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PMG Chapter 2494: Conspiracy

PMG Chapter 2494: Conspiracy

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Lin Feng was still in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, living in Fortune City in an ordinary thatched hut.

He was in his own world right now. The sky was broken, and Qi kept spilling into the Star World, because Lin Feng’s body was there.

“A hundred years have passed and I haven’t recovered yet,” Lin Feng sighed. A century ago, Icefire had broken his world and badly injured him. No matter what strength Lin Feng used, he couldn’t fix it. It wasn’t an external injury, because his world was a part of his body, like his vital organs. It was also why he almost never fought in his small world.

That battle had damaged his world. Lin Feng had managed to injure Icefire too, but it was not an even exchange. Now Lin Feng was badly injured, probably no stronger than an ordinary peerless Saint. All those years, he had first become strong in his own world and then in the outside world. His strength came from there, it came from inside him!

Lin Feng and the old ox were seated facing each other in the pavilion in the sky. The old ox and the few bestial Saints of the Star World were the only ones who had come to see him in his world.

“Brother Ox, I’ve been trying to recover for a hundred years but I can’t, is this my destiny?” asked Lin Feng calmly. Even though he was badly injured, he still remained calm.

“It’s a good opportunity for you. You’re lucky, it was destroyed and now you can build it again and improve it,” the old ox smiled. “But yin and yang Qi is truly powerful. You have a world inside of you, the sky is dark, the soil is yellow, you understand the strength of the five elements, you understand space strength, time strength… if you understood yin and yang strength, your world would be perfect.”

“Yin and yang is the source of all strengths… Icefire understands yin and yang strength, so is he a real god? A cultivator of the Shen layer?”

“Even though I don’t know what the Shen Layer is, I’m sure he isn’t.”

“Brother Ox, back in the days, you insinuated that the Shen layer and immortality were connected, did you mean it?”

“Back then, my Master told me that. Maybe it just referred to the act of transferring one’s knowledge to an heir. I’m not sure,” the old ox smiled. “You’re dispirited now. Great changes have occurred in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. You should practice cultivation and keep calm. Just isolate yourself from the world. Many people are looking for you in the Continent of the Nine Clouds.”

“Alright,” Lin Feng nodded. He looked at his broken world and murmured, “My path has always been different from the path of other people. Maybe making strengths fuse together to create techniques is not the right path for me. I understand time strength, the five elements, space strength, and I can create anything, just like a real god. I think I should study yin and yang. That way, I could fix my world and improve it. It would become a real world because it would have all the components necessary to create a normal world.”

“You can think that way, but if you hadn’t fused different sorts of strengths together, how could you have fought against peerless Saints?” the old ox cajoled him.

Lin Feng nodded back. It seems like I still need to understand one sort of strength, then I’ll use the power of destiny and then I’ll be able to make things change, thought Lin Feng, raising his head and looking at the sky. His eyes were sharp. Even if he was going through hardships, he remained motivated!

“Father!” Zhe Tian spoke up at that moment.

“How’s the situation in the Continent of the Nine Clouds?” asked Lin Feng.

“The three Kings still are at peace with one another, the other influential groups are all oppressed all the time. Regarding your friends, our enemies are still looking for them, but you told them to go to other worlds, so it’s almost impossible to find them,” replied Zhe Tian calmly. Lin Feng nodded at him.

“Someone is here!” said the old ox at that moment. Lin Feng left his world and opened his eyes in the outside world. A handsome man was standing there, but because he was wearing a mask, one couldn’t see his face.

“Brother!” Lin Feng greeted him with a smile.

Hou Qing Lin smiled back. “Lin Feng, I never thought you’d spend all your time in Fortune City. How brave!”

“The most dangerous places are often the safest ones too,” Lin Feng grinned. His smile stiffened as a terrifying Qi filled the air. Many people appeared. Hou Qing Lin’s face also paled.

How is this possible? Hou Qing Lin was a peerless Saint, if anyone had followed him, he would have noticed?

“Lin Feng, go,” said Hou Qing Lin, stepping in front of Lin Feng.

“Brother, Icefire will show up soon. We need to leave,” said Lin Feng.

“How could we escape from them? Lin Feng, I’m your fellow disciple, listen to me, leave now,” said Hou Qing Lin turning his head back.

“I’ll fight against them, you take Lin Feng away,” the old ox said after appearing.

