon and Lin Feng were advancing towards him. Nine godly celestial lightnings dazzled around him.

“Even if you both attack me, it’s useless.” Lightning with snake shapes appeared all around him and lashed out towards Saintly Emperor Xi the Demon and Lin Feng.

“Leader, I’ll help you,” said a peerless Saint, running towards Lin Feng. That way, the Thunder Shrine’s Leader would just fight against Saintly Emperor Xi the Demon.

Back in the days, Saintly Emperor Xi the Demon and Zi Zhu had both become famous, so people considered Zi Zhu and Saintly Emperor Xi the Demon extremely strong. Therefore, that peerless Saint decided to fight against Lin Feng and leave Saintly Emperor Xi the Demon to the Thunder Shrine’s Leader.

Lin Feng looked at the peerless Saint calmly, and smiled evilly. He shook his spear, and lights flashed.

“Die!” Millions of thunderbolts crackled and roared. Lin Feng could sense the atmosphere shake violently around him. Earth strength surrounded him.

The earth strength exploded and lightning raged towards Lin Feng. At the same time, a heavy strength oppressed Lin Feng. He had the impression a mountain range had fallen onto him.

Earth original strength, thought Lin Feng. His enemy also understood earth original strength. Lin Feng continued walking forwards and time lights surrounded him. Light balls which looked like magnificent flowers kept emerging from Lin Feng’s spear. The flowers destroyed the lightning.

The peerless Saint was surprised. Lin Feng was supposed to be stuck, but he looked so relaxed. Each of his spear attacks were as fast as lightning.

Initially, it seemed like Lin Feng’s attacks had reached their maximum speed, but with the time lights, they were even faster.

The Thunder Shrine’s peerless Saint didn’t change his mind because of Lin Feng’s speed. He continued advancing as fast as he could. He threw out a fist which contained lightning energy. In front of him, five lightning bolts appeared.

“Die!” The five thunderbolts crashed towards Lin Feng. When they appeared in front of him, the crowd was convinced he was doomed.

“What a powerful attack.” Lin Feng’s spear flew away. The crowd didn’t understand because the spear didn’t move towards the five lightning bolts. Lin Feng let the five bolts penetrate into his body, thunder cracking loudly. Destructive lights surrounded Lin Feng, and a strong wind started blowing as the space became desolated.

“The Divine Wrath Alliance’s Leader is dead?” The crowd frowned. However, at that moment, lights twinkled. Millions of tablets appeared and turned into Lin Feng. He reappeared beside the spear he had thrown aside. He immediately grabbed it back.

“Pfew… I almost forgot his body is almost indestructible.”

“The attack didn’t destroy him a moment ago. How terrifying! But how did he create such a spell? Divine Wrath is amazing!”

Lin Feng’s attack reached the peerless Saint. The man’s expression changed drastically. He couldn’t believe it. His five lightnings attack was incredible, fast and powerful… even if the Thunder Shrine’s Leader was struck by that attack he would have died, how come Divine Wrath was still alive?

But he didn’t have much time to think. He had to dodge. Lin Feng’s attack was a beautiful Saint’s Technique. It was incredibly fast, as he used time strength in it. The Thunder Shrine’s strong cultivator wanted to resist, but there was a crackling sound, and he didn’t have time to condense energies. The spear pierced through his head. Lin Feng didn’t use spear strength, he mainly relied on speed.

A terrifying strength went through the man, and the cultivator’s body exploded. His soul dispersed, and he was dead. The crowd was astonished, staring blankly at them.

A peerless Saint had just died in battle!

Peerless Saints were extraordinary beings, they were precious even for Shrines. When one of their peerless Saints died, it had a significant impact on their organization. Peerless Saints were at the core of Shrines!

The previous time they had met, Saintly Emperor Xi the Demon and Zi Zhu had won two out of three battles. This time, Zi Zhu fought against the Empty Space Shrine’s Leader, Saintly Emperor Xi the Demon fought against the Thunder Shrine’s Leader, and Divine Wrath killed a peerless Saint in one strike.

“Die!” The Thunder Shrine’s Leader shouted furiously. Lightning descended from the sky towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng continued releasing time strength. At the same time, he continued attacking the bolts with his spear. The atmosphere undulated around him.

At that moment, the Empty Space Shrine and the Thunder Shrine’s peerless cultivators moved forwards. They initially thought that the Shrines’ leaders were enough to resist against their enemies, but they were wrong. A peerless cultivator had even been killed.

“Saintly Emperor Xi the Demon is strong and he has the demon halberd. It’s a terrifying weapon!” the crowd sighed. When the peerless Saints of the Shrines moved forwards, the peerless Saints of the three great alliances also flashed forwards. Strength rolled all around them, a perfect storm of conflicting energies.

“Piss off!” shouted the Thunder Shrine’s Leader. He threw his hammer at Saintly Emperor Xi the Demon. A terrifying godly thunderbolt streaked across the sky. He wanted to destroy Saintly Emperor Xi the Demon!

Saintly Emperor Xi the Demon was holding his halberd. Demon lights surrounded the area. At the same time, there were multiple explosions and energies bombarded the godly thunderbolt. Even though the lightning didn’t get destroyed, at least it was stopped.

The Empty Space Shrine’s Leader noticed that something was wrong. He stretched out his hand and an empty space map shot towards Zi Zhu. Lights flared. Zi Zhu and two other peerless Saints were suddenly sealed in a small space. The Celestial Sealing Map could be used to seal a whole space, and he had sealed the whole area to look dignified and majestic. Now, he realized he had to have a real strategy because Zi Zhu was also extremely strong, so he decided to seal him!

“It seems like the Shrines need to suffer a little bit,” Lin Feng said with an evil smile. “I told you the Shrines’ goal is either to make us submit to them and use us as slaves, or to kill us, I hadn’t thought it would happen so fast. So from now on, when the Divine Wrath Alliance sees anyone from the Shrines’ alliance, kill them!”

“Chaotic Sky Alliance, I give you the same order!” said Saintly Emperor Xi the Demon icily.

“Black Bamboo Alliance, same order!” shouted Zi Zhu. He was stuck in the Celestial Sealing Map. The battle was terrifying, only peerless Saints could participate.

The Empty Space Shrine and the Thunder Shrine’s Leader’s hearts twitched. They hadn’t thought the three great alliances would be this powerful…

The Empty Space Shrine’s Leader walked forwards and suddenly disappeared. He reappeared in the central battlefield and shouted furiously, “Empty space, condense!”

Everything became rigid, the strong cultivators of the great alliances had the impression they were stuck in moving sands.

“Die!” the members of the Shrines attacked, but at the same time, a peerless sharp Qi filled the air. The Empty Space Shrine’s Leader looked nervous. Lin Feng shot towards him without effort, raising his spear as a cage appeared around the Empty Space Shrine’s Leader.

“Insolent!” The Empty Space Shrine’s Leader hadn’t thought that other than Zi Zhu, someone else would dare attack him alone, especially with the intention to kill him!

“Freeze!” Lin Feng had the impression the atmosphere was becoming thicker around him. “You want to die!” said the Empty Space Shrine’s Leader throwing his hand at him.

I can’t use too many attacks in front of him, otherwise he’ll understand who I am, thought Lin Feng. This body’s main strength was that he could disintegrate and then condense again. Actually, it was just an illusion he had created, but at least that way people thought he was immortal. On the other hand, Lin Feng had to find a solution, because if his enemies came to the conclusion that he had no other way to attack, he would be in a critical situation!

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