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PMG Chapter 2490: Decisive Battle

PMG Chapter 2490: Decisive Battle

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The Fire Shrine’s alliance was shaken. The Wind Shrine had been destroyed, now the Dazzling Gold Shrine had been destroyed. The Divine Wrath Shrine had risen and their leader was considered a god by many. He could kill Shrines’ leaders who had ultimate weapons. The Seven Shrines’ alliance members who remained were panic-stricken, scared their judgement day had come.

The five Shrines’ leaders gathered in the Fire Shrine, they didn’t know what to think.

“What should we do now?” asked the Thunder Shrine’s Leader after a long time. He was an incredible cultivator, but at that moment, he looked scared and dispirited. Were they going to be destroyed as well?

“I invited the strongest cultivators of the Roc Clan to gather here. Let’s wait for them to arrive,” said the Fire Shrine’s Leader calmly. “We should give up and escape.”

“How could I give up my Shrine? We’re extremely powerful,” said the Demon Shrine’s Leader icily. “I want to fight!”

“We’re five Shrines, we still have five ultimate weapons. With the members of the Roc Clan, we are definitely stronger,” said the Ice and Snow Shrine’s Leader.

The eyes of the Empty Space Shrine’s and the Thunder Shrine’s Leaders glittered. They had to come up with a decision, but in any case, they had already reached a point of no return.

“According to rumors, Lin Feng has already become stronger than peerless Saints. How could we win against him?!” said the Thunder Shrine’s Leader.

“Eh? He has completely transcended worldliness and become a God?” said the Fire Shrine’s Leader looking at him. “You think that if a god wants to kill you, you can just escape and hide? Besides, do you really believe he could have become a god? Impossible!

“He’s just a strong peerless Saint because he fused lots of special original strengths together, and then he created some powerful attacks. As long as he’s a peerless Saint, we can kill him! The thing is that he can almost make time stop, we just have to be very careful. The problem is when he manages to use that technique on us, he can easily attack us while we’re powerless, we just have to be careful and we won’t end up like the Dazzling Gold Shrine’s Leader.”

Everybody nodded. They had to fight!


The news that the Fire Shrine’s alliance wanted to have a final battle against the Divine Wrath Shrine and the Fortune Shrine’s alliance quickly spread throughout the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Everybody in the Continent of the Nine Clouds was watching the Fire Shrine.

The final battle of the Continent of the Nine Clouds: who would finish at the top?

Of course, the Fortune Shrine’s alliance and the Divine Wrath Shrine heard about it, too.

Lin Feng was in the former territory of the Fortune Shrine. There were many strong cultivators in a palace there. When Lin Feng arrived, he saw the Fortune Shrine’s Leader and the others, their fortune robes were fluttering in the wind. The Fortune Shrine’s Leader and the Diviner glanced at one another. Something unusual was going on, everybody could feel it.

“Eh?” Lin Feng frowned and slowly walked forwards. “What’s the matter, Teacher?”

“Nothing. Lin Feng, don’t get involved. I have a bad premonition. My visions are ominous,” said the Diviner.

The Fortune Shrine’s Leader looked nervous. He looked glum and said icily, “Move back.”

The Diviner looked at the Leader and said indifferently, “Leader, please revoke your order.”

“Insolent!” shouted the Fortune Shrine’s Leader icily. His eyes were filled with killing intent. He jumped forwards, the Diviner groaned with pain and took steps backwards.

Lin Feng was startled and asked, “Teacher, what happened?”

“Lin Feng, stay away from the Fortune Shrine!” said the Diviner, smiling at Lin Feng. Someone looked at him icily.

“I would love to know how well you hid your real strength!” said the Fortune Shrine’s Leader. He jumped forwards and threw his hand at the Diviner.

“Stop!” shouted Lin Feng icily, his facial expression changing darkly. “Time, standstill!”

Time stopped. Lin Feng moved towards the Diviner at the speed of light, landing next to him and threw his hand at the Leader’s hand which was moving towards the Diviner.

Time became normal again. People were stunned. How could there be an internal conflict at the time of a decisive battle?

“Good boy, Mara-Deva! Mandate of Heaven, die!” shouted the Fortune Shrine’s Leader icily. Destiny strength surrounded the Diviner, and he screamed, he couldn’t compete with the Fortune Shrine’s Leader.

“I am not afraid of death! That being the case, I hope that you can go against the principles of Heaven, Leader!” said the Diviner. His silhouette became illusory, he could die at any second.

