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PMG Chapter 2488: Ruler’s Godly Imprint

PMG Chapter 2488: Ruler’s Godly Imprint

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Lin Feng sat down cross-legged in his pavilion. In his world, he was a god. Now, he could do almost anything in his world.

He had changed it a lot, the Qi in his own world had become mysterious and powerful. In front of him, there were all sorts of strengths, which turned into rivers and flowed towards him.

“Condense!” said Lin Feng. The rivers collided together and condensed. Dazzling golden lights appeared in the sky. They looked like lights of righteousness, noble as a God’s halo.

Lin Feng was god in his world, but his original strengths hadn’t all reached the maximum level. They were just extremely pure and had turned into a special god’s strength. Even if the strengths were not at the maximum level, they were still powerful, and they increased as Lin Feng became stronger. As he studied, his original strengths also became more powerful.

These years, Lin Feng had generated more and more clones. They practiced cultivation everywhere, and they studied all sorts of things. Only his real body practiced things which were really specific to him, including things related to his own world.

He also wanted to create a godly spell. He had started, but it was still rudimentary, he hadn’t managed to finish it. However, after the recent battles, he had almost died, and it had allowed him to understand how to make time stop. Therefore, he had decided to meditate in seclusion. If Hou Qing Lin and the others hadn’t come to visit him, he wouldn’t have come out.

But he had had a great time with his friends. They had talked about all sorts of things, and it had also helped him understand a few things, so it had been beneficial for his cultivation!

Perseverance was important. In the world of cultivation, people were usually cold and detached, emotionless, they only cared about their own interests. Lin Feng had gone through so much in life, but he had never become emotionless or heartless. He had compassion, he had feelings. He was attached to his feelings, and he didn’t want to give them up, so it was also a way for him to persevere. He wanted to be true to himself no matter what, he didn’t want to go against his own convictions.

To progress on the path of cultivation, several things were important all along that journey. In the Star World, the god had transmitted knowledge to him because he had studied Celestial Dao. He hadn’t gone against his own convictions, he was true to himself and he had received extensive knowledge and a profound scholarship. When he had become a Saint, he had decided to be true to himself too, just like Saint Emperor Freeze, who had decided to return to the source. Chu Chun Qiu had actually done the same, he had remained true to himself by going against the will of Heaven. He had become his own god, a bit like Lin Feng.

“When you understand Celestial Dao, you remain true to yourself and you can create your own self,” whispered Lin Feng. His state of mind became extremely particular, and he started dreaming.

He experienced a lot in that dream. Time passed. He studied and experienced many other people’s lives. He studied all sorts of strengths, he studied the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, demon skills, the Ancient Holy Techniques, and in his dream, everything flowered briefly like the broad-leaved epiphyllum.


Many years passed. In his mind, Lin Feng saw many dazzling stars. Great imperial and imperial Qi appeared and intertwined. Lin Feng transformed them, they looked like ancient imprints. A chessboard made of stars appeared. They had their own pulsations, their own patterns, and yet blended into nature.

It continued for three years, but Lin Feng didn’t notice that. Of course, because time was different in his world, in the outside world, only a few months passed.

On that day, Lin Feng opened his eyes and dazzling golden lights flashed. He was surrounded by a Saint’s aura. He looked solemn, his Qi looked noble, and resembled nature itself. His energies were of the highest quality.

Lin Feng’s whole body had changed.

“In order to transmit a Saint’s technique, you need to use your godly awareness, so nobody can steal or study my Saint’s technique. If I want to transmit this one, I must transmit it using my godly awareness,” he murmured. A Saint’s technique had to be transmitted using godly awareness, otherwise the receiver wasn’t able to grasp the details.

“I’m a god here, everything is like an imprint I created. Therefore, I will call this attack my Ruler’s Godly Imprint!” he declared. The Ruler’s Godly Imprint could replace the God’s Sword, it was much more powerful.

When Lin Feng thought about it, he inspected the whole world, and went to the Holy Place of Xue Yue.


The Empire of Xue Yue had become a place with many extremely strong cultivators. It had become much bigger, too. Xue Yue was as big as a city of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. There were many Saints there. Saint Emperors were also quite common. Emperors were considered weak. There were trillions of them.

Lin Feng arrived in Xue Yue and spent some time with his family members. He also convoked the Saints of Xue Yue and taught them various things. The Saints of Xue Yue considered Lin Feng a god. They all bowed before him.

Lin Feng brought his two sons to his world. Then he attended to the Divine Wrath Shrine.

There were still many incredible battles in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. The different influential groups of the continent were relentless. They all wanted to become stronger, and they all wanted to take advantage of those chaotic times to rise.

Lin Feng went up to a Saint of the Divine Wrath Shrine and asked, “What does the situation of the Shrines look like now?”

“Back then, the Empty Space Shrine’s alliance lost. The Empty Space Shrine wanted to use the Wind Shrine’s precious treasure. Two Saints from the Wind Shrine remained and they didn’t agree, but the Empty Space Shrine’s Leader killed them instantly. At the same time, the Empty Space Shrine’s Leader sent people to kill some others from their own alliance who didn’t agree with him.

“The other Shrines of their alliance didn’t want to offend the Empty Space Shrine’s Leader anymore. The Celestial Sealing Map was broken, the Wind Shrine’s ultimate weapon was a kind of substitute. If they continue having inner conflicts, they’ll become weaker and weaker.

“The Empty Space Shrine’s alliance had a few inner conflicts, and the Fortune Shrine attacked them a few times, but the losses were too important. Now, if the Empty Space Shrine’s alliance fights against the Fortune Shrine’s alliance, they’ll both suffer great losses. Nobody has the advantage anymore. There’s an equilibrium in the balance of power now.

“In the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, the influential groups are all competing. There are a few incredible cultivators, especially one of them, Chu Chun Qiu, who used to be a member of the Fortune Shrine. He’s turned into a gigantic demon; he can now destroy entire sects or clans instantly. When he does so, he absorbs their strong cultivators’ vitality. He created an incredibly powerful Sky Absorbing Saint’s Technique and can absorb people’s strength. It is said that he has already killed and absorbed the strength of billions of people, and he started five hundred years ago. Now his victims are just stronger and stronger. Many strong cultivators in the Continent of the Nine Clouds are watching him.”

When Lin Feng heard that, he shivered. Chu Chun Qiu had decided to become a real destructive demon. He just killed anyone as long as he could become stronger. How dangerous!

“Alright, I understand,” Lin Feng nodded.


The news that he had stopped meditating in seclusion quickly spread. A few months later, the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts came to see Lin Feng. He asked “Lin Feng, how come you didn’t tell us you had stopped meditating in seclusion?”

Lin Feng smiled, “Brother, do you need my help?”

“Back in the days, we agreed we’d destroy our enemies, we said we would stand at the very top of the world. Now we have an opportunity, so of course I came to see you, what do you think?” said the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts.

Lin Feng’s eyes twinkled, he asked, “What is your idea?”

“Right now, the Fire Shrine and the others are already extremely weak. I want to attack both the Fire Shrine and the Dazzling Gold Shrine at the same time. This time, we’ll crush the Dazzling Gold Shrine and we’ll cut the Fire Shrine’s wings. What do you think?” the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts asked. Lin Feng was surprised.

“We can’t let the same thing as last time happen this time. I will send my people to the Fire Shrine to watch them. When we’re sure, we can attack,” said the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts sharply.

Lin Feng sighed, his eyes glittered, and he said, “Alright, I’ll convoke the members of the Divine Wrath Shrine, let’s get ready to go to the Dazzling Gold Shrine!”

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