Hou Qing Lin was surprised. Lin Feng nodded. “Brother Ox is strong enough.”

“Alright,” agreed Hou Qing Lin. His figure flickered, and Lin Feng, Zhe Tian, and Hou Qing Lin left. They heard the old ox shout, “Time!”

Time became slower, and those who were chasing Lin Feng stopped moving.

Hou Qing Lin and Zhe Tian took Lin Feng away. He said to Lin Feng. “I am sure nobody chased me. How come they suddenly appeared?”

“They anticipated,” said Lin Feng.

Hou Qing Lin was stunned and asked, “You knew? So why didn’t you do anything?”

“I wanted to see if I was right or not, and I was right,” explained Lin Feng. Hou Qing Lin was surprised at the reply.

Some strong cultivators nearby released a powerful Qi. “I’ll go!,” said Zhe Tian, reacting instantly. An ultimate weapon, the Sky Destroying Sword, appeared in his hand.

“Time, freeze!” said Zhe Tian. Time stopped. Hou Qing Lin was shocked.

“This little boy Zhe Tian also understands the same strength as his dad? How strong!” He watched the Sky Destroying Sword descend from the sky and cut apart a peerless Saint.

“You’re lucky, too. Your teacher was great, you are talented, you understand many kinds of strengths. How could you not become an extraordinary cultivator?” Lin Feng grinned at him. “No need to worry about my son’s life. He’s got a life-saving technique.”

“Very well,” Hou Qing Lin sighed.


An old man was seated cross-legged in the ruins of the Fortune Shrine. The old man’s clothes were ragged, but he looked clean. His eyes were closed, he looked calm and peaceful.

A figure slowly appeared next to him.

“Leader, you’re back!” exclaimed the person who had just appeared. The old man who was seated was the Fortune Shrine Leader.

“My teacher predicted that one disaster would happen to me, and surprisingly, he said that the disaster would be you. I felt puzzled, I didn’t understand why you couldn’t become a peerless Saint until you stirred up trouble when Lin Feng appeared. Now I understand,” replied the Fortune Shrine Leader calmly.

“Leader, you think a lot. I don’t understand why you came back.”

“Since my destiny was to face a disaster, why would I hide? You dedicated your life to the Forbidden Body, you took risks to make him grow. Why?”

“In the Continent of the Nine Clouds, all living things have the same purpose, don’t you think?” answered that person.

“But you could have taken his life under control, why did you keep waiting?”

“There were things I hadn’t anticipated,” that person sighed. “Alright, today I will use the strength you taught me to make you disappear. You should die content.”

A terrifying strength surrounded the Fortune Shrine Leader, it was disaster celestial destiny strength! A few white lights flashed and the Fortune Shrine Leader’s body crackled.

“Eh?” The man frowned, and his face stiffened. “Why don’t you resist?”

The Fortune Shrine Leader opened his eyes and smiled peacefully. “I’m doomed. I want to die and become a martial god.”

His body exploded into light, and he vanished. His killer’s face stiffened.


Lin Feng suddenly stopped. He took out a talisman, which was now broken. He felt aggrieved. Back then, he had actually attacked the Shrine leader!

“Brother, you go on ahead,” Lin Feng said to Hou Qing Lin.

Hou Qing Lin’s face stiffened. “Lin Feng, don’t underestimate me,” Hou Qing Lin smiled. How could he leave?

“Alright, brother. Go to my world to practice cultivation. I need to see someone,” Lin Feng finally agreed. Qi surrounded Hou Qing Lin, and he disappeared, reappearing in Lin Feng’s world.

Someone came shortly thereafter to Lin Feng, It was Saintly Emperor Xi the Demon.

“Follow me,” he told Lin Feng calmly.

“Where are we going?” asked Lin Feng.

“The Supreme Ancient Pit of Hell. We’re going to wake the ancient demon king, who can defy the laws of the world and cause rivers of blood to flow in the Continent of the Nine Clouds.”

“What if I’m not going?” said Lin Feng.

“You are me. I am you. We are the same person. If I go, you’re going too,” said Saintly Emperor Xi the Demon firmly. Lin Feng smiled. He didn’t contradict the man.

“Give me one hour and I’ll come with you,” replied Lin Feng indifferently.

“Very well,” Saintly Emperor Xi the Demon nodded.

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