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PMG Chapter 2500: The End

PMG Chapter 2500: The End

Edited by RED


The Continent of the Nine Clouds returned to calm in but one night.

The Supreme Shrine was dismantled. The Empty Space Shrine didn’t exist anymore, and would never return. The Demon Shrine was dismantled. The Supreme Animal World’s Roc Clan didn’t dare come back.

The Life Shrine returned to life. The Divine Wrath Shrine prospered.

Where the Fortune Shrine used to be, a new Fortune Shrine returned, and a passage to Lin Feng’s world was created. They were both the Fortune Shrine. People from inside could go there as they wished, but people from outside needed authorization.

At the top of a mountain in the Fortune Shrine, there was a Destiny Gate. There were many people there, all of them incredible cultivators – peerless Saints! Those people were from the Earth Shrine, the Celestial Sound Shrine, the former Empty Space Shrine, the Fire Shrine, and the Ice and Snow Shrine. They all came to apologize, trembling with fear and trepidation.

Someone from the Fortune Shrine came out to them. “Everybody can go back. The Ruler said so. The Celestial Sound Shrine and the Earth Shrine were forced to submit and pledge allegiance to Icefire back then. He didn’t take it to heart. Focus on expanding your Shrines.”

“Thank you very much!” said the two leaders. They looked hugely relieved. Yet even though that person said Lin Feng forgave them, they didn’t feel safe, because Lin Feng hadn’t said anything to them directly.

“The others, you can leave. The Ruler has no time to talk to you,” said that person, waving them. The others left, but they didn’t feel safe at all. Lin Feng might still intend to settle accounts at some point. One thing was sure, they wouldn’t offend the Fortune Shrine again!

Another day, a group of people came to the Fortune Shrine gate and waited outside. The leader of the group was an old woman. She had brought along many people. She said politely to the guards. “Guards, we would like to see Zhe Tian and inform you of something.”

“What’s your name?” said the two guards indifferently. People came every day, they didn’t let anyone go in easily.

“We’re from the Snow Clan. I’m also from Zhe Tian and his mother’s family,” the old woman continued.

“Oh, back in the days, you dared despise the Ruler. Go now. Master Zhe Tian has no time to see you,” said one of them, waving her off. Nobody knew what Lin Feng was doing these days. The Snow Clan’s members were really funny trying this, and rather ridiculous.

“My friend, a beautiful woman with a king-type body was born in the Snow Clan. She’s very talented, and we want to introduce her to Zhe Tian,” the old woman smiled. She waved her skinny arm, and a woman appeared behind her.

“Her name is An Ran. Can you help us or not?” asked the old woman, begging the guards. The two guards glanced at one another. That woman looked good indeed, but would Master Zhe Tian like her?

“I’ll help you introduce her to Master Zhe Tian. You go back, though,” said one of the guards.

“Alright, alright,” the old woman assented quickly. She said goodbye to An Ran quickly and left. They didn’t feel good, but they hoped Zhe Tian had forgiven them. There was at least a little bit of hope.


Lin Feng wasn’t in his own world, he had appeared in the Holy City. He was looking at Tiantai, restored there and towering aloft. It continued to recruit disciples. They all smiled. Tiantai was prosperous once again, and nobody dared attack Tiantai thanks to him.

In front of Tiantai’s gate, Yun Qing Yan and Huang Fu Long were talking to people who were queuing to inquire about Tiantai’s recruitment process, all wanting to join Tiantai. “Don’t worry, one by one, but only the most talented ones can join Tiantai. Hehe!”

“Master Huang Fu Long, do you know where Lin Feng the Ruler is?” asked someone at that moment.

“Of course. Do you know who I am? I am Lin Feng’s fellow disciple. We traveled together. Back in the days, we were in Tian Chi. I even won against him,” said Huang Fu Long, laughing loudly. Lin Feng was speechless.

“That guy is shameless,” said Ruo Xie, standing next to Lin Feng.

