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PMG Chapter 2497: Final Battles (Part One)

PMG Chapter 2497: Final Battles (Part One)

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The situation of the Continent of the Nine Clouds became more and more interesting.

Feng Mo, Icefire, and the Demon Shrine were the three overlords, the three ruling groups. Chu Chun Qiu, Kong Ming, Mo Zheng, and some other geniuses were dazzling constantly. Only Lin Feng had disappeared.

Icefire was waiting for Lin Feng’s clone to come. As expected, his figure appeared in the sky. But this time, Lin Feng didn’t attack. He said to Icefire. “Icefire, I will come here with my real body in three months, and I will kill you.”

And then the clone left. Icefire was stunned. Then he smiled icily and swore, “In three months, the Forbidden Body will disappear from the world!”

Yin and yang Qi suddenly rose up in the air. Lights flashed in the sky, and many people raised their heads at the unexpected phenomenon.

“A turning point, due to the will of Heaven!” Icefire frowned. Would a god appear three months from now?

“Ahhh!” shouted Icefire. He couldn’t wait! Was he finally he going to become a god?!


The news that godly lights had appeared in the sky quickly spread throughout the Continent of the Nine Clouds, the Supreme Animal World, and many other places. Many people began to gather at the Supreme Shrine. In three months, the Forbidden Body would fight against Icefire. Would a god finally appear?

The Shrine Leaders were all excited, they could all become gods! That had always been their goal. However, they were oppressed these days, so how could they seize this chance?

The Continent of the Nine Clouds was seething with excitement. The Supreme Animal World’s kings stopped fighting among themselves, and also came to the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Even if they couldn’t become gods, they at least wanted to see who would become one!


Time passed. Only seven days were left before the battle.

A gigantic and lofty mountain peak descended from the sky and landed next to the Supreme Shrine. The celestial Qi was thick and rich there, and a figure was standing at the top, like a proud hero. Zi Zhu and his other disciples were standing behind him. His identity had already been revealed: Feng Mo!


Another four days passed, only three days were left before the battle. Another mountain peak appeared and descended from the sky, this time a demon mountain. At the top was an imperial palace. The peerless Demon King was sleeping in there, and nobody dared disturb him.


Finally, the last day arrived, and the Supreme Animal World’s Leaders all showed up. Kong Ming and Mo Zheng also showed up.


Icefire was standing at the top of a flight of stairs, many peerless Saints gathered around him. It was an incredible sight, almost supernatural.

At the feet of those lofty mountains and buildings, many people were watching from the ground. They knew that they couldn’t participate, but they were still extremely excited. Nobody wanted to miss the birth of a god!

A group of strong cultivators appeared in the distance. Their leader was wearing clean white clothes. He looked handsome, warm, and kind, and extremely noble, all at the same time.

“The Forbidden Body, Lin Feng!”

“He’s here! Is it his real body this time?”

Everybody looked at Lin Feng. Nobody knew how strong he was, nobody could see it.

Lin Feng didn’t look at Feng Mo, and he didn’t look at the demon court, either. He only had eyes for Icefire.

“So many peerless Saints! Lin Feng must have been protecting them! There’s Hou Qing Lin too, Lin Feng’s fellow disciple. Who’s the one in black? He looks so cold! And the young man there? He’s holding the Dazzling Gold Shrine’s Sky Destroying Sword!” When the crowd saw all this, they shivered.

Lin Feng quickly arrived at the foot of the flight of stairs. It was extremely vast, there on the main platform. He looked over at the crowd and swore grimly, “Today, those who try to stop me will die!”

“I attacked you using yin and yang back then, you probably haven’t recovered yet,” probed Icefire aloofly.

“Even if I haven’t completely recovered, it doesn’t matter. I’ll kill you today!” replied Lin Feng, releasing an incredible Qi as he started walking forwards.

“Die!” said Icefire coldly. The crowd was shocked and scared of Lin Feng. However, they were even more scared of Icefire!

A strong wind started blowing, and the air began to whistle. Many people arrived, they were all Lin Fengs!

Feng Mo’s eyes twinkled knowingly. Lin Feng had created lots of clones!

“Time, standstill!” said Lin Feng. Time stopped, and Hou Qing Lin and the others who held peerless Saint’s Weapons came closer at the same time. The crowd frowned. Lin Feng could make time stop for certain people only; that meant Icefire wouldn’t be able to fight!

Lin Feng didn’t even glance at anyone else, he just walked towards Icefire.

Yin and yang Qi surrounded Lin Feng, moving as fast as lightning. The yin and yang Qi turned into a hurricane and oppressed Lin Feng.

“Time.” Lin Feng accelerated, and so did all his clones. They all released time strength at the same time. His clones all attacked at the same time, their combined attack was magnificent. The hurricane of yin and yang energies shattered instantly!

