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PMGChapter 1317: Tian Long Divine Castle’s Union

PMGChapter 1317: Tian Long Divine Castle’s Union

“Their cultivators are fusing together with each others dragon energies. That cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer from Tian Long Divine Castle can almost turn into a real dragon.” thought some members of Tiantai. The holy marks already destroyed a lot of their cultivators, only twenty or so of their strongest cultivators are left.

On the side of Tiantai, apart from the direct disciples, not many people could compete with them.

“Hou Qing Lin, even if you reached the top of the Zun Qi layer, it doesn’t matter, you’re still too weak. And Mu Chen isn’t here to save you!” said the strong cultivator who had turned into a dragon. He was challenging Mu Chen.

“Against you, I don’t need him to come!” said Hou Qing Lin calmly. Dragons roared and pieces from the mountain exploded. The gigantic dragon threw himself at Hou Qing Lin.

“Scatter!” shouted Hou Qing Lin. Many of the people from Tiantai quickly moved away. A battle between the dragon and Hou Qing Lin could spill over and harm the weaker cultivators.

“Little monk, I will show you that I am stronger by reducing you to dust.” a cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer appeared in front of Tian Chi as well. He hadn’t transformed into a dragon, but he was wearing a dragon-armor which seemed extremely strong.

Tian Chi acted as if he hadn’t heard anything. He put his palms together and started chanting a mantra in a clear, melodious, pure, deep, far-reaching Brahma voice.

“Die!” shouted the cultivator. Without releasing any energy, he moved towards Tian Chi, slashing with his claws.

However, Tian Chi didn’t try to dodge, instead, he continued chanting mantras. The Buddha behind him was shaking, the gigantic hand of the Buddha met the dragon’s claws. They collided many times, each time shaking space around them. The energies released by their attacks dispersed all around, luckily there was nobody around to get hurt.

The mountain range became a battlefield and everybody was fighting. Tian Long Divine Castle had more cultivators than Tiantai because many of Tiantai’s cultivators were sent back by the boat already.

Lin Feng didn’t leave. He was riding Qiong Qi’s while holding his Tian Ji Sword. He was already surrounded by three strong cultivators.

Two of them had broken through to the fifth Zun Qi layer and one of them to the sixth Zun Qi layer.

“Buddy, we need to escape!” Lin Feng glanced at the fighters all around him. Tiantai no longer had the advantage. Even Hou Qing Lin didn’t necessarily have the advantage. After all, he had just reached the top of the Zun Qi layer whereas the cultivator from Tian Long Divine Castle had an imperial weapon.

“Alright!” said Qiong Qi. Instead of fighting, they flew around leaving behind mysterious marks. Then they flew off.

“Chase them!” shouted the three cultivators.

The three cultivators’ faces twitched. They didn’t want to chase Lin Feng because they knew he had Emperor Wu Tian Jian’s sword, but Lin Feng was one of the people they definitely had to kill. They had to, so they quickly made up their mind to chase him.

Very quickly, Lin Feng and Qiong Qi had made it a few hundred meters away. Lin Feng said to Qiong Qi, using telepathy, “Buddy, we can’t play around today. The three of them are strong cultivators from Tian Long and those who have broken through to the fifth Zun Qi layer or above are still difficult for me to defeat. I need your help.”

“Don’t worry, just use your territory spell and I’ll help you kill them!” said Qiong Qi. Even though he had the nine netherworlds demon lotus, he couldn’t use it because people would know that he was the one who had cheated the eight emperors.

“Understood!” Lin Feng suddenly stopped, turned around, and faced the three cultivators.

“Die!” They all threw themselves at Lin Feng. Their dragons were roaring furiously and their claws were lacerating the air.

However, Lin Feng didn’t look worried at all. He was just smiling.

“Boom boom!” Their claws were about to reach them when the space suddenly became distorted.

“Demonic territory!” the three cultivators were trapped now.

“Kill him!” shouted one of them.

“Ah…” a horrible shriek sounded. He was suddenly surrounded by demonic fire and was burning alive.

The faces of the other two turned deathly pale. They were staring at a silhouette, but it wasn’t Lin Feng, it was a Taoist monk who was releasing demonic fire. It was the Taoist monk from the legends!

Very quickly, two more horrible shrieks appeared and the demonic territory disappeared. Lin Feng took their rings for himself.

“Not bad. Emperor, let’s go back!” said Lin Feng smiling.

“What’s going on?” the cultivators from Tian Long were surprised when Lin Feng came back unscathed. They hadn’t sensed the Qi from Emperor Wu Tian Jian’s sword, so how had Lin Feng killed those three strong cultivators?

“Hou Qing Lin, you’re wearing the seven feathers robe!” said the dragon. His scepter contributed to making his dragon transformation perfect, so apart from emperors, he had no equal.

But Hou Qing Lin was wearing a Taoist robe made of feathers, an imperial weapon called the seven feathers robe which could multiply the users speed. Thanks to his speed, he had already killed five of the stronger cultivators from Tian Long.

“You’re not stupid.” said Hou Qing Lin. Tian Long Divine Castle had already lost seven or eight strong cultivators while Tiantai hadn’t lost anyone.

“I thought you would use Emperor Wu Tian Jian’s sword, but it seems like Tiantai doesn’t intend to use it.” said the gigantic dragon, looking down at Lin Feng. “It seems like someone guessed right, Lin Feng cannot use Emperor Wu Tian Jian’s sword as many times as he wishes. There must be conditions.” said the cultivator of the top of the Zun Qi layer.

“Lin Feng, how many more times can you use Emperor Wu Tian Jian’s sword?” asked the gigantic dragon. Lin Feng smiled and said, “Maybe I’ll tell you when you’re about to die.”

“Is that so? You won’t be able to I fear, unless you use it today.” said the dragon, before stretching out his claws. A dazzling picture scroll appeared and some silhouettes jumped out of it. Lin Feng was astonished, it was them!

“No matter what tensions there are between Tian Long and Tiantai, we don’t care. However, today, the Qi Clan will definitely kill Lin Feng!” said a voice aggressively. It was the strong cultivators from the Qi Clan!

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