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PMG Chapter 2481

PMG Chapter 2481

The Empty Space Shrine’s Leader’s attack crushed the whole space around them. His attack moved closer and closer to Lin Feng.

“Time,” said Lin Feng. Time passed faster around his body and slower in the outside world. At the same time, he used the spear to protect his body, it turned into a vortex which absorbed everything around him. All the lights generated by the attacks around him were absorbed.

The Empty Space Shrine’s Leader was taken aback when he saw that. Lin Feng could absorb attacks so easily?

He took a step forwards and threw out his hands. Lin Feng had the impression that the space around him was becoming isolated and moving away from the world.

“Eh?” Lin Feng sensed that the space around him was being drawn towards the Empty Space Shrine’s Leader.

“What kind of attack is that?” Lin Feng frowned, he didn’t understand. The Empty Space Shrine’s Leader was truly strong.

The Empty Space Shrine’s Leader walked forwards, he looked furious. His eyes were filled with killing intent. To him, Lin Feng was doomed!

“Destroy!” he said icily. The space around him undulated, it was on the verge of exploding.

Lin Feng threw himself at the Empty Space Shrine’s Leader. The Empty Space Shrine’s Leader was surprised, his face stiffened. His expression was really funny to see. He was asking himself, How can that guy cross an empty space I created?

A mysterious strength surrounded him, he sensed something, and saw the spear driving towards him, thrusting at his head.

Empty space lights flashed. He could sense he was moving much slower, and he frowned in consternation.

The ground trembled. A strength struck his body, to his astonishment. Divine Wrath, who had just shown up and wasn’t known before, had proven he could compete with him!

“Piss off!” The space around the Empty Space Shrine’s Leader changed slightly, Lin Feng’s spear passed next to his head. The Empty Space Shrine’s Leader disappeared.

He reappeared somewhere else, staring at Lin Feng in fury.

Lin Feng flew forwards. He stood proudly in front of the strong cultivators of the three great alliances. The battles around them were fierce and tragic. Both sides had lost peerless Saints. Three peerless Saints had already been killed. It was an incredible thing in the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

“Go!” said the Empty Space Shrine’s Leader. The strong cultivators of the Empty Space Shrine and the Thunder Shrine fled. They had fewer cultivators on their side than the three great alliances this time. They had relied on their leaders and their ultimate weapons to oppress those independent cultivators, but hadn’t thought the independents would be so strong. The Thunder Shrine’s Leader was extremely powerful, but Saintly Emperor Xi the Demon was so strong so the Thunder Shrine’s Leader couldn’t kill him.

Even though the Empty Space Shrine’s Leader could seal the space with the Celestial Sealing Map, he couldn’t kill Zi Zhu and Divine Wrath, even if he sealed them. They were at a dead end.

“Do you think you can go?” said Lin Feng icily. He suddenly released time strength to move faster and attacked someone who was moving away, that person sensed a strange and mysterious strength surround him. He turned around and saw a spear shooting towards him.


After the Empty Space Shrine took the Celestial Sealing Map away, Zi Zhu froze time. Many people stopped moving in front of Lin Feng. He could easily kill them with his spear. A vortex made of absorbing strength appeared around the spear, and the spear absorbed their vitality and intent. Bodies exploded and souls dispersed, one after another.

“Remember me!” shouted the Empty Space Shrine’s Leader explosively.

However, Zi Zhu just laughed and shot back, “You came to kill us and now you’re running away and your people are getting killed! And now you still dare get angry in front of us?”

The Thunder Shrine’s Leader stood in the sky, holding his Thunder Hammer. He raised it, thunder rumbled out, and lightning descended from the sky.

“Back!” shouted Zi Zhu. Lin Feng and Saintly Emperor Xi the Demon shot forwards.

The Thunder Shrine’s Leader was surprised at their resolve, and followed those who were running away, “I’m sure we’ll meet again!”

Lin Feng’s spear attacked the lightning bolts. He watched those people running away icily. They had still killed three peerless Saints, it was an achievement!

Some people were struck by lightning, and lost arms and legs. They were amazed by the power of those ultimate weapons. But their three great alliances had still lost less people than the Shrines.

“WOOOOO!” someone shouted excitedly. They had made two Shrines’ leaders run away, even with their ultimate weapons!

“After what happened today, we’ll see if they dare attack us again!” said someone happily. Everybody would soon know about this throughout the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, and would probably be amazed.

“If we continue collaborating, we’ll be as strong as the Shrines and at the top of the Continent of the Nine Clouds,” Zi Zhu smiled. Then he looked at the crowd and said, “Tian Xue City is the place where we became famous. The three great alliances could settle here, what do you think?”

“No,” said Lin Feng instantly.

Zi Zhu looked at Lin Feng and smiled, “Divine Wrath, what do you suggest?”

“This battle will shake the whole continent. But it’s not enough. The Empty Space Shrine’s alliance isn’t only made of two Shrines. If we settle in Tian Xue City, the seven Shrines will come and attack us here, and we’ll be destroyed instantly,” said Lin Feng.

“Indeed, Divine Wrath. So, what do you think we should do?” Zi Zhu asked with a smile. They had seen how Lin Feng was during the battle.

“We must take the initiative to attack the seven Shrines’ alliance, we must make them suffer significant losses. They lost three peerless Saints this time, it’s not bad already. If we continue and keep up the good work, then we’ll stand at the top of the Continent of the Nine Clouds and we’ll be able to control it,” said Lin Feng with a hard smile.

“The seven Shrines formed the Iron Alliance. They are all connected by teleportation portals. We can’t go there and attack them directly,” said Zi Zhu. He was curious.

“If we can contact the Fortune Shrine’s alliance and join hands with them, we could attack them once,” said Lin Feng. Everybody could imagine. The Fortune Shrine’s alliance was made of four groups, the three great alliances was made of three groups. They didn’t know how strong the Fortune Shrine’s alliance was, but the three great alliances were stronger than three Shrines. Right now, the biggest problem was to fight against the seven Shrines, because they all had ultimate weapons. Otherwise, killing entire groups in the Shrines would be something easy for them.

“We need to think and plan,” said someone.

“Yes, indeed, it’s not a small thing,” Lin Feng agreed. “Let’s stay in Tian Xue City for now. At the same time, have the news spread so that the Fortune Shrine’s alliance hears about us.”

“Alright, let’s go!” everybody agreed, and quickly dispersed. They were all happy, the battle had been perfect for them!

The news quickly spread throughout the Continent of the Nine Clouds, and people were astonished. Three groups of independent cultivators were rising in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. The battles in that chaotic world were getting more and more astounding. Everybody was curious to see how the situation would end up. Would things end up like back in the past?


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