Lin Feng was furious. He stopped time again and moved like the wind. He released Ruler’s Godly Imprints, which turned into sharp swords and shot towards the Fortune Shrine’s Leader.

Time had thoroughly stopped at that moment. Lin Feng took out a sharp sword which shot towards the Fortune Shrine’s Leader. The Fortune Shrine’s Leader was looking at Lin Feng calmly, he didn’t resist.

“Lin Feng!” shouted voices furiously. Lin Feng’s hand struck the Fortune Shrine’s Leader’s shoulder, which burst apart, blood going everywhere. However, the Leader was still staring at Lin Feng.

“If you kill me, then it’s the will of Heaven, and I won’t be mad at you,” said the Fortune Shrine’s Leader calmly.

Lin Feng shouted furiously, “What is going on?!

“Take it!” said the Fortune Shrine’s Leader, smiling at Lin Feng. He gave Lin Feng something and said, “Everybody, I am not going to join the decisive battle. From now on, the members of the Fortune Shrine can listen to Lin Feng! Respect Lin Feng like you respect me! I also hope that the Earth Shrine and the Celestial Sound Shrine can join hands with the Divine Wrath Shrine, and that you will be able to destroy the Fire Shrine!”

Lin Feng remained silent. He took what the leader had given to him and turned around, looking at the Diviner.

“Don’t go,” said the Diviner, shaking his head.

“I don’t want anything to happen to you, Teacher,” said Lin Feng. He rose up in the air and ordered, “Let’s go!”

Everybody followed him, including the members of the Fortune Shrine. They all flew towards the Fire Shrine.

People in Fortune City looked at the cultivators in the sky and shivered. Was it time for the decisive battle?


The Fire Shrine’s strong cultivators had already gathered in a battle formation, waiting for them. A strong wind started blowing, and the atmosphere became oppressive. Every cultivator who wasn’t involved fled. It was far too dangerous there!

“Die!” said Lin Feng. The strong cultivators behind him didn’t dare move too fast. If one person was too far out in the front, they could get surrounded easily.

“Great Celestial Seal!” said someone. The earth and sky seemed to freeze. Everybody found it difficult to move. It was the power of an ultimate weapon.

“Time, standstill!” said Lin Feng. All the attacks stopped moving. The old ox and Lin Feng destroyed the attacks which had stopped in the sky.

Time became normal again. Zi Zhu said, “Time, freeze!”

The strong cultivators of the Fire Shrine’s alliance had started moving again, but now they stopped again. Lin Feng looked at a peerless Saint aggressively, like an angry god.

That figure turned into a beam of light, the Ruler’s Godly Imprints made space tremble and surrounded that cultivator.

“That’s…” When the crowd saw Lin Feng’s attack, they were astonished, he looked like an almighty god. Everybody was shaking violently, they didn’t dare get too close to him.

“Thunder Shrine Leader, attack him with your hammer!” said the Fire Shrine Leader. The Thunder Shrine Leader was surrounded by celestial lightning, a terrifying lightning strength thundered around him.

“Empty Space Shrine Leader, let’s join hands!” said the Ice and Snow Shrine Leader. They both flew towards a peerless Saint of the Divine Wrath Shrine.

“Empty space, freeze!”

“Great Celestial Seal!” shouted the two cultivators.

Then they stopped, the Empty Space Shrine’s Leader disappeared and reappeared in front of someone. He threw his fist at him, and the space broke around him. A cultivator also released an ice and frost attack. The Ice and Frost Shrine’s Leader had also used his terrifying ultimate weapon and killed a strong cultivator. When the leaders of two Shrines joined hands, their power was explosive.

“Earth Shrine Leader, fight against the Thunder Shrine Leader. Celestial Sound Shrine Leader, fight against the Fire Shrine Leader; Saintly Emperor Xi the Demon, fight against the Demon Shrine Leader. Zi Zhu and brother Ox, follow me,” said Lin Feng, moving towards the Ice and Frost Shrine and the Empty Space Shrine Leaders.

Zi Zhu and the old ox followed him. They were both incredible warriors. With Lin Feng, they could probably destroy their enemies easily!

At that moment, whistles from extreme speed could be heard. In the distance, a group of gigantic rocs appeared. The leader of the group was the roc king.

“We knew you’d come!” World lights flashed in the sky. A group of godly dragons appeared, King Dragon leading them.

“King Roc, you thought you were using them and in the end they used you, how ridiculous!” said King Dragon mockingly. The roc king’s eyes looked sharp at the humiliation. He was the fastest creature in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, nobody dared make fun of him. Who would dare fight against him alone?!

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