“Lin Feng, when will you go to Champion University?” Ancestor Shi Tian asked politely.

“I won’t go back to Champion University. Take this, accept it as a sign of gratitude. There are a few weapons, skills, and techniques inside,” said Lin Feng, giving a ring to Ancestor Shi Tian.

Ancestor Shi Tian was surprised. The other ancestors looked at him in admiration. Ancestor Shi Tian would choose some first, of course!

“Teachers, are you really not going to my world?” Lin Feng asked Mu Chen and Emperor Yu.

“Nah. Back in the days, we dreamt of going to the Holy City to create Tiantai there. Now we’re here, it’s good. When Tiantai becomes strong enough, I’ll travel the great world, and I’ll also come to your world,” Mu Chen smiled. He never thought his disciple would ever become a god. He couldn’t even imagine it now!

“Alright, I’ll spend a few more days with you, then,” said Lin Feng smiled. Tiantai was already at the top of the Holy City. Many disciples from the Continent of the Nine Clouds would come to study here!


Sword Mountain…

Emperor Wu Tian Jian was seated cross-legged, but suddenly opened his eyes, they looked sharp as swords.

“Who are you?” challenged Emperor Wu Tian Jian sharply.

“Master Wu Tian, I trust you have been doing well since we last met,” said Lin Feng, descending from the sky.

Emperor Wu Tian Jian smiled and said, “Lin Feng, you came back!”

“You’re doing good, I see,” Lin Feng answered. “And now you’re a Saint, I feel relieved!”

“Haha, you’re far ahead, though. I can’t even see your cultivation level anymore. Come and have a seat,” Emperor Wu Tian Jian smiled. Lin Feng sat down next to Wu Tian.

“Back then, I was under pressure. Many extremely strong influential groups came here. I also had problems with the Everlasting Great Emperor’s Palace, so I had no choice but to become stronger,” Wu Tian smiled.

“Everlasting Great Emperor’s Palace.” Lin Feng was surprised, but then he smiled slyly and asked, “But you solved the issue?”

“Yes, I solved the issue,” said Wu Tian smiled back grimly. “Tell me, what is your current cultivation level?”

“Mine?” Lin Feng grinned. “Let’s go out and take a walk.”

A strong wind started blowing, and Wu Tian had the impression he had fainted. They suddenly appeared in the sky above a city. There was a competition going on below.

“Gold Fire Tower, Gold Fire City, a weapon fabrication competition.” Wu Tian felt dizzy. He looked at Lin Feng, he had the impression he was dreaming.

“You, you…” Wu Tian didn’t understand, what was the cultivation level that could move so far, so fast?

“Master, you’re a Saint. It will be difficult for you to progress now. Come to the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds when you have time.”

“Where should I go to find you?” asked Wu Tian.

“Fortune City, just ask people where you can find Lin Feng,” Lin Feng grinned. Wu Tian nodded. Lin Feng was at the very least a Saint…

“Look, Saint Emperor Duan Mu, and Mu Lin Xue. They came back for the competition.”

Lin Feng saw familiar faces: Mu Lin Xue, Duan Mu, Qing Ying.

“Mu Lin Xue got married to a genius. Her husband is now a Celestial Emperor. He courted her for five hundred years, and she finally agreed to get married to him. I’ve heard Duan Mu say she was waiting for someone, but she waited for a very long time,” said Wu Tian.

Lin Feng just smiled.

At that moment, Duan Mu sensed someone watching him. He raised his head and saw Lin Feng’s face. His heart skipped a beat.

“They saw us, let’s go down.” Wu Tian and Lin Feng descended from the sky.

At the same time, Duan Mu rose up in the air and bowed before Lin Feng respectfully. “Duan Mu greets the Ruler.”

“Ruler?” Wu Tian was astonished. Just what was Lin Feng’s cultivation level?

“Master Duan Mu, don’t be so polite,” Lin Feng smiled.

