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PMG hapter 805: Path of Truth

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PMG hapter 805: Path of Truth
Those from Jade Heaven Imperial Palace were the first to enter the palace. Somewhere in the palace, the young and strong cultivators of the Jade Heaven Imperial Clan had all stopped.
“Why? How!” Huang Feng was upset and pulled a long face. In his hands was a golden map, the map was so dazzling that it was difficult to say what it was made of. It even contained ancient, imperial Qi.
“Back then, the great emperor was chased by the demoniac emperor. He escaped and entered a world without an exit to leave his blood in this world. This map is sealed by the Jade Heaven Imperial Clan and contains memories belonging to our ancestors, amongst which there is an incredible book called the “Jade Scriptures.” Unfortunately, our ancestor was not strong enough back when so he couldn’t transmit the memories to us. That’s why he created the scriptures which have been passed down from generation to generation. The Jade Heaven Imperial Clan members know that they have to look for the Jade Heaven Tomb, where they would find the Jade Scriptures, which would enable them to conquer the world.”
Huang Feng thought it out for a moment and he came up with a plausible explanation.
“Now, a thousand years have passed and the Jade Heaven Imperial Clan has been quiet. From generation to generation, we have been searching for the Jade Heaven Tomb. When we find it I want all the members of pir clan to benefit from those Scriptures. But it seems things have changed since back when the demoniac emperor chased the great emperor. There was a great war, so the map of the palace isn’t accurate anymore.”
He understood that the last one who entered the palace was the demoniac emperor, after their great battle some paths became blocked. There were holes in walls and so on, the palace was falling into ruins.
“What should we do?” asked Duan Wu Dao.
Huang Feng remained silent for a few seconds and said, “Everybody separate into five groups, remember that our goal is to find the Jade Heaven Palace, you can leave the rest.” said Huang Feng. The Jade Heaven Palace is a holy place for the Jade Heaven Imperial Palace, it also used to be where the Jade Heaven Imperial Palace’s people lived. Besides all of that, there are the ancient Jade Scriptures!”
In the Continent of the Nine Clouds, becoming a monstrously strong cultivator was the only condition to be part of an imperial family and only members of imperial families could use advanced skills. If the Jade Heaven Imperial Clan managed to find their ancient Jade Scriptures, they would become infinitely stronger. They would conquer the Gan Yu Region, enter the Holy City and become as prestigious, splendid and as glorious as they used to be.
The Jade Heaven people were feeling all-conquering. In a thousand years, they were the first ones to enter their ancestors grave.
Lin Feng and the others looked around after they entered. Things didn’t look as domineering and majestic as they thought, instead it looked like ruins. Everybody seemed to have similar disappointments.
“There has been a great war here.” people thought. Lin Feng and his friends were the only ones who knew what was going on. They knew that back then, the great emperor was chased by the demoniac emperor. So they immediately understood what happened here after a first glance.
“Oh my… there are intent crystals everywhere.” someone shouted. They were breaking walls and finding twinkling stones everywhere, a terrifying strength exuded from them.
Nobody was worried about fighting for the crystals because there were stones everywhere, the walls were made of intent stones.
Everyone was mining with a frenzy, they needed those intent stones for when they broke through to the Tian Qi layer. Then they would have amazing effects, or they could be traded for other amazing items. Intent stones were precious treasures for people of the Tian Qi layer and below. However, for extremely strong cultivators, they were just ordinary stones.
“You guys can go ahead.” Lin Feng said to the people of Tian Chi. If someday Lin Feng became the leader of Tian Chi, he had to make sure it was powerful. They should take as much as they could now so future cultivators could benefit.
“Okay.” said the others while nodding. They all started gathering intent stones.
“Huang Fu Long, how do you feel?” Lin Feng and Tang You You both took out some healing pills for Huang Fu Long’s severe injuries. Even after a few healing pills he wouldn’t recover completely.
“I’m okay, go ahead and pick some intent crystals, take some for me as well.” said Huang Fu Long, smiling in a free and natural way.
“Don’t worry, we’re in the great emperor’s palace. To us, intent crystals are precious treasures but for the great emperor, they are ordinary stones. There must be treasures much more valuable than those in here.”
Indeed, they were in the great emperor’s palace so how could it lack intent crystals? There were probably monstrously powerful items as well.
“Hehe, you’re right but it would be better to have some, so why not seize the opportunity now? I’ve never used such good items. And even if I can’t use them, I can sell them.” Huang Fu Long was giggling. He made an effort to collect some of the crystals, ignoring his injuries.
“That guy…” said Lin Feng, smiling and shaking his head. Even now he only thought about his friends, they were true friends.
They all began picking intent crystals as well. Huang Fu Long was right, why not seize that opportunity? Even if those crystals were nothing for the great emperor, they were treasures to them.
At that moment, everyone was busy picking those treasures without thinking about anything else. Whenever someone felt like they had had enough, they would leave towards the inside of the palace. Weren’t there even more amazing treasures awaiting for them in other places of the palace?
Lin Feng and his friends soon started walking deeper into the palace. Everybody was hunting for treasures, and quite a few found abstruse crystals.
Apart from intent and abstruse crystals, others found some extremely powerful ingredients and weapons, while others found pictures. The walls of the palace had those mysterious veins for which an energy had been flowing for a thousand years.
Lin Feng and friends come across a hall with a door that looked old and simple. At the top, there was writing: “Path of Truth!”
“Ask questions and understand… that was where the great emperor sought the truth.” said Lin Feng. While opening the door, a strident sound was heard. Inside the hall, there was a precipice and a few statues which looked alive!

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