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PMG Chapter 2491: Acknowledge Allegiance

PMG Chapter 2491: Acknowledge Allegiance

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People on the ground saw the members of the Roc Clan and the Dragon Clan fighting, the two great Animal Clans were also participating in this battle. The fate of the Continent of the Nine Clouds was at stake!

Lin Feng, Zi Zhu, and the old ox continued flying towards the Empty Space Shrine Leader and the Ice and Frost Shrine Leader. Those five cultivators already held the lives countless powerful cultivators in their hands. They were dangerous!

The Empty Space Shrine and the Ice and Snow Shrine Leaders watched their three enemies. They couldn’t help but withdraw in fear.

“Curse!” said Lin Feng. Cursing strength appeared in front of him, and he also created a few clones. His cursing strength turned into a river, corroding the enemies’ luck and life. Combining cursing strength with water made it flow with even more power. Everybody around felt sick.

“Empty Space Shrine Leader, don’t you have two ultimate weapons?! Take them out!” said the Ice and Snow Shrine Leader.

“The Celestial Sealing Map is broken. I can’t fix it, and I didn’t manage to modify the other one, so I can’t use it properly,” said the Empty Space Shrine Leader, annoyed. Time strength appeared around them as the old ox attacked.

“Zi Zhu!” called Lin Feng. Zi Zhu understood, and time froze. Lin Feng and the old ox attacked at the same time.

“Great Celestial Seal!” shouted the Ice and Snow Shrine Leader coldly. His ultimate weapon floated out in front of him.

“Break!” shouted Lin Feng, releasing his Ruler’s Godly Imprints, which seemed like they could break anything. The Great Celestial Seal undulated and crackled under Lin Feng’s overlapping attacks. At the same time, he continued moving forward, looking like an ancient god. Who could compete with him?

The Empty Space Shrine Leader was frightened, and released empty space strength to surround himself. He was trying to penetrate into another space.

“Time, standstill!” said Lin Feng. Everything stopped moving around him. Lin Feng charged at the Empty Space Shrine Leader. He landed in front of the man and released his Ruler’s Godly Imprints again.

The Empty Space Shrine Leader’s face turned deathly pale. Time became normal again, and he immediately released empty space, trying to isolate himself from the outside world.

The Ruler’s Godly Imprints smashed into the space around Lin Feng with brutal explosions, space trembled and the sky seemed about to collapse.

The empty space was shattered. The Empty Space Shrine Leader looked terrified, he couldn’t escape.

“Time Condensation!” Zi Zhu attacked the Empty Space Shrine Leader as well, which slowed the latter down. At the same time, the old ox and Lin Feng accelerated as Lin Feng released fast strength. At this moment, Lin Feng was much, much faster than the Empty Space Shrine Leader.

“Destroy!” Lin Feng continued attacking the Empty Space Shrine Leader with imprints. The Empty Space Shrine Leader tried to isolate himself in another space again. However, his empty space strength broke apart instantly. He was at a dead end, and had nowhere to escape to. The peerless god’s strength surrounded him, his body exploded into a billion pieces, and he vanished.

He was dead!

The hearts of those watching pounded violently in astonishment. Lin Feng’s strength had become extreme. Nobody could fight against him alone anymore. With the help of Zi Zhu and the old ox, it was even more incredible, the trio looked like killing gods. Nobody could stop them!

“What should we do?!” the Thunder Shrine Leader cried out while attacking, the Earth Shrine Leader blocking him.

Another Shrine Leader had died. How tragic!

He turned around and saw the Fire Shrine Leader and the Demon Shrine Leader. They didn’t want to fight anymore, they knew they could die anytime. Their enemies were too strong.

What he saw made him speechless. The strong cultivators who had charged forth under a hail of attacks were all members of the Empty Space Shrine and the Thunder Shrine. The three other Shrines were trying to escape. They didn’t fight!

“Back!” shouted the Thunder Shrine Leader furiously. He realized that apart from him, only two peerless Saints were left among the strong cultivators of the Thunder Shrine!

“Haha! How awesome!” shouted the Earth Shrine Leader happily. They could finally compete with their enemies!

“Back? It’s a battle to the death! The leader of the Continent of the Nine Clouds will be determined at the end of this battle!” said the Fire Shrine Leader coldly.

The Thunder Shrine Leader was furious and shouted, “Qiong Yang, what is that supposed to mean?”

“After this battle, we’ll know who the new leader of the Continent of the Nine Clouds is!” stated the Fire Shrine Leader coldly.

Those watching were appalled; he was clearly in a position of weakness and he dared act that arrogantly!?

“During the battle in the ancient past, a god died. Now it’s different; a god is going to rise! A Forbidden Person is rising, but just who is going to become a god?!” shouted the Fire Shrine Leader.

His voice reverberated far, far away. The Fire Shrine Leader was extraordinarily old, a very ancient Shrine leader, just like the Fortune Shrine Leader. They were both incredibly strong. But Lin Feng, a Forbidden Person, was rising at the speed of light. Why was the Fire Shrine Leader still so confident and arrogant?!