“Ruler, don’t call me Master!” said Duan Mu. He had cold sweats. Lin Feng was now a god!

“Alright, alright, Brother Duan Mu,” said Lin Feng, feeling a little helpless.

At that moment, Mu Lin Xue flew up to face Lin Feng. She had tears in her eyes. She looked at Lin Feng, who had made a weapon together with her in the past. He was so cruel though, leaving her behind.

“You bastard, bastard!” Mu Lin Xue said to Lin Feng.

“Lin Xue, don’t be insolent!” said Duan Mu.

Lin Feng smiled wryly and said. “Brother Duan Mu, it’s alright.”

Then he smiled at Mu Lin Xue and told her, “You’re safe and sound, I am relieved.”

Mu Lin Xue just stared at him. Lin Feng knew he couldn’t stay for too long and said, “Brother Duan Mu, if you have time, come to the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds to see me. Lin Xue, I wish you the best.”

Wu Tian and Lin Feng disappeared. Mu Lin Xue burst into tears. Her husband arrived next to her and sighed. He knew she had always loved Lin Feng, and would never forget him.


Lin Feng went to Yao Ye Island. He inspected the area with his godly awareness and saw Hu Yue and Shen Yu. Lin Feng noticed that Hu Yue and Shen Yu were together now.

When he saw that, he was extremely happy. He dropped a ring, which fell from the sky and landed in front of Shen Yu and Hu Yue, startling both of them. Hu Yue took it and called out, “Whose ring is this?”

After there was no answer, she put her godly awareness inside and shivered. She flew up and shouted furiously. “Lin Feng, you little brat! Show yourself!”

“Master Shen Yu, Sister Hu Yue, if you have time, come to the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Mister Xiao is there, too!” Lin Feng’s voice called back to them, but he didn’t appear.

Hu Yue and Shen Yu gazed into the distance. Shen Yu finally smiled and said, “That little boy surprisingly didn’t come down.”

“I’ll settle accounts with him!” said Hu Yue.


By then, Lin Feng was already in Qing Di Mountain. Back then, the nine great celestial castles were there. These days, that territory belonged to Tiantai.

Now, Tiantai was prosperous. Lin Feng inspected the area with his godly awareness. Very quickly, he was startled to see some people he knew.

“Surprisingly, she came to Tiantai.” Lin Feng’s heart twitched.

Huo Shi Yun. She had left Dragon Mountain, trying to find him. She had found Tian Chi, then she had left Tian Chi because she had heard about Tiantai.

A thousand years had passed, and she still missed him. She had beautiful long hair. She looked out of the window and whispered, “I’ve heard that there was a Tiantai there, too. I wonder if he’s there?”

When she thought about that, she smiled, but she cried at the same time. She had been waiting for a thousand years, been lonely for a thousand years. She had practiced cultivation really hard for a thousand years. She hadn’t allowed herself to look old, she wanted to stay beautiful for him. But she didn’t know where he was.

She heard someone sigh. She suddenly turned around and there he was. She was astonished, and she burst into tears.

“A thousand years, you’re so silly.” Lin Feng walked up to her and took her in his arms. Huo Shi Yun shivered. She had never felt so happy in her life. How painful, a thousand years of pain! At that moment, she finally felt happy, and she couldn’t stop crying uncontrollably.

In the sky, Lin Feng was there too, also smiling. Then, he slowly flew away.


In an ancient tribe in the desert, Mu Yun was still there, still beautiful. She was an emperor, and people considered her as a holy woman. They all loved her, as she was their doctor. Many men had courted her. However, she had chosen to stay alone. Nothing had changed, and she had never left the tribe.

Mu Yun finished healing people and she sat down next to a tree. She looked nostalgic.

At that moment, someone brought a chair over to her and sat down next to Mu Yun. She turned her head and looked at him.

She didn’t want to stay away from him, ever again.