“Not bad!” Icefire smiled coldly. Yin and yang Qi blotted out the sky. The sky became dark, and the yin and yang energies turned into millstones. The crowd on the ground felt they were going to die.

“Seal!” said one of the clones. The yin and yang hurricane started freezing, but the yin and yang energies broke through.

Lin Feng’s real body flew up. He looked like a god as he released his Ruler’s Godly Imprints. The yin and yang attack crackled against them.

“Empty Space Fissures!” said one of the clones.

“Celestial Earth Canyons!” said another, attacking the yin and yang energy. Thunder rumbled, and the yin and yang attack finally broke apart.

Icefire smiled coldly and said, “Since that’s your real body, I’ll destroy it first!”

A vortex of supreme yin and yang energies appeared and broke all kinds of strengths around, swirling into a long dragon and racing towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng faced Icefire fearlessly. The earth and sky kept shaking unceasingly, as if the world had been on the verge of collapse. There were some explosions in the world about them, and the Shrine beneath them exploded and collapsed under the strain.

“Yin and yang are the whole world, die!” An overwhelming amount of yin and yang Qi whelmed towards Lin Feng.

A vortex containing absorbing strength appeared all around Lin Feng. Lin Feng smiled broadly. “Thank you very much!”

Lin Feng was bombarded, while a deadly Ruler’s Godly Imprints attack appeared from a different location. Icefire suddenly turned around and threw out his fist. Yin and yang strength could destroy the ten thousand things of creation!

“Real body illusion!” the crowd hissed. They were trembling at the sight. Lin Feng could create illusions of his real body, how incredible!

“Even when you’re sure it’s the real one, it’s not! Lin Feng’s comprehension is incredible, nobody has better comprehensive abilities,” admitted Kong Ming softly. Nobody could tell which one was really Lin Feng’s body anymore!

Another body absorbed yin and yang Qi, before he broke apart. His real body continued changing. The crowd realized that Lin Feng was absorbing the yin and yang Qi on purpose!

Icefire also realized that, but he had no choice, he had to continue fighting. He had to kill Lin Feng!

One of Lin Feng’s best bodies exploded with a boom. Icefire was astonished as he glanced around, but there was nothing, he couldn’t see Lin Feng’s real body. There were just clones all around.

“Lin Feng!” shouted Icefire, the earth and sky shaking at his anger. Yin and yang Qi floated around him wildly.

Icefire was astonished when he saw a hand in the distance. It was coming towards him, and there was a figure in a distance illusory world which appeared indistinctly.

“His real body. His real body hadn’t arrived yet! It was an illusion the whole time!”

The crowd saw yin and yang Qi rolling around him, rotating quickly. Lin Feng had fought against Icefire a lot to study yin and yang Qi. How crazy!

“How much longer do you need?” asked a voice from the sky.

Lin Feng replied, “I’m almost done. Just a little bit longer.”

“Die!” shouted Icefire furiously. His yin and yang Qi turned into a hurricane, raging and sweeping out to drive everything before it.

The illusion trembled, corroded by the yin and yang Qi. There was finally a rumble and explosions as the space collapsed, and Lin Feng appeared. The yin and yang Qi turned into a vortex and howled towards him, distorting the space.

At that moment, someone came out of the Demon Shrine imperial court. Saintly Emperor Xi the Demon charged at Lin Feng. He had done all he could in the past to make Lin Feng wake the Demon King up, spending so much time trying to fuse Lin Feng together with the demon king. Lin Feng had said he’d come back when he was stronger, but he had never returned. He knew Lin Feng never would, so he had tried to force Lin Feng to do it, but he had failed again. Now, he couldn’t afford to fail anymore!

Chu Chun Qiu appeared and charged at Lin Feng as well. However, he heard a Buddhist chant, and Kong Ming appeared in front of him. He released his Buddha’s halo, and many Sakyamuni appeared.

At the same time, Mo Zheng also moved, flashing over in front of Saintly Emperor Xi the Demon.

“The Demon Emperor is finally going to fight today?” murmured Mo Zheng the Demoniac Punisher. His tone of speech was exactly the same as Lin Feng’s, which astonished Saintly Emperor Xi the Demon.

The two of them released a terrifying demon strength. Waves of energies surged around them with apocalyptic force!

Saintly Emperor Xi the Demon threw out his fist, containing a dreadful amount of demon Qi. At the same time, Mo Zheng also attacked, ancient imprints streaking across the sky. Lin Feng’s ancient imprints were Ruler’s Godly Imprints, Mo Zheng’s ancient imprints were Destructive Demon Imprints.

The two attacks collided. Death strength turned into a hurricane, and everything exploded all around them.

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