At that moment, the crowd’s attention turned to the Ice and Snow Shrine Leader, who had arrived next to him.

“Are you ready?” asked the Fire Shrine Leader.

“I’ve been practicing the godly skills for such a long time, all for today, right? I will do my best to stand at the very top of the Continent of the Nine Clouds,” said the Ice and Snow Shrine calmly.

“We’ve been patient for so many years! Since we weren’t talented enough to become gods, we have to rely on our own strength to make things change in this world! From now on, you and I will become the gods of this world!” shouted the Fire Shrine Leader. His hand streaked across the sky, and his flames started burning. Manifold flames dazzled and sparkled around him, a magnificent sight. His Qi was as hot as the sun.

He was fire itself!

The Ice and Snow Shrine Leader did the same thing, his hand streaked across the sky. His body turned into ice, becoming almost invisible. His body was extremely cold, cold enough to freeze time and space!

Patterns appeared between them and condensed. They turned into eight dazzling trigrams: yin and yang!

“Yin, Yang!” the crowd shook violently. The existence of the ten thousand things of creation was closely related to yin and yang. They were the source of all things!

The earth and sky, the sun and the moon, coldness and heat, men and women, everything had a dual nature because of yin and yang. The Fire Shrine Leader had studied yang strength while the Ice and Snow Shrine Leader had studied yin strength, and now they were fusing their strengths together!

“Hurry up and stop them!” shouted the old ox. His facial expression had changed drastically.

Lin Feng was stupefied and shouted furiously, “Time, stop!”

Lin Feng bombarded that area with a chronal attack. The Eight Trigrams pattern flashed and defied his power. He could only grimace.

“It’s useless. Everything exists because of yin and yang. Cultivators have to fuse two sorts of original strengths together to become peerless Saints, probably due to the nature of life, to yin and yang! Life and death, fire and water, everything is yin and yang! We’ve both been practicing yin and yang strengths for countless years. We knew we couldn’t become gods on our own, but we also knew that ancient gods had left yin and yang godly skills and techniques, so we decided to study yin and yang strengths together! Thanks to you, the Forbidden Person, we finally managed to master the technique! Now we can modify yin and yang strength, and from now on, we’ll be the new gods of the Continent of the Nine Clouds!” the Fire Shrine and Ice and Snow Shrine Leaders said in eerie unison.

They sounded exactly the same, they had turned into one person. It was astonishing to see. Just for more strength, they had decided to learn a technique which defied the laws of the world. Those two Shrines’ leaders didn’t care about anything anymore, they were willing to do anything to become stronger!

“You two are good actors. You didn’t want other people to understand your plans. I see, who would have thought that you were insane!” said the Earth Shrine Leader, pulling a long face.

The two Shrine Leaders glanced at each other and smiled. “We chose to walk the path of cultivation, and the most important thing for a cultivator is to become the strongest one in the world! The Forbidden Body appeared in the world, which means that a god is missing! If he dies, I’ll become a god!”

The two Shrine Leaders were fusing together. An incredible strength surrounded them and began to expand. Yin and Yang were fusing together in their new body, a perfect fusion.

The Fire Shrine and the Ice and Snow Shrine cultivators were totally dumbfounded. They had no idea such a thing would happen.

A strange light appeared in the sky, a river of yin and yang strengths appeared. Qi transformed and penetrated into their bodies, and they joined together.

The fusion of the two cultivators opened his eyes. There was a new body, a new Qi. That new cultivator didn’t look as aggressive as the Shrine Leaders. He looked every bit as incredible as Lin Feng, like a king and a god.

“From now on, I’m a supreme cultivator, I’m Icefire! I’m the supreme cultivator of the Continent of the Nine Clouds!” said the man, smiling proudly.

“I’ll spare the lives of those who obey my orders,” said Icefire regally. He wanted everybody to acknowledge allegiance to him. He would forget and not bear recriminations against those who submitted, no matter whether they were their enemies in the past or not.

Everybody remained silent. Icefire smiled. People still didn’t seem to understand, it seemed?

Icefire looked at someone and flashed away.

“Die!” Icefire pointed at the peerless Saint, and suddenly yin and yang Qi turned into an incredible dragon. The man’s face turned deathly pale. The yin and yang dragon absorbed him, and he immediately perished.

A peerless Saint had just died in the blink of an eye!

As the cultivator disappeared, Icefire glanced around with his godly awareness. He looked like a conquering hero, wanting the whole world to serve him as his subjects.

“Greetings, supreme cultivator!” cried out the members of the Fire Shrine and the Ice and Snow Shrine as they submitted. Their leaders had fused together, so they could accept him as a new leader without qualms.

“Greetings, supreme cultivator!” After that, the members of the Empty Space Shrine acknowledged allegiance to him.

“Greetings, supreme cultivator!” The Thunder Shrine cultivators also bowed. Icefire turned his eyes on the Thunder Shrine Leader, whose face stiffened. The yin and yang Qi made him lower his head, and he said, “Greetings, supreme cultivator Icefire!”

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