Mu Yun had been in the tribe for a thousand years, she had never left even for one day. On that day, she finally left with a young man. Nobody blamed her. They just hoped she’d have a happy life.


Lin Feng arrived in the small world. Jiange ruled over Ba Huang. However, the Celestial Place of the Alchemists had an incredibly strong celestial alchemist. Even Jiange didn’t dare offend her, as she was extremely strong. Some people said she was a great emperor. Some people said she had become even stronger.

Lin Feng arrived in Tianjing, where Tiantai used to be. He stayed there for a long time and remembered.

Then he went to Tian Chi, and saw his teachers: the snow Zun cultivator, the fire Zun cultivator, Jian Feng Zi who was with Tian Chi Xue, they were all very happy.

Lin Feng also went to Dragon Mountain. He went to You You’s family and took them with him.

Lin Feng went to the former site of Xue Yue, then to the Duan Ren Border and Duan Ren City.

Lin Feng went to the Yun Hai Sect, remembering Protector Kong and Protector Bei, and Nan Gong Ling.

And he went to see Yangzhou City.


In Jiu You, he went to a snowy land. There was a small hut there. Outside of the small hut, there was a beautiful woman, lying there calmly, looking up at the sky. She had given up her dream of becoming the Ice and Snow Goddess, and her life as a celestial being. She had come to that snowy land and had lived there alone for a thousand years.

On that day, a young man walked on the snow, footprints appearing behind him. He arrived in front of the hut and laid down on the snow next to her. They both looked calm.

The beautiful woman turned her head slowly and looked at the young man. Tears appeared in her eyes, fell onto the snow, and made it melt.


Some people came to Fortune City. One of them was holding a gourd, wanting to see Lin Feng.

Some people also came with him, a young man and woman who had a ten-year-old daughter.

“Who are you? What do you want to do here?” asked the guards.

“I am Lin Feng’s brother. Tell him to come out,” said the young man, taking a swig.

“You really want to die!” said the guard, suddenly releasing a powerful Qi. The guard was a low-level Saint!

The young man was annoyed and moved back. “I am really Lin Feng’s friend. Tell him that Yun Fei Yang is here!”

The girl looked at him and said, “You’re lying, my father is Lin Feng’s brother! Lin Feng is my uncle!”

“Eh…” the young man’s eyes twinkled. It had been difficult to find Lin Feng, they really wanted to see him!

“I’ve seen many people like you. Go now,” said the guard coldly.

“I need to inform my brother myself, then,” said Lin Wu Shang, smiling wryly. He took out a jade talisman, but the guard ignored him.


In the Xue Yue palace, a banquet was going on. Everybody was having a party, everybody was chatting and laughing.

There were many people there. Lin Feng, Lin Hai, Yue Meng He, Lin Wu Shang, Yin Yue, Meng He, Tang You You, Liu Fei, Duan Xin Ye, Qiu Yue Xin, Mu Chen, Emperor Yu, Hou Qing Lin, Ruo Xie, Tian Chi, Jun Mo Xi, Lang Ye, Yun Fei Yang, Huang Fu Long, Xiao Wu Tian, Xiao Wu Tian, many people were all together. They were all having fun!

Lin Feng talked about the past, about Protector Kong. He remembered Yan Yu Ping Sheng, he remembered the Fortune Shrine Leader. He was wondering whether he would be able to go back in time someday…


To be continued…


Thank you, everyone, for your support throughout this project. It’s thanks to everyone that we achieved this goal! BUT it’s not quite over yet, PMG 2 – Coming soon.



Editor’s Final Note: Thank you all for reading this translation of Peerless Martial God. We’ll be back to you soon with the next arc of the story! I’ve only been the editor for about 600 chapters, but it’s been quite a ride watching this character rise over time. It’s been a lot of work turning what could be a very repetitious novel into something more fun to read, but I hope you’ve enjoyed the story and will come back for the next one!

RED, bowing and closing the door.


We are also start posting HC chapters this week (3